Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We Dragons are spiritual beings that exist on the etheric plane. We were visible on the physical plane for many centuries, but chose to move as the world became more anchored in the rational mind and began to doubt the truth of other more "magical" experiences. The form that you associate with us is just a form that emphasizes that we hold power and great energy that move in spiral pathways. We are not limited by this form, and can appear in many different expressions.

We were assigned by the One, from the beginning, to act as sentinels for this special Garden Planet. From the beginning, we monitored and stood watch as the planet formed and as power vortex centers took shape. These centers would act as portals of remembrance and "lifting" of consciousness so that the inhabitants of the planet would be assisted, when they were ready, to remember their true identity and begin to re-experience it.

The fate of this planet remains our preoccupation, as does the development of all beings who live on her. We guard and guide, without inappropriate interference.

Our life and destiny are interwoven with hers and yours, just as yours is with this planet, and with us. If you are living here, it means Earth is an important element in your life path.

Thus, we are deeply concerned with all the activities on Earth. What happens in the outer reflects what the state of the inner might be and vice versa. We are here to help guide you back to the Source through your directly experiencing practical reality and using it to attain new levels of vibration and awareness.

Things here work according to certain rules and patterns, for example cycles and frequencies and spirals. When you encounter these elements in physical reality, you learn about their nature which extends into the unseen world. You also learn about yourselves.

We want you to know that the world of manifestation is sacred, and when it is experienced in its truest form, it will lead you home to the Spirit who created it.

So, we are here as friends and assistants, and everything you are experiencing, as you are remembering, is our concern.

For centuries, you have been in the process of waking up. Now, many are awake, and still others are involved in an evolutionary path to trigger this awakening. But, things have moved dramatically already. You are now on the cusp of a radically new experience as all matter begins to fulfill its destiny to reflect its Source. Be faithful, be steadfast, be courageous and trust the plan of the One.

In the service of Spirit,
 In the service of Earth,
  In the service of Embodied Beings,
    The Dragon Guardians