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DRAGON - SPEAK articles are collected here as they become archived

June 2024 - Dragon-Speak

Dear Ones,

You have, of course, noticed that events are not the "normal" that you are expecting. This is because you have entered the next phase of your ascent Homeward. The great Yugas (a term coined in ancient India re. the ages of man's development on Earth according to great cycles of 24,000-26,000 years) have shifted to an age of clarity and grace, an age when the Truth of Oneness emerges fully and is expressed in form.

Every aspect of your lives will mirror this because it is the age to really understand that embodiment is sacred, is Divine. This is not a theory. It is the Divine moving in forms.

So, frequencies are lifting and changing. You feel this in your own bodies. Sometimes you doubt that you are picking up what is really happening, especially because you have been lied to through the years by systems and people and life that did not adequately reflect these truths. All life is Divine, even if it is in the process of purification. Embodiment involves a process of awareness and growth. A high point of this is NOW. The LIGHT approaches more fully than ever! You are not crazy to think so. You are accurate.

You may not remember in your current form what this looks like, but you know deeply within in your own Divine nature. It is who you are!

What you perceive now is the intense purification of all the dark blockages that have hidden Reality. It can be in terms of judgements about yourself, in terms of more seeming controversies, in terms of autocratic strivings to take over and muffle Truth, it can be in terms of natural cleansings- like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, winds, devastation of the waters, mass deaths, wars popping up here and there. These all involve the efforts to keep the old status quo, the efforts to silence the purification process, the efforts to stir up fears and quiet questions and faith.

It takes so much courage to be embodied now because you must engage with all these movements to stop the process that has been ordained. You need to hold the Faith and Trust that Divine life knows what it is doing. You are not saved from sufferings or pain, or even death. You participate in the Great Restoration and that can involve touching everything and everyone, including you. Sometimes we think that our awareness saves us from difficult experiences. It doesn't. That is a part of your gifts to the ALL. TRUST.

You volunteered to be here right now, as did we and many others. That volunteering came from a place of seeing the Goal and trusting it.

We are a TEAM, and it is a Team Effort. All manner of Earth Beings are in the Team, as well as volunteers from the Stars because what we do here is so important.

You may not at first recognize us or some of your fellow Team members because you might expect us to look different from you. We don't often "wear" traditional Dragon-garb from myth and art. Other team members don't broadcast their roots either, by being tall and thin and blue or having odd looking heads and arriving on the planet in unique ways. We are all Brothers and Sisters, children of the One.

It is reminiscent of the gatherings of peoples and nations as World War II began. Many different peoples landed on the Normandy beaches to stand up for Life and Truth. It was another "image" of what happens now even though we are in a much more profound, deep and comprehensive level. The planet herself is arriving, together with us all, to move on in the cosmos, taking rightful places consciously! We are rising together to the top of Everest and beyond.

We admire you for wanting to be here because you don't know ahead of time what is to unfold. Stay the Course. We all stand together. We are a Team. We help you as you ask us for information or for reassurance or for support. You help us as well through feeling your courage!

Love is the answer. Trust is the answer. Communication is the answer. All of this builds our unity.

Thanks for all you do to help us all.

Love from your Team Members!

Before we forget:

Because the many energetic changes happening do affect physical bodies, it is essential that we care for these special bodies. We would like to suggest the following: spend time in nature where bare feet can absorb Gaia's energy; spend time in quiet with yourself; when you have quiet time ask your guides and helpers questions that you would like answered and stay open, because the answers may come in unusual ways; notice unusual emotional reactions and treat them with compassion, be aware, as well, of allergies that might develop as so much is in flux.

It may be helpful to look at dietary changes since your body is changing and may want different foods or liquids. If energetic frequencies are shifting, it can result in pains or stiff muscles that are not common for you. If you are really concerned, check with a medical person, but realize that your body and emotions are reacting to new energies that are coming in.

There seems to be no stable ground to hang onto right now since every arena of life on Earth is affected. We haven't experienced this before, so just hang on for the ride, and try to be aware! Major changes are afoot!

May 2024 - DragonSpeak


We want to reassure you that you are on a path of newness and joy. We know that it may be hard to distinguish this by just relying on outer events and situations, or on your physical and emotional "temperature." You need to know that, before every MAJOR cycle change, chaos appears to rule. This is natural and is actually a sign that deep and significant change is afoot!

Even on the level of the microcosm, particles lose their old orbits and seem to gather or to enter a haphazard orbit. This is because the old ways are no longer stable. The chaotic movements make way for jumping into new stable ways of functioning and evolving. This applies to all levels of your reality. Before you can change old set patterns, you must usually grow "stale" and tired of old ways, and those old ways do not function well any more. Why else would you seek changes and be ready for them. The old has to show that it isn't working as it once did and you are ready for the "more."

So it is, with beliefs, with some relationships, with ways of behaving, with old standards, with past judgements, with ways of self-expression, with political experiments, with modes of planetary functioning etc. etc.

All areas and things and beings and societies are feeling this reality now, as change moves ahead. Is it not empty change right now - change for change sake. No, you stand at the juncture of cycles - old and new. The new is birthing, and the old is fighting to hold on. You know this on some level inside you, as you have seen it before. But, this particular new cycle is way beyond the past changes.

All of you, across species, and Mother Gaia Herself, are at a level of conscious attunement with your Source. This event is moving ahead, and celebrations are taking place in the cosmos!

Meanwhile on Earth, you are still on the front-lines of a birthing and dealing with the backlash of the old. Remain vigilant and in trust. You are midwives right now.

Don't forget that your physical forms are stretching as never before. They are encountering new energies, new frequencies, new aspects of the self that are about to appear. You have always been more than you know, and now is the time for more Truth to emerge. The bodies and minds and emotions will feel the pulls and the "growing pains" that are part of this. You can easily feel fears when you have not encountered this before, and the old world may be labelling you as "odd" or "sick" or "out of touch." You are actually very much in touch!

Help surrounds you and holds you. You are prime experiencers for us all, as you hold the most significant piece to anchor this new reality. That "piece" is embodiment.

We are sending blessings and gratitude and are with you to help. Ask; Ask; Ask! Hold on; Hold on; Hold on!

You are exactly where you need to be in the process.

Love, Your Alchemical and Grateful Dragons

April 2024

We welcome you again! You are dear to us because you have chosen to be here by no accident. We have a connection that is old. You may not remember this in your current embodiment, but clues have been there. The fact that you wanted to be here says that the remembrance is peeking through into this present lifetime!

You may not remember us in the "mythic form" used in art and cultures to depict us. We have used this form to "connect" with humans at certain times of development. Art has also easily depicted us in this form. But, you may "know" us in other ways, like FIRE, like Alchemy, as human figures that seemed to know the hidden worlds. However you think you know us, trust it. Our hearts and our essence is the same!

We are your friends and helpers. At this strategic moment we are speaking more directly because you need to "know what you know" and trust it. We are on a fast moving revelatory reality right now. It's time, and we all have been waiting for this! We all have missions that will assist the emergence of a new presence for planet Earth and all who abide there. This emergence is also your full emergence. It "has been written," and this time is the fulfillment!

You are sitting right now in the moment when cosmic events release energies to support your journey and the journey of Gaia. The Equinox has come, the lunar eclipse when karma is allowed to move away, the celebration of Easter (the birth of a new way), and you are about to live through a major total solar eclipse that marks a path through America on April 8th and pulls the curtain on energies and frequencies that will support the NEW WAY for all!

All of this does have an effect on your everyday world and on your bodies and embodied life when new frequencies take root and find comfort. Take note. You are well; you are supported; you are not alone; you are more full and complete a vessel of Divine Life than ever! Trust the process, despite outer appearances!

Love, until we communicate soon.

Your Dragons

March 2024


We have been silent for quite a time on this site. It was because we have all been in preparation for the magnificent time that now lies before us.

Our special assignment and love is all of you upon the Planet Gaia. We were here when you came out of the cosmic, pregnant dust of the God infused particles of the initial Creation Ecstasy. We watched Gaia move and take her first steps to be a unique reflection of the One. We knew we were assigned to be guardians of your journey and the journey of the whole mysterious network of Divinity. We were to place deep within all the particles of Oneness the templates and patterns that held your true Identity. Time and space were woven into your appearances and unfoldments, even though the Truth was far beyond any of that. To experience, to live, to feel, to even take baby steps in the unfoldment process, this was your trajectory. We were to be the Sentinels to guard the passages Homeward and to tie together the inner energetic "bloodstream" that flowed within you, at first completely without your knowing.

Gaia and her children, of all varieties, were one cluster of our commitment. Others had and have other arenas. You are all related, of course, since your origins are the same.

Gaia, and you all, are our prime responsibility and always have been. We monitor always your awareness growing, your emotional wanderings, your creation of remarkable things, your confused lashing out, your growing kindness and sense of justice, your inspired arts, and your longings for knowing and understanding.

Now, we are ready to assist your movement into a fulness you are more than ready to integrate. A new time is about to open more fully. This is a Sacred Birthing, and IT ADVANCES FORWARD NOW.

New awarenesses and bodily shifts and opening possibilities are here. You've passed the testings of so many things, and you will not return the way you came. In time and in bodies this takes a process, but you are moving.

Your part now is to TRUST and FOLLOW YOUR HEARTS. Yes, individuals move at different speeds, but you are all moving . . . all beings upon Gaia and Gaia Herself.

It's the time now for your True Origins to reveal themselves from inside out. You have all told us that YOU ARE READY!

Things may still look doubtful and bleak on the outside until there is some catching up, but BE ASSURED: THE TIME IS NOW.

We will be holding you and speaking to you, and loving you and assisting you. Remember, we are intimately connected to your inner maps and the outer maps that point out the way HOME. We are your TRAVEL AGENTS, assisting the journey in its final steps.

It is no accident that you are about to enter what, in some traditions, is called "The Year of the Dragon." Some people may give homage to an old image of a Dragon figure, but know that your inner map has you as an alchemical being as well. We are all able now to bring the ancient plan to fruition.

The Return Home is now . . .

For the present, just rest, and trust your hearts.

Until we speak again-

We are Jocasta and Belleroux and the Many who serve!

February 2024 on Gaia


November 2021 Dragonspeak

In last month's article we talked about the Dragons' plans to restore the balance of "feminine" and "masculine" energies to counteract all the forces that could destroy the Divine Plan for this planet and life on Earth. We would like to once again mention those destructive patterns that are moving right now on Earth.

These destructive patterns are more apparent at this time because we have experienced them more directly in these last few years, and we have finally been able to consciously see what destruction humanity is wreaking on this planet and on ourselves, and it is scaring the hell out of us! We are not sure, as a people, that we have the solutions to our problems. In addition to these fears, we are experiencing an energetic movement in our daily lives that totally denies the truth we all can see and we have all experienced!

Essentially, we are being told by the deniers of truth that we need to stay at the same level of consciousness that created these problems. This level of consciousness involves telling lies that are attractive to believe. It also places blame for all our problems on the "other" , and not on ourselves at all. This level of consciousness tells us, if we just continue to do the same things but do more of them, all will be solved. Not true!

The solution to the problem is a change in our level of consciousness. Operating out of our ego has caused us to believe that we are the masters of all things on this planet, and we have the right to take whatever we want and to expect gratification immediately. This way of thinking and acting reflects the "masculine" approach to life when it is totally unbalanced with the "feminine". The "feminine" brings compassion, cooperation, communication, as well as a processing that takes time to achieve and includes all people in a decision. (Both males and females are a mix of masculine and feminine attributes).

Einstein said that we cannot solve our problems at the same level of consciousness that caused the problems. We, as a species, need to know and act on the Truth that we are all in this together, and we must respect each other and the planet if we are to survive.

We are tired, of course, after this long period of crisis and change. We may not have too many energy resources to bring to bear on what we need to be and to do. But, the price of not doing our best to meet this time, could be more that we would ever wish to pay! This is why we are here now! All we can do is to keep trying to counter the forces that are at work to gain and retain power no matter the cost. The cost is too high when it settles for lies and manipulation, violence and the possible destruction of a democratic system, with all its flaws.


October 2021 Dragonspeak

As was mentioned last month, the dragons are changing the direction of this website to assist the ongoing crisis on planet Earth more directly.

Earth is called the "garden planet" because of its beautiful colors and how it stands out in contrast to other planets. Part of the dragon's mission has been to not only bring this planet into material form but to also help maintain its beauty and health. At this point, our planet and all that is living on her, are in peril. This is because mankind has veered from its respect for the mother and all material forms of life.

Because the feminine qualities and virtues have been denigrated and are necessary to the health of Gaia and all that lives on her, the dragons are ready to inspire and support compassion, co-operation, kindness, sharing and all the motherly qualities of the feminine that have been oppressed and rejected.

Now is the time that Spirit has chosen to re-animate feminine virtues on this planet to save all of us. As the feminine returns to its true power, it can balance with the masculine spirit to save us. Without the balance of feminine virtues, the masculine has turned into a competitive, greed- ridden, power- hungry monster. With the balance of the feminine, the masculine came once again become its "holy masculine" which protects and supports all beings including the Earth herself.

So, at this point, the dragons, the architects of form on Earth, are becoming the architects of a new website that will appear in January to assist the renewal of the feminine on planet Earth.


September 2021 Dragonspeak

When we started this website years ago, the dragons came in strongly and wanted us to know that they had a important part in the planning and execution of material forms on Earth. They also brought with them the “mother energy” of compassion, cooperation, and reverence for matter. They saw matter, not as something “lowly”, but as an expression of the essence of Divine Mother. They have watched for ages and tried to support this truth. Finally, they left this planet because there was not support for their truths, and they saw incredible misuse and disrespect for matter and Mother Earth.

Inspiration for the website marked the return of the Dragons to begin the process of understanding that matter and Spirit are one, one not more important than the other, but being the same essence. That mission continues to this day.

Since the Dragon’s mission has been to show that matter is sacred and a reflection of Divine Mother, they have focused on how humanity has regarded and treated their own bodies and the body of Mother Earth,

The environmental movement, which has gained prominence after many ecological disasters, reflects the Dragon’s message. Humanity’s belief in the separation of matter and Spirit, the belief that we are separate from one another and all Creation, has resulted in suffering, war, anxiety, depression and deadly competition. We can no longer sustain this way of thinking and acting. It is time to return to the Dragon’s message.

The Dragons are now looking at specific arenas that have been effected by these deadly beliefs and how our habits contribute to keeping behaviors alive that are killing humanity, the animal world and this planet.

In the next few months, that will end another difficult year on this planet, the Dragons will introduce a new way of examining how our inability to accept and practice the truth infects all aspects of life on Earth. The Dragon’s hope is that this change in direction can help humanity see how certain beliefs are still insidious and mostly hidden from our consciousness. These beliefs are lurking and controlling humanity’s behavior still.


August 2021 Dragonspeak

This summer, in the Western U.S., there is much anxiety, and even fear, because of the high temperatures, drought and wild fires. In the latest edition of Lion’s Roar, a Buddhist magazine, an article on page 50 authored by Pema Chodron, a leading female Buddhist teacher, is titled “Smile At Fear” and seemed important to share.

“When we look at the world around us-our immediate world and the world beyond-we see a lot of difficulty and dysfunction. The news we hear is mostly bad news, and that makes us afraid.

The fear these days seems so palpable, so atmospheric. You can almost smell the fear around you. The polarization, fundamentalism, aggression, violence, and unkindness that are happening everywhere on the planet bring out our fear and nervousness and make us feel that we are on shaky ground. The truth is that the ground has always been shaky, forever. But in times when fear is prevalent, that truth is more obvious.

Scientific tests have proven that people are more afraid of uncertainty than they are of physical pain. The basic queasiness that leads us to all kinds of self-destructive and other-destructive habits emerges from our fear of uncertainty, or not knowing what in the world is happening or what is going to happen.

My late teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, taught that our fear of underlying fundamental uncertainty is based on doubting ourselves, not trusting ourselves. You could also say it is not loving ourselves, not respecting ourselves. In a nutshell, we feel bad about who we are.

So the very first step in working with uncertainty and fear, and perhaps the hardest, is developing an unconditional friendship with oneself.

Developing unconditional friendship means taking the very scary step of getting to know yourself. It means being willing to look at yourself clearly and to stay with yourself when you want to shut down. It means keeping your heart open when you feel that what you see in yourself is just too embarrassing, too painful, too unpleasant, too hateful”

This much pain, self-doubt, shame, anger, disappointment happening in ourselves leaks out into the world and how we engage with others and with our planet.

So, it is our job, our scared duty, right here and right now, to know ourselves enough, to love ourselves enough, to make ourselves and this planet a safe, sane and joyful place to live. We can do it! This is what the paradigm shift that we have talked about is all about. Know yourself and trust your heart and in that way we can build a warm and loving world one person at a time.



July 2021 Dragon-Speak

The world we inhabit right now seems full of issues and suffering. Not only are we emerging from a long-term isolationist defense against a pandemic, but we see increased shootings, intense weather patterns, divisive political maneuverings and unexpected tragedies such as the building collapse in Florida!

In the midst of all this, it can be hard to see any light and hope.

But, if we look deeper, we can see the other side of all this challenge.

Take a look at the “first-responders.” There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have been moving into the traumas and disasters to bring consolation and aid.

Take a look at overloaded and exhausted Doctors and nurses and social workers and helpers who have been on duty for long hours and days, as the months have rolled by, to register people, to vaccinate, to be in the ICU’s and to hold hands of the ill and their families.

Take a look at those sorting through rocks, cement slabs, rebarb and God-knows-what other elements- including poisons and bodies, to seek for those who may still have life and for answers to questions.

Take a look at family members who are dealing with unexpected deaths or are waiting for bodies to be found. Look at those who are having to console others, like the children, or the parents or the wives and husbands who have to bear the unbearable.

When we face times and events like these, we are asked to show up, to gather our courage and to help where we can. This includes helping ourselves to be there for our own lives as well!

Sixty Minutes, the TV program, just had an interview of the man- in his 90’s- who became the chief prosecutor at Nurenberg. To paraphrase his words…” it takes courage to not despair in the face of despair.” After all he saw at the liberation of the camps, after his anger at those who killed, literally millions, he still held optimism because, as he said, “I know I am right” about what cannot be tolerated in the hearts and deeds of mankind. He held, despite his own pain and anger, to a deeper and wider truth in our power and ability to serve LOVE and TRUTH.

So, here we are. We are all being asked to see clearly and choose to be able to build anew with more integrity and honor. This is an inner calling to those who live now to hold a gasping world in our arms and infuse it with hope and love.



June 2021 Dragonspeak

June brings the summer solstice with the longest day of the year. This June also brings a major solar eclipse which is supposed to be fairly strong and a time of new beginnings.

How exactly do we start up again after Covid and our forced separation? Will our lives be the same; will they ever be, and do we want them to be? What have we learned from the challenges and fears? What has changed forever in us, and what do we want to give birth to?

We need the perspective that time gives to understand exactly how we have been influenced by this period. However, we can look at our personal lives to ascertain what is important to us and what no longer serves us. Now is the time to re-do our lives and make them what WE wish them to be.

It is important to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, what has meaning for us, what gives us joy, and not fall back on the past busy-work and the responsibilities that we felt duty-bound to fulfill. This is a major chance to bring OUR meaning into OUR lives and not let others dictate what we should do and BE.

This has really been a special time on the planet where we all took a long pause. Let us use this gift for the benefit of all on this Earth.


May 2021 Dragonspeak

Dr. Jill Boldte Taylor ,who studies the brain, recently said on a video that “we are feeling creatures who think.” This is why she said this. She showed a cross section of the brain and, deep in the temporal lobe of the brain, is the amygdala and the hippocampus. Both of these structures mediate sensory input that we get from our 5 senses. These parts of our brain also stimulate emotions and our fight or flight instinct. In fact, the input from our senses comes, first, through the amygdala and hippocampus, and then enters into our frontal lobes and cerebral cortex.

Our frontal lobes is where our cerebral cortex is located and is where we think, reason, make decisions and plan. We use this part of our brain to process our emotions and decide what to do.

When we feel threatened, anxious or fearful, the amygdala sends out stress hormones that can cause our body to go into a flight or fight state. The response from the amygdala is automatic; there is no conscious control. However, if we can allow the stimuli from the amygdala to get into our cerebral cortex, then how we respond to these emotions is within our conscious control, and we can process our emotions, and then make a rational decision on how to act.

If the threat is strong enough, the amygdala can over- ride our frontal lobes and we are triggered into our flight or fight state, and our ability to consciously process what the situation is and to react logically is greatly comprised. We can over- react to the situation and later regret our actions. A psychologist, Daniel Goleman, calls this the “amygdala hijack” . That is when our amygdala gets so much stressful input that it controls our responses to the stressor by disabling the ability of the frontal lobes to function and, without the frontal lobes functioning, we cannot think clearly and make rational decisions or control our behavior. We are running on pure emotion and adrenaline, and our thinking processes are severely limited.

So, this is why Dr. Boldt Taylor says that we humans are feeling animals who think. It is because our emotions are the first input that our brain gets and then, after the emotions hit, if we calm ourselves, our thinking brain gets to process those emotions. Dr. Boldt Taylor says that the adrenaline from our amygdala will leave our bodies in 90 seconds, so if we can calm ourselves, we can allow our rational mind to function.

So, what does this have to do with our current situation? Is this how conspiracy theories get started? Is this why so many Americans can be talked into violent behaviors? Is this why so many people seem to have stopped thinking and have no relationship to reality?

It seems that we have an epidemic of fear, as well as an epidemic of Covid. Has the fear over Covid, and all of its repercussions, caused our amygdala to go into overdrive and prevented our thinking brain from engaging? The intense fear that goes with the unknown, and the seemingly uncontrollable, can hijack our ability to think clearly and involve our higher mind.

How can we calm our amygdala so we can begin to think logically, to process options and see reality as it is? The 90 second rule states that the stress hormones clear out of our body in 90 seconds which then enables our thinking brain to think. So, if we can take a break, breathe deeply, be mindful of the stress that we are experiencing, then we can break the pattern and engage our whole mind.

This is pivotal information not only for this time of pandemic but for the entire future of mankind and the planet. So, take a drink of water, walk around the house, say a prayer, anything that will allow you to calm down and permit the release of the stress hormones from your body, and then you can think logically.

It is up to each one of us to become fully human and use the cerebral cortex that allows us to plan, make decisions and realize what is true and what is not.



April 2021 Dragonspeak

Easter is coming with its celebration of new life. But, how can we celebrate new life when we are clutching desperately to old ways of being and behaving?

Our old way of life has been full of greed and power trips and lack of morality. Yet, even after all the travails we have gone through, we continue to exhibit our old counter productive behavior. We defy easy ways of protecting ourselves and others, we push boundaries, we question science, we refuse to wait even a few weeks before we can satisfy our desires. What does it take for humanity to turn the corner and try on a new set of values and behaviors?

We are so close to planting new seeds of change, but we are so frightened of change that we are pulling those seeds out of the ground before they can germinate. Why are we so afraid of change that we sabotage anything that looks like it will support that change, especially if those new ways demand from us a change in us?

Fears of letting go of what once seemed to work in the past, as well as fears of our ability to create a new paradigm, leave us stuck in the muck. And the muck is still killing us. How do we turn this around in our own lives?

Maybe it is about having the confidence and trust in ourselves and in our ability to create a real new “Easter” on this planet. This change must start at the grassroots level, which means at home and in our own bodies and minds. We must find what gives us confidence. Is it planting a garden, parenting your children, helping your neighbors, taking care of your own bodies and minds and emotions? So, realizing how much we already do that is positive and can build a positive future, begins the process of seeding more confidence and joy.

Humans are both incredibly fragile and also incredibly creative and resilient. So let’s focus on the creativity and resilience to build a new future. It is there for the asking.



March 2021 Dragonspeak

As we enter March 2021, let’s remember that we have already entered Lent and are thus in preparation for Easter. This month also brings the Passover season as well as the Spring Equinox.

All of these “events” hold the theme that we are presently engaged with in our lives, the theme of coming from chaos and death into a time of rebirth and renewed life.

After suffering through the last four years of political and social upheaval, as well as a the deaths of 500,000 plus Americans, we are all experiencing some degree of PTSD. Even though we have entered a less chaotic time and a time filled with more truth and reality- based behaviors, PTSD is still with us. Our bodies and minds are still braced for the next blow, the next catastrophe, the next environmental crisis. Before we can move more fully ahead into whatever is coming, our bodies need to decompress and try to get into the present moment and begin to leave the past pain and confusion behind.

When we are so engaged with death and endings and pain, we have very little realistic idea of what is to come and what is to unfold. We cannot expect to emerge from this time of so many losses, uncertainties, and inexplicable and unexpected events ready to build a new future for ourselves, our country and the world.

We need to be kind to ourselves and not expect immediate energy, ideas, planning and manifestation of new and creative forms of living in the 21st century. Though we are on the way to the new, we must give time for recovery of body, mind, emotions and spirit.



February 2021 Dragonspeak 2

Though things are beginning to look better, we are still in a long process before we see any results. This applies to all levels of our lives: finances, work, health, schools opening and achieving some level of stability in this nation and across the world.

We want to see changes happen immediately, because we are tired, heart broken, and don’t know what will happen next. There is so much instability that we don’t know where to turn and who to trust. Where do we find a center that makes sense to us? Where do we find hope that is based in reality?

One way is to look at what got us through other tough times. Another way is to look at the good that many of us are doing every day, especially the compassionate children that are helping their elders and their neighborhoods. Also another way is to know that we have competent, adult leaders who are compassionate and knowledgeable in rebuilding what has fallen apart. We must remember that it took 4 years to get us into this mess, and it will take months to begin to dig ourselves out. If we realize that reality, we are helping us and others to not despair.

Realizing that a vaccination program for the entire nation takes time to implement, is a vital piece of this puzzle. If we expect immediate gratification, we will be sorely disappointed.

It is time to think about what we can realistically expect with the challenges that we face. We must be willing to give change a chance to manifest. This way of looking at the future helps us to not be impatient and therefore not be so disappointed that we ruin the good that is happening.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14 and is about opening our hearts. Can we do that in the face of the delayed rescue that we have all been waiting for and expecting? We are asking for resilience for a while longer as the situation does improve, though not as quickly as we would like. Patience is needed but it is what is necessary for now.



January 2021 Dragon-Speak

Here we are about to put our feet over the line into a new unfolding year. At last!

Let’s take stock first. We have been assaulted by infection, as a world and as a country. We have been embroiled in both the inner and outer attack of a viral threat that can end our lives, both the life of the body and of the inner self.

The outer viral threat is bad enough, raging across the global and claiming millions of lives. And, we have not necessarily respected it. As we know, masses of people have chosen to doubt, to ignore and to choose their own agenda, even in the face of their own or others’ deaths.

The inner virus may not be so clear. It nevertheless threatens death as it infests our inner world and its values. Have we in any way chosen to be blind to the assault of lies as the message is given that truth does not matter. (We might hear the biblical echoes of Pilate as he says “What is truth?”)

We have been infested with fears of anyone who is “other”, be it race or religion or ethnicity. We have been infested with the message that what matters is success and power and money, no matter what has to be done to get it. We have seen that whatever is necessary to achieve the goals is okay, even to the point of ripping children from their parents, maybe forever. How far does all this go, piece by piece to eat us from within and leave only shells of what once was.

How do we begin to heal all this when we are so in it? This does not happen overnight, but without acknowledgement the healing can’t even start. When the stakes are this high, for our souls, what are we willing to do? How passionate are we to reclaim what has been taken? These are the questions that sit here in us at the beginning of a new year.

This is far beyond New Year’s Resolutions that are abandoned shortly. We are standing up and fighting for life itself and for the planet of which we are a part. Can you feel the passion to begin or not? We can be Executioners or Saviors.


December 2020

How did we ever get to the end of this year? The metaphor of “20-20”, of course, sends a message about our ability to see clearly. Are there things that had to be so exaggerated that we just might see what has been lurking in front of our faces? Could we manage to see what we have become without some help? Things have been so distorted in their stark realism that they seem unreal or impossible to be true. Yet, here we sit in the midst of the evidence.

Are there ways of living that we have adjusted to that paved the way for hate-filled rhetoric and dictatorial moves? Have we made it all too easy for this last year to happen because we have begun to accept some ways of existence? Do we, to some degree, accept that money is of the ultimate importance in our lives? Do we “get it” when there are references that imply that nursing home residents are dispensible? Do we harbor a belief that immigrants are taking over and should be stopped? Where might hidden racism sit in us? Have we allowed so much to happen that we’ve become hardened? By that time, our Democracy sits on a slippery surface!

So, here we are, battered by the year and the threats to us all, including to the planet. We still have time to LOOK CLOSELY at the revelations, the need of reform, our value system, our ability to let go and surrender our out of control attachments and presumptions. Before we come to the Winter Solstice, can we let that which needs to die, die and ask for a new birthing of what we consciously choose to build in this world. “It’s not over till it’s over.” Can we turn things around?

No one else can do it; we are here right now with this in our laps!



November 2020 Dragon-Speak

Election Day has just passed. We all know how important this time is to our country and to the planet. The world is so filled with hatred and violence, blame and vindictiveness. We have been separated out, facing those that we have seen as enemies and those different from ourselves that we may have labeled as “evil”.

Three scenes have emerged over this time that are part of a reflection on where we go next:

1. The image of the Amish community in the last few years where children were killed in their school house. Do you remember how those grieving almost immediately began to pray for the killers and spoke of forgiveness? This was so sudden, we were shocked that they could even think of doing this.

2. The image that was shown recently of 1966 in Selma Alabama where John Lewis was injured and where the predominately black crowd was herded by the local Sheriff with cattle prods. This was followed by images outside a hospital where this Sheriff was taken for a heart attack. Outside the hospital, the very same people that he humiliated knelt on the ground to pray for his return to health. How could this be?

3. Then, last week, Andrew Harvey asked about how we could show love to those who were defeated on election day and all those who might react with violence.

How do we do such a thing in our current climate? If the Amish and the crowd in Selma could do this, it is possible for humans to move to do the very thing that we might think was impossible!

What would show love, renewal, reconciliation and our willingness to begin again? How could we ever do this willingly, and maybe with joy? Are we even capable?

Yes! We are capable. One of the many ways to begin to do this is to start forgiving ourselves for what we have done to others and to ourselves. Look at our judgements and lack of compassion, even for ourselves. We are all injured in one way or another. If we can begin to heal our self judgements, we can then more easily expand this to others, our fellow humans!

What do you say? What could you do in the name of healing?



October 2020 Dragonspeak

In these tumultuous times, when there is so much fear and uncertainty and a questioning of everything that we once believed in, how do we keep our sanity and some semblance of positive energy?

Perhaps the one and only way to handle it is to remember that we are not powerless. We have the ability of connect with Spirit, our deeper wisdom and our intuition, to assist us to stay centered and clear. It is important to remember to trust our inner guidance and wisdom, since the outer world is riddled with assaults on the truth and full of fears that can paralyze us.

The power we have is to try and stay centered and be rooted in gratitude. We hold the Light in our bodies, minds and emotions, and we can share this on an energetic level with our families, communities and the world itself. We know that we are energetic beings, and perhaps we don’t always realize that our energy DOES impact other energetic fields, not only people that are close geographically but throughout the entire universe.

We know, through watching TV and social media, how easily the energy of fear and mistrust can and is being spread. So too, can the energy of compassion, hope, and clear thinking be spread. So, let us see ourselves as a “light house” spreading positive emotions across the planet and into the cosmos itself.

Especially in the U.S., with the upcoming election and all of the chaos surrounding it, we desperately need this injection of positive energy. Remember, what you are thinking about now forms tomorrow’s reality!

Your thoughts and actions now create the future. So think positively and VOTE.



September 2020 Dragon-Speak

We now have a third of this year remaining. This has been one memorable time, to say the least!

This year has been a "line in the sand" between old ways and beliefs and images and the lead-up to a new way of being, believing and expressing that has not come into awareness or form yet.

We are obviously in a major purge time right now to make room for what lies ahead. The purge touches everything. It is dredging up old and rooted behaviors and patterns for individuals and the collective. It is clearing out the physical bodies we are, and the earth is, so we all can let go of the no longer useful, accumulated residue of the past and allow systems to accelerate and move forward.

The purge is global, as we can see from the march of Covid 19 and the dramatic weather patterns bombarding us all. We have earthquakes and tornadoes and tropical storms and floods and fires all joining together and touching places that have never had these events, or even experienced them in a mild way. This past week or so in California has seen major fires brought by lightning strikes in areas that have never had such. The whole state is currently burning. This may sound exaggerated, but it isn't!

We also sit between the Democratic and Republican virtual Conventions. So, the future of the country is also at stake while we attempt to deal with all the other chaos!

We must deal with what is right in front of us, so it is difficult to sometimes see a bigger agenda. But, we might remember that, if so much is being purged, a bigger opening exists for the new to flood in when it is ready. If so much of our "garbage" and "waste" is being pulled up and cleansed, an arena to start anew and better awaits us. This is the "other side of the story."

Indeed, fires are burning and disease is afoot, not just in the outer realm, but they echo the state of our inner worlds and values and how these have become distorted. What's happening is how we get rid of all this and start anew.

Let's just take time to notice all those who are showing up and caring and acting, while putting themselves at risk. Medical personnel have been showing up from the beginning and are still holding a line. Police and Firefighters are right, nose to nose, with the flames and fire storms and violence and the need to save lives. Despite the desperate circumstances in Nursing Facilities, there are people still going to work there daily, trying to help. Most of those "holding the fire line" are not known well or are not in famous jobs, but are holding Truth and Compassion.

We are called not to give up and to try to show values like truth and compassion right now. We are called to STAND UP and HOLD UP what we know to be right in the face of all the residue being purged and fighting for survival.

We are fighting a VIRUS for sure, but a viral invasion to kill off the right and the true. We do what we can, while trying to help and to be real. That's all we can do and be, and what is needed right now.

That's why we are here.



August 2020 Dragonspeak

It is difficult not to feel great despair, anger, helplessness and just general malaise. We have good reason to feel these feelings, but it is essential that we do not let these feelings and the situation we are in make a home in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

In order to make sense of any situation we are in, we must first look to our emotions. They tell us how we see the situation and how we believe that we are being affected by what is happening. It is important to name those emotions and then experience those emotions fully. Because ignoring our emotions or misinterpreting them only leads to us becoming stuck and unhappy and not quiet realizing why.

If the situation resolves itself fairly quickly, we can then release our emotions and continue with our life. However, like the present, if the situation does not resolve itself quickly, what do we do with our emotions?

It is so easy and natural to let our emotions cripple us so that we feel helpless, stop looking for solutions, ignore the problem and find a way to accommodate ourselves to the problem. This way of dealing may work for a time, but the problem continues to irritate and cause negative consequences in our life and in the life of our community.

A healthier way to deal with a long standing difficulty is to not lose heart and continue looking for ways to solve the difficulty. This way of dealing with seemingly intractable problems is illustrated in the life of Congressman Lewis. He never loss sight of his goal, did not let the beatings and abuse of our society stop him from continuing onward. Instead of becoming bitter, angry and giving up, he was able to become a loving, patient leader that inspired millions. He became a light for all of us..

We need to look to Congressman Lewis and many other civil rights leaders, who did not let decades of abuse and unjust treatment prevent them from holding the dream and continuing forward.

When trying to right the wrongs of hundreds of years, when trying to establish a new paradigm in our human culture, we must persevere. We are looking to be models of what we wish to become, a new way of being human. We are modeling compassion, cooperation, equality, brotherhood and sisterhood and all the other ways of being that will make Earth more like Heaven than Hell.




July 2020 Dragonspeak

The summer has started and many of us were hopeful that life would be almost back to normal. But that is not where we find ourselves at least in the U.S. The pandemic continues to rage across the U.S. Our political life remains upside down where truth is false and falsehood is truth. The predictable life that we were accustomed to has vanished. And so to has our equanimity and our ability to make plans that we can count on. How do we take advantage of this distressing time? Where can we find any sense of solace?

A presenter at a seminar I attended said the following, “Life is here for you.” What can that possibly mean? It reminded me of the spiritual truth ‘What is above is also below and what is outside is also what is inside’. So let’s look at what the outside reality is trying to show us about ourselves. And let us look at what life has for us.

Where in our lives are we telling ourselves lies? Where in our lives are we hiding from the truth? Since life has become less predictable and has cast us out of our habitual routines, can we allow ourselves to look at our habitual self-talk and our habitual view of the world? Can we begin to release the self-talk that is self-defeating? Can we look at the world as it really is and not what makes us most comfortable?

Life is really giving us the cues to make those changes that we may have only thought about but did not think were possible. Well, we never thought that it would be possible to shut down the entire world, yet that is what we are experiencing. So you changing an unskillful view of the world or an unskillful view of yourself CAN happen. Anything is possible!!

The strangle hold that many of our cultural “truths” have on us is losing its grip and we can make real what we only thought was a pipe-dream. We can use these times of uncertainty to shake loose our own life- deadening ways of thinking and being to make a new life for ourselves and our planet.

So as with anything in life, there is always light within the dark. Use these times of uncertainly (that are uncomfortable for us all) as a springboard to shake loose what no longer fits for us and a time to dream and then put into action all that we thought was unattainable.



June 2020 Dragon-Speak

We have been speaking about a paradigm shift for awhile now. It might be hard to see this manifesting because the evidence of the deterioration and destruction seems so prevalent.

But, in the last week, there are some signs that things may be turning. (As we say often, "there are no accidents.") In the space of just one day, we saw the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and an incident in Central Park where a young woman threatened to call the police and say that a black man had threatened her. Both incidents were captured on camera so the "truth" was immediately seen by many.

In the case of Mr. Floyd, we all could hear his pleas of not being able to breathe, as the police officer continued to kneel on his neck. In the New York case, also on camera, we heard the woman threaten the black man with what lie she would tell since he asked her to leash her dog in a restricted area for birdwatchers.

Before the day was over, we heard of Floyd's death AND we heard that the police officers were fired. We also heard, before the day was over, that the woman in Central Park was fired from her job, and the police were going to investigate.

We have not been accustomed of late to having those who lie and/or hurt others get any real consequences of their acts. Consequences came very fast in these instances. We may want more to come, like arrest warrants, but decisions based on investigations are in process.

Those who have gotten away with lies and manipulations seem to have won, but now other possibilities are on the table. It did not take long for people across the country, and indeed the world, to comment and take to the streets to protest.

This may just be a beginning for the renewed rising of justice and Truth.

Consider Twitter suddenly commenting on the lies being told on their social network, after ignoring them for so long. What's going on here?

Also, it is no accident that we are witnessing another space shot happening from the very platform that used to be a launch area in the past. How many years has it been? And, why now? This may be a reminder to us all that there is more to existence than just Washington DC, the planet as we know it, a certain time of pain and struggle with disease and dictatorial figures. It lifts our vision to see and know that we are part of a cosmos and have a life beyond just ego gratification.

Change is starting to show itself in real ways. Small flowers are blooming in desert landscapes! Something is moving and showing at last.

We still need to hold hope, but perhaps a corner has been turned?



May 2020 Dragon-Speak

We are in the midst of a shifting in the essence of our planet and society, and of our lives as we know them. Will we survive this critical time?

As we are still in the unfolding drama, we may not know clearly. There are many forces that seem to cling and manipulate and blame and gouge and use and exert violence and hatred. Where can this lead?

But, and this is what we need to consider, the deepest fear and dread call forth passion and compassion, love and courage, sacrifice and vision. We can see these positives playing out NOW.

Consider health workers rushing to assist, even when personally in danger. Are we watching when the isolated and quarantined reach out to dance and exercise and sing and play instruments "together at a distance"? Have we watched when people have emerged from intubation to the applause of masked-strangers lining corridors? Are we counting the endless people making masks for one another at home sewing machines or by hand? Are we seeing teachers trying to operate on Zoom and keep teaching and inspiring children? Have you watched as cars travel in "parades" to wish "Happy Birthday" to isolated children or students who need a "fix" of joy? And, in addition, natural gifts are showing up, like the people of northern India who are seeing the vast horizon of the Himalayas for the first time in many years since pollution has begun to recede. Animals are sleeping on freeways, as cars diminish on the roadways. Dolphins are seen in the canals of Venice. These things are also occurring and reminding us of what we may miss and need.

Difficulty, crises, pain can elicit the new and be the birthing of a new world of oneness and caring. This is how the paradigm shift happens, not in a test tube or a research lab, but in and through the hearts of people.

In the Middle Ages, morality plays were teaching tools, presented to show values and the results of ignoring them. Here, in the 21st century, our "morality plays" are living and breathing people and situations sent to wake us up before disaster consumes us. Consider what we, as humanity, have been choosing when we ignore and discard Truth, when we seem to be willing to sacrifice the planet, animals and our own and our neighbors' lives- to gain wealth and power.

The message to us seems very clear.

The outer virus, and its effects, are a mirror of an inner virus alive in our modern world today. How do we stop the outer virus from physically killing us, as well as stop the inner virus from destroying treasured values and our very souls?

We are out of time to choose. Choose wisely!



April 2020 Dragonspeak

In this chaotic world, which seems to have lost ALL its moral bearings, how do we keep our own center, our own morality and our sanity? What we are seeing on a daily basis is a medieval morality play. The most public characters in this play are our political and business figures. They are telling us that profit can cover lots of horrendous things. If people are making money, we are willing to accept pollution, climate change, backing out of treaties, making alliances with dictators, sacrificing people’s general welfare and health care. As long as the elite can prosper and others might become “the elite” in any way possible, it’s all worth it. To hell with long established values, morality and just plain common sense. How have we allowed these empty moral vessels to dictate our very lives?

We have allowed both fear and eagerness for money to become the basis of our choices and our moral compass. The world is in a place of great change in all areas of life. Many of us don’t understand the changes, nor do we understand how to work with those changes and make them a part of our lives. We feel like we are on the outside looking in and are victimized by these changes. Fear can turn into a longing for a less complicated past, and we then are unwilling to educate ourselves about the new possibilities. Many of us find ourselves in this untenable situation. Instead of getting educated about how we can fit into these changes and adopt new behaviors, we instead look to a savior, a savior who promises that we can go back to the past and do not have to make peace with the new.

We also are under the illusion that, if we have money, we can minimize the fears of life and find security from what we fear. Money can certainly buy lots of things and give us the illusion of security, but it is an illusion. Money does not buy a death-free existence. Money does not guarantee that you can perform in a job setting. Money does not really bring genuine love and friendship into our lives. Money does support self-esteem, because if the money vanishes, so does our self-esteem. Money also can evaporate and that becomes a permanent fear because your entire life is built on wealth.

We have talked before about how do we keep a moral center when the entire world seems to have gone crazy. There are no easy answers to this problem. We each must look for our own answers. One way to help ourselves is to look under the illusion and see that illusion for what it is. The illusion is not stable. It only stands because so many of us go directly to the default position of fear when faced with sudden change and crisis. Instead of seeing the change through a lens of fear cannot we see the change through the lens of opportunity? This gives us more time to look clearly and seek solutions. Fear stops the thinking process and looks for easy answers.



March 2020 Dragonspeak

We would like to talk about compassion this month. There is some new research to show how important being compassionate towards yourself is very good for your health. An article in Yoga Journal, Jan-Feb.2020, by Amanda Tust gives us some information about this.

At this time of one crisis after another, and the newest virus causing even more concern and fear, we all need a way to care for ourselves and, at the same time, to recognize the truth of the situations that we are all experiencing. This research into compassion is using “…heart monitors, brain scans, blood tests, and psychological surveys…” to explain how being compassionate to ourselves assists a relaxation response and an ability to cope in a better way with what is happening.

Research shows that “…veterans that served in war who scored higher on a self-compassion scale were less likely to develop PTSD or commit suicide.” Other research has linked”…self-compassion to lower rates of depression, anxiety, and stress – and higher rates of happiness and improved immune function.”

There is other research that says “…whether you are in combat or raising a special needs child, dealing with cancer, or going through a divorce, self-compassion gives you the strength to get through it.”

How do we cultivate self-compassion in our lives?

Self-compassion is holding our pain with love and without judgment. How often do we say to ourselves the following: “you are not good enough, stop complaining, you have nothing to be upset about, why aren’t I smarter, better looking, thinner, more fit, more resourceful, better able to cope,” etc. Our negative self-talk runs through generations, and we have learned our lessons well. This severe judgment of ourselves and everything we do causes physical problems, emotional and mental problems and lessens our ability to be happy and to trust that we can handle whatever comes into our lives. Isn’t it time we changed our programming?

First, make space for your feelings whatever they are. Feel what is going on and name the problem. Fully realize that this is what is going on right now. Are you feeling anxiety, fear, self-doubt and about what? Give yourself the time to explore this. Say to yourself “this is what is happening and I am suffering.” Don’t let yourself be embarrassed or self-deceptive about your feelings. Those feelings are real, and they are in your body and mind.

Second, after you have acknowledged those feelings, bring in self-care and kindness. Ask yourself what it is you need right now to feel better to relieve your suffering. And then, do that. For example you may want some time alone, a temporary distraction, a good cry, some exercise or time in nature.

And lastly, remember that life involves suffering and the questioning of ourselves. Every human goes through this, you are not alone. You are not defective, weird, or unusual.

“Self-compassion is the earth into which the seeds of change can be planted… Through compassion something greater than ourselves comes forth. We have a partner in life – call it grace, call it higher power, call it the wisdom of the body. We are not alone. And change becomes sustainable.”

Compassion gives us self-confidence. Not only are we able to comfort ourselves, but we give ourselves the ability to continue on in the face of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and to figure out a way to meet life’s challenges.




February 2020 Dragonspeak

February has Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, and Imbolc (the mid-point between winter and spring). All of these days represent hope, love, increasing light and the belief that something new is on the horizon.

As we all know, life does move in cycles. It doesn’t stay the same; change is constant. Sometimes that is a difficult truth to accept. When the present is disagreeable, it is hopeful to know that it will not stay the same. But, the opposite is also true, when the present is good, and you want to keep it, it too will change. That is the pattern of life. This also applies to human beings. We know that our life will continue to change and move, and that knowing provides an impetus for our continued growth and hope. Standing still is not an option. Even on the purely physical plane, our bodies need to move in order to maintain good health, and those same bodies are also in a constant state of change.

It is important to remember that nothing is totally negative. There is always a positive, growth-full lesson to be learned even from the negative. The ability to see the lesson usually only comes after the emotional fallout has lessened and we can see more clearly. Hindsight really allows us to see the good that is combined with the bad. And, learning the lesson helps us to better withstand future “stuff”. It gives us the confidence to know that we can weather whatever storm hits us. And, hope is not a fanciful notion, but is based on real experience.

It is often easier to remember the negative or the mistakes that we have made. Yet, this is the time to look back on your successes, your ability to solve problems, to overcome obstacles and your ability to move ahead. We need that definite remembering of our strengths to be able to move ahead when reality doesn’t look so good.

The paradigm shift we are now experiencing is unprecedented. We will not be going back to the way things were, and we cannot predict the exact nature of what is coming because it has never been here before. But, we can trust cycles of change, the lessons that we have learned, and our ability to make positive choices based on our experience of what we don’t want.

Hold on to realistic hope.



January 2020 Dragonspeak

2019 ends in just a few, short days. It’s time to ask that this past year, with all its chaos, anger and unexpected situations, can be blessed, transmuted, released and learned from. What have we learned from this year 2019? Can we take those lessons forward to help us in the new year?

As we call in a brand new, unwritten year, we have the ability to create new possibilities. 2020 is predicted to be a very special year when the energy on Earth begins to lift and change. It is the birth of a new paradigm on this planet, and one we are here to help unfold.

Kaypacha, an astrologer, says that 2020 will be “…a year of transitions from Death toward Resurrection.” What would we like to see begin or strengthen and what would we like to see end or weaken? We can make these changes in our own lives, and then those changes can ripple out into the world.

It is important to be clear about what you want. First, imagine what you want to manifest. Think about that until it becomes clear to you. Then write down a statement of that clear intention and modify it until it really reflects what you want. Then, decide what initial steps you can put into action to manifest your intention, even if they seem very simple. This is how you create something new in your life and then in the world.

Please, remember to stay positive and centered in your heart. This time of destruction is about the old structures that we have lived with for so long beginning to loose their ability to function in the new world and the new energy of that world. The new structures are just beginning to form and are not fully established. This is a hard place to stabilize, to put down roots and to predict what will happen in the future.

Trust, persistence and patience are necessary allies to navigate these difficult times.




December 2019 Dragon-Speak

Perhaps you have noticed that those who are continuing to lie and who foster hate and blame, all the while exercising unbounded greed, are not the most sophisticated or intellectual crowd.

They do not represent the finest of professional people, dedicated to truth and integrity!

This is because they are the dregs, the bottom-feeders, who have been able to get away with so much for so long!

The hidden jewel in this is that, when the dregs are showing themselves, like the grease scum on the top of a soup, it is time to scoop them off and out!

It is not a time to give up because of the exhaustion they create. This is the precise time that speaks to imminent victory in replacing all this with a new renaissance of Truth and Honor.

We are seeing this played out in living color amid the impeachment hearings in Washington DC. Finally, those who are dedicated and honest and clear and committed and honorable are standing up to be seen in their honesty and truth. They do exist, and they represent thousands of those behind the scenes who act everyday with honor and commitment.

It is not over, and we are able to take back the true meaning of this country as a beacon to the world, no matter what damage has been done thus far. It is time to take heart NOW. The inner troops are about to clear the field of all the toxins that have built up. Yes, there will be lots of restoration necessary, but we are able to do that.

What's been happening for too long a time has given us the possibility of a new commitment to values we are once again understanding and wanting. Let's prepare to go to work with renewed vigor by believing in all the clues that are now bursting forth in the voices and actions of so many.

This is the time of the Winter Solstice that determined the place of Christmas on our calendars, because it had to do with the return of light, which the Christ represented. We are longing for the great Light to return to ourselves, to our country and to the world. Let's help to bring it back by restoring our hope and trust and faith that it is not over. We can all rebirth the Light anew this year in a very special way.

As Tiny Tim once said: "God bless us one and all!"



October 2019

There will be no articles for October or November and we will return in December.

During this period you may want to reflect on all those things that are going well in your life despite outer chaos. The year 2020 looks to be a powerful year for people who have done their homework and have looked inside.

Happy All Hallows Eve and Thanksgiving.



September 2019 Dragon-Speak

We are sitting in the last few months of 2019, and the intensity has increased exponentially! We are sure you feel this everyday as you go about your personal lives, are in the presence of the community around you, or listen to the evening news. Things are more crazy than ever, as well as more chaotic, and even dangerous.

It has been said that things need to disintegrate before they can re-shuffle and re-integrate in a new pattern and paradigm. We are smack-dab in the middle of this process. What is at stake is the essence of the country itself and the vision of this nation. What is also in play is the evolution of the consciousness of mankind in this, the 21st century.

Are we opting for and creating, as we can, a place that holds justice, unity, fairness, compassion and care for one another as high values? Or, are we surrendering to greed, fear, competition, violence, lust and self-centeredness? This is no exaggeration. Look how money and power seem to be in control. We can't even manage to protect ourselves and our children if the NRA gives contributions to our legislators! There is such power grabbing, that people may do about anything to win their "place at the table."

We may be looking at the way once great civilizations entered their decline. And, we may be helping the decline!

We've said all too long that we are powerless. The Truth is that this is an excuse. We EACH need to stand up and speak up and act. Yes, even in the face of fear! There is no choice, except surrender and allowing our world to be in ruin, as we watch those we love be consumed.

Things are overwhelming right now, and it is not over. How do we stay present and healthy in the midst of this infection? The Middle Ages had the physical Black Plague, but we have a plague too that moves on all levels, especially in the mind and emotions. We need the vaccinations of trust and hope to be able to even step forward slowly.

This is another call to assemble "on the field" of battle and to NOT give up.



August 2019 Dragonspeak

July was the 50th anniversary of the moon walk and all the optimism and wonder that was generated by this feat of humanity. It was an occasion when humanity’s vision was manifested clearly for all to see. The walk showed that we have the ability and perseverance to overcome all obstacles and achieve total success. The landing points out that with teamwork, vision and desire, we can achieve things that we thought were impossible.

Looking back at the innumerable obstacles involved and the new inventions that were necessary to make this journey, we can see the miracle that humans produced. A new rocket needed to be designed, an entire capsule of over 1,000 parts needed to be completely reworked, a test pilot had only 17 seconds of fuel to make the landing on the moon and astronauts had no certainty of returning back to Earth. Despite all this, we made our dream come true!

Surly we still have the “Right Stuff” to make humanity’s vision for this planet to come true: to create a peaceful, cooperative, just and loving place for all. When the astronauts saw the Earth from the moon, the blue-green jewel that is home, they realized that we are all One and that we needed to protect each other and our home.

There have always been issues and challenges in creating the life that we want on this planet, but we have always managed to move ahead with teamwork, vision and persistence no matter how bad the situation looks. And here we are again.

It is no accident that the 50th anniversary of the moon landing has occurred at this time. It is a reminder from space that the human race can achieve anything we want when we want something badly enough. No matter how grim reality seems, we know we can do it because we have done it before.

Take heart and look to your visions and know that they are doable. Go look as the moon gets full and remember.




July 2019 Dragonspeak

July 4 is celebrated as American independence day and July 14 is celebrated in France as Bastille Day when the Bastille prison was stormed by the people. Can we remember and take heart and emulate these examples of strength and courage; when the common people took their power back, created a world where people were honored and respected and believed in the inalienable rights of all humanity?

The basic goodness of humanity remains even though at this time the lowest impulses of man are celebrated in society and acted upon with impunity. When society seems to be out of control, the only control we have is within ourselves. It is especially important in these times to support our highest values and not allow ourselves to be corrupted, disempowered, and convinced that our high values are no longer important or can no longer be implemented.

We must remember that the majority of people on Earth still believe and hold sacred the thoughts in the Declaration of Independence and in the Declaration of the Rights of Man which was written in 1789 by the French General Assembly. (Please go onto Google and read this. It is inspiring as is the Declaration of Independence.) These and other documents speak to the values that people have kept sacred in their hearts, despite the reign of monarchs and dictators that have sought to trample on these inalienable rights.

The people who wrote these documents, and believed what they wrote, were themselves targets of violence, hatred and threats of death. This shows us that the truth and dignity of man can survive anything, as long as we keep these truths in our heart and act on them in any way that we can. We don’t have to do “great things” but taking food to pantries, bringing diapers to the border, being nice to people we don’t know who are different from us are the things that keep values alive.

So it is imperative that we keep our values alive; we keep love in our heart; we act in public in accord with our deepest beliefs, and we keep speaking our truth. This is not a time to pull back into our own neighborhoods and to think that what we see does not matter. We must remember that what effects one effects all . Remember the old saying: “ first they came for the Jews, then the came the Communists, then they came for the gays, then they came for me.”

We are, once again, at a pivotal time in defending the rights of mankind and not allowing those who would cater to the worst in us to dominate what is the best in us.



June 2019 Dragonspeak

Joseph Campbell, a great visionary teacher, spoke to us all about the journey of the hero, an ordinary person who responds to the demands presented by his/her life, with courage and trust.

Today, we are all on this same journey. It has both an individual and a collective impact.

We are in a GREAT INITIATION. This is what we have talked about in the paradigm shift, when we go from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The energy of the Age of Pisces was about a strong leader leading his flock. (Like a school of fish) The energy of the Age of Aquarius is about individual freedom and choice and emphasizing the more feminine traits of compassion and co-operation. So, we are talking about a strong leader vs. the equality of everyone. What a major change of energy! We see this in what the countries of the world are going through right now. We see the rise of dictatorships and fascism vs. the cries for freedom from people that have been living and suffering under “the strong man rule.”This change has been in process for some time and is part of a greater cycle of less freedom to more freedom.

Initiations have varied characteristics, like: touching an ordinary person or country; necessitating moving away from the status quo (from home); presenting challenges and dangers; having no certainty; experiencing pain; having illusions fade or disappear; often feeling like your life is coming apart and you are dying; needing to trust the process and something bigger than the self. In order to successfully move through an initiation, one must experience pain, dislocation, disorientation, hopelessness and chaos, and then we can see new possibilities as they begin to occur. We are then free enough to magnetize new energies and situations into our lives and the life of the planet.

So the KEY is to not to give up hope and continue to act even when you have no idea what is coming or what is happening. You are trusting the process of great change and trusting the Divine.

Imagine diving into the cold, cloudy waters of Northern California. When you get to a certain depth, you are unable to see the surface and you are unable to see the bottom. You are suspended! That is where we are now.



May 2019 Dragon Speak

We have been reading the book entitled The Joy of Living by Yongy Mingyur Rinopoche. He is telling us about finding joy in everyday living, despite the chaos enveloping all of us. “Buddhism is very practical. It is about thoughts that foster serenity, happiness, and confidence, and avoiding thoughts that provoke anxiety, hopelessness, and fear.”

Buddhist thought and meditation are vehicles that allow us to learn how our minds work. We learn that the mind holds a plethora of beliefs, expectations and thoughts that cause us to feel anxiety, hopelessness and fear. Our behavior is linked directly to what we think and believe. In many respects, we are under “spells” from our cultural heritage, familial heritage and human heritage. They often tell us that we must act and believe in certain ways, or we will be cast out of the group. These “spells” are brainwashing, and they are so ingrained in us that we do not even know they exist, let alone question them. This is where the Buddhist wisdom intervenes in that we begin to learn exactly how our mind works and what it tells us. Once we know what illusions our minds are filled with, we can then decide what we choose to believe in, and thus begin to break the hold that these beliefs have on us.

If one of the spells we are under is “I am not good enough”, we don’t have the confidence to trust ourselves, to speak up and to do things that are out of our comfort zone. We act like zombies led by powerful figures. We don’t fulfill our special gifts and become the persons that we can be. We are shadows of ourselves, and therefore allow things to go on in our personal lives and in our communities that are detrimental and kill our hope and our spirits.

How do we change this picture? First, we must know what beliefs and thoughts are in our minds. What frightens us into acting against our own self-interest and the good of all people? This takes time and exploration. Until we examine what is going on within us, how can we expect to change our reality and the reality of the world?

We must learn to change the opinion we have of ourselves. If we think that we are not enough, damaged and evil, then our actions will reflect these beliefs. Buddhism tells us that we are good enough right now, that we are all enlightened right now. Christianity tells us that we are all children of God. When do we begin to believe this so we can act accordingly and change the world?



April 2019 Dragonspeak

In this chaotic world, which seems to have lost ALL its moral bearings, how do we keep our own center, our own morality and our sanity? What we are seeing on a daily basis is a medieval morality play. The most public characters in this play are our political and business figures. They are telling us that profit can cover lots of horrendous things. If people are making money, we are willing to accept pollution, climate change, backing out of treaties, making alliances with dictators, sacrificing people’s general welfare and health care. As long as the elite can prosper and others might become “the elite” in any way possible, it’s all worth it. To hell with long established values, morality and just plain common sense. How have we allowed these empty moral vessels to dictate our very lives?

We have allowed both fear and eagerness for money to become the basis of our choices and our moral compass. The world is in a place of great change in all areas of life. Many of us don’t understand the changes, nor do we understand how to work with those changes and make them a part of our lives. We feel like we are on the outside looking in and are victimized by these changes. Fear can turn into a longing for a less complicated past, and we then are unwilling to educate ourselves about the new possibilities. Many of us find ourselves in this untenable situation. Instead of getting educated about how we can fit into these changes and adopt new behaviors, we instead look to a savior, a savior who promises that we can go back to the past and do not have to make peace with the new.

We also are under the illusion that, if we have money, we can minimize the fears of life and find security from what we fear. Money can certainly buy lots of things and give us the illusion of security, but it is an illusion. Money does not buy a death-free existence. Money does not guarantee that you can perform in a job setting. Money does not really bring genuine love and friendship into our lives. Money does support self-esteem, because if the money vanishes, so does our self-esteem. Money also can evaporate and that becomes a permanent fear because your entire life is built on wealth.

We have talked before about how do we keep a moral center when the entire world seems to have gone crazy. There are no easy answers to this problem. We each must look for our own answers. One way to help ourselves is to look under the illusion and see that illusion for what it is. The illusion is not stable. It only stands because so many of us go directly to the default position of fear when faced with sudden change and crisis. Instead of seeing the change through a lens of fear cannot we see the change through the lens of opportunity? This gives us more time to look clearly and seek solutions. Fear stops the thinking process and looks for easy answers.



March 2019 Dragonspeak

March is the month of the equinox where there is equal light and dark. At this point, the dark seems to be enveloping the entire world. During the 1930’s when fascism was taking over, the choices between right and wrong were very clear, yet the wrong/evil was chosen. Are we doing that again?

Fear often leads to anger which then leads to scapegoats. Fear often comes when there are major cultural and economic changes and inequality. We are in just that kind of situation. Not only are we looking at a major paradigm shift, moving from a hierarchical patriarchy to a more democratic and equitable way of treating each other, (living the law of one) but we are also experiencing a radical shift in how people earn their living. Old work skills are no longer providing the middle class incomes that many have relied on. The new economy needs people who have technological skills and some level of education. In this current world, going back to the way things were is no longer feasible or practicable.

This massive change paves the way for much anxiety for those of us who no longer can no longer “make it” with yesterday’s skills. What happens then? People get angry and look for a “messiah” who can solve all their problems. Does this sound familiar? The messiah doesn’t have to have ethics, compassion or real answers to the problems. The messiah only has to embody the anger,describe a scapegoat and suggest that violence toward the scapegoat will solve all their problems. And here we are.

THIS IS THE TIME when all of us MUST decide what side are we on. Do we choose the expedient anger and solutions, or do we look at all people as equals and act with compassion and clear sighted solutions? We must remember that expedient and angry actions often cause more problems than they solve.

Do we choose anger and evil, or do we choose compassion and good? That is really what we are looking at. Evil often looks attractive and sensible and simple. However, we are not facing problems that are simple. They have evolved over decades of indifference by the ruling elite.

So how do we move forward? First, we need clarity about what the problems really are. Then, we need compassion and action that solve the problems that have accumulated for those of us that have not been listened to or looked at in the past. The only way positive action and action plans can occur is if we all acknowledge that we are truly “our brother’s keepers.”

If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. It is time to realize that people who disagree with us are NOT evil. We must all remember to compromise. None of us holds all the answers.



February 2019 Dragonspeak

Valentine’s Day is in February and we think of our heart and opening our hearts, being kind to others and ourselves, and the sweet feelings of giving gifs of flowers and candy to those we love. These sweet, tender feelings are in direct opposition to what we see outside of ourselves in the world.

We see cold temperatures that freeze everything in the U.S., we see mudslides in Brazil that kill and smother life; we see countries getting more and more repressive and fascist-like; we see economies around the world that continue to benefit the ultra wealthy; and we see hate crimes abound. It is hard to open your heart in these conditions and could be seen as dangerous. So where do we go? How do we get from this scenario into a world that honors and cultivates kindness, warmth, tenderness and love for each other?

The most important way is to hold on to our own center and sense of values and integrity. Just because the other guy is corrupt and making lots of illegal money, doesn’t mean that it is OK. We know how easy it is to fall into that pit, especially if Washingon is full of this behavior. When people who are supposed to be role models instead show the slimiest part of human nature, it is easy to think why not me, everyone is doing it so it is OK. But, we know in our hearts that it is not OK. It is the voice of the “devil”, our ego, and the worst tendencies of human nature to invite us to sell our souls. To hold to our own moral line is seen is naïve and stupid. But, we all know what happened to Faust!

We are deeply mired in this amoral world where truth is for sale as are our souls. If we don’t seek and act on the values within us, we will be lost as will democracies across the world. This is a time of choice - to act on what we know is right and true. We are in a crisis of values and morality!



January 2019 Dragonspeak

It is hard to hold hope in your heart when so much ugliness is going on all around us. But, that is the time when it is so important to find the sparks of hope that are there but are not easily seen or felt. Hope is precisely the message of the holiday season we have just been through and the new year that is just starting.

The new year gives us a fresh start, an empty page in our journal that we can begin to fill with the messages we want and the reality that we choose to create.

With this new year, it seems that responsibility for one’s behaviors and decisions is returning to public life. It is easy to believe that we don’t bear responsibility for our actions when the public forum seems to accept any immoral or untruthful act or message.

It is not “old-fashioned” to believe in honesty and integrity and to act from that place. It is time to wake up from the nightmare that tells us that we have no responsibility to our fellow citizens. To live in a civil society we must treat each other with respect and honor a common value system. Otherwise, there is chaos, and we have no sense of commonality that we share with each other. If we are honest and act from integrity, we expect that treatment back, and the entire society benefits from the common ground that we can all expect and share.

Look for the sparks of hope in yourself and in the nation as we move into 2019.

Happy hope filled New Year.



December 2018 Dragonspeak

December is a month of holidays and the time when the deepening dark will begin to shift into the return of the light. This happens on a cosmic level, but it is also true for humanity when we are living with so much negativity, violence, corruption and fear, and it is in our faces everyday.

This time of year is traditionally about the coming back of the light which is also about the return of hope. It is about the opening of our hearts to let in that light. This is an act of faith and hope when we see that the darkness only seems to get darker. This year in particular is very dark, and it is easy to fall into a sense of hopelessness.

How do we as individuals safeguard the light that is already within and then increase the light and hope and faith even when outer circumstances don’t support it? How do we keep hope alive? Is it family, faith, doing good works, laughter which helps us to get some distance from pain and problems, going into nature, meditation, contemplation, forgiveness?

It is a necessity to keep our spirits intact, alive and moving, otherwise we fall prey to the apathy and the acceptance of the dark and the fearful imaginings that come with the dark. This is not a time for the faint of heart but it is the time for us to act on our positive visions for ourselves and for humanity. Not only are future generations dependent on what we do now, but the whole planet needs us to tend the fires of hope.

We all came to the planet at this time to be the light-bearers and hope- holders for all. As individuals, we each hold a spark of light and, when we put those sparks together, we create an inferno of light and love. So hold on to your spark and fan it. We still have a ways to go, but we need to remember, it only serves the darkness to be in self-doubt and to walk away from our light. This takes courage and faith.

Remember the winter solstice that celebrates the coming of the light will be here soon.



November 2018 Dragonspeak

We have talked before about the world being in a paradigm shift. Another way of talking about this is that we are either evolving or devolving. We no longer can dither and wonder how we will choose. We are at the choice point. We are sitting in an energetic war zone where souls are dying .We must act now.

Devolving means trying to keep the status quo when there is no chance that this is a realistic choice. This is true on all levels of life on Earth. The status quo has produced our climate problems. The status quo has produced an unjust world for the majority of the people on Earth. The status quo has produced incredible income inequality for most of the planet. The status quo has produced the Me Too movement in reaction to blatant sexism and on and on. The status quo has produced the insults and humiliation that feed verbal and physical violence.

Evolving, on the other hand, involves a sense of community, a feeling and knowing of oneness, an ability to work with others for a common goal. Evolving also involves compassion, sharing, and the golden rule of doing unto others what you would have done to you. Evolving demands a wisdom that sits in the heart and not just the head or the pocketbook.

These are the choices in front of the world. What kind of world and values do you want to live with and give to the next generation? We must make these decisions ourselves, each and every one of us. It is not the time to push off this decision onto governments, or any other structure or person. This decision is right in our laps.

At this time, it is the government and other power structures that not only hold the power and status quo, but make sure to tell the individual that WE have no power. THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE. We do have the power and can no longer hide from making a personal decision.

Your decision will influence every action and aspect of your life. The luxury of hiding or not making a decision is no longer tenable. By not making a decision you are casting your vote for the status quo which is devolving.



October 2018 Dragonspeak

A spiritual teacher has said that during this time all “miscreations” of humanity are rising to the surface for awareness and healing. Much of this toxic material has been unconscious and denied so we were unable to even look at it, much less heal it. We are being helped to heal this toxic soup of emotions, beliefs and behaviors by the cycle of nature. We are entering the dark time of the year when reflection and remembering and re-evaluating come naturally. In the U.S., we can see and are living through the emergence of arrogant egoic energies that are rising to the surface for all to see and experience.

The law of karma which states simply “what goes around comes around” is showing itself very quickly. So people’s misdeeds, often from the past, are being finally thrust into the light, and payment for those misdeeds is coming due. This seems to pervade the entire atmosphere of the world and, even though we are not personally involved, we are all touched by it.

This law of karma is asking all of us to look at our lives and our judgments and our behaviors. We are not only looking at misdeeds that we have directed towards others, but most importantly, at how we have hurt ourselves by the lies that we have believed and propagated about ourselves. That old saying that “we are our own worst enemy” is so very true. How often have we viewed ourselves and our behaviors inaccurately? We have been either too lenient or too harsh.

The “war on truth” is an apt metaphor but not in the way that it is presently being used. Truth is in the process of emerging from the burial vault that we have hidden it in. Until the truth is clearly seen and accepted by all, nothing will change.

Looking at our own miscreations is difficult enough, but it is being hampered by the power structure that doesn’t want any of this revealed. If your power and wealth have been built on this mountain of lies for so long, allowing the truth to come out can feel like murdering your identity.

Currently, we are in the middle of having the truth come out. It is not easy or pretty but needs to be done. So if you are in the midst of our own truth telling, please be gentle with yourself. It is a process that is scary and not supported by the culture.




September 2018 Dragonspeak

The world news seem to be full of man’s inhumanity to man. Lying, bullying, cheating and violence seem to herald the ascendancy of darkness across the world. Anger and fear seem to dominant many people’s thinking and behavior which leads to anti-democratic actions. Democratic forms of government seem to be under assault.

When you see the leader of a democratic nation spend his life bullying and cheating and is rewarded by a high governmental position, what example does that give to the rest of the world? When there is so much corruption from business people and government officials that result in great profit for them, what is the message for the regular person? Integrity, honesty, compassion, and patriotism are not valued. Where do we go from here?

How do we stand up in the face of this corruption and hold “old-fashioned” values and behaviors of love of country and love of your neighbor? Are we starting to see some individuals who are willing to stand for the truth in the face of “alternative truths” and who stand for “common decency”, which is not common anymore?

The majority of people are holding on to their center and know right from wrong. Unfortunately, the most visible figures in government are the outliers and want the majority to believe that the old values are no longer working. Right now we are seeing some glimmers of hope that truth is coming back into fashion.

Perhaps the darkness we are experiencing helps us to see clearly the value of caring for the Earth and each other. It also helps us to see the value of integrity and authenticity. The absence of something often shows us how important something is to us.



August 2018 Dragonspeak

We are about to hit the mid-summer mark (in the northern hemisphere). Days are still long, and there is a lot of light. On a metaphorical level, this gives us an opportunity to really see what is happening in our own lives and in the world.

Let’s be clear, we are in a period of difficult transition and there are few signposts to show us the way to the truth. In fact, truth is being assaulted on a daily basis so that it is hard to know what is what.

There is a toxic level of lying, anger, violence, lack of integrity, and manipulation and, like a physical virus, it is infecting the world. The vitriol is becoming so strong it feels like acid on metal, eating away all that we once held sacred. Truth and democracy are already feeling the physical assault. People are demoralized, exhausted and confused. This assault is circling the globe and infecting all of humanity.

We are sitting in the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. And during this time of transition, we find ourselves in a time of dislocation and fear because the new is only beginning to form. “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” Unfortunately, we are in the “killing” cycle of the change. How do we believe that the “killing” will lead to new growth? How do we trust this cycle of nature? And most importantly, how do we hold on?

Currently, there are 5 planets in retrograde. Retrograde means that it is a time for us to review, reflect, renew, re-evaluate and go inside to discover again what we truly value. It is time to see what no longer works in our lives and let it go. This could mean, relationships, belief systems, attitudes, prejudices and images of the “glorious” past that we want to bring back.

It is so easy to get caught up in the maelstrom and to question our own values. Can we find the essence of what we value and hold fast to it? This essence becomes the seeds of new growth in our lives and in the world. When seeds are in the ground, until they germinate, we don’t see any new growth.

So this summer, we exhort you to go inward and take a good look at your life and determine what needs to stay and what needs to go. The seeds that you keep need to be planted and nurtured. This is how positive change happens. It will happen from the ground up.

This is a time to trust and believe in what your heart knows is the truth. This is the source of the birth of a new world.



July 2018 Dragonspeak

In the United States, we celebrate the 4th of July, commemorating the values that established a nation based on equality, freedom of thought, press and religion, and the dignity of each individual. We are now standing in the midst of events and choices that test our resolve to still honor these values. What was birthed in 1776, we now must reaffirm in thought and action. Unless we do, this country will no longer be a beacon to the rest of the world.

If we wish to continue honoring our commitments to humanity and ourselves then we, as individuals, MUST speak up and act. This is not a time for passivity, silence or being “nice”. Not only are humans beings threatened but so is our planet and animal life. Laws have been passed to kill bear and wolf cubs, to kill elephants for trophies, to dump toxins not only in our water but in our air, and to allow banks to exploit their customers. People in Puerto Rico still don’t have electricity or roofs over homes, and people in Flint, Michigan can no longer depend on the government to supply drink able water. And the list goes on. Globally, the U.S. has pulled out of treaties, out of the U.N.’s Commission on Human Rights, and celebrates dictators and alienates its allies.

Exactly what is being celebrated on the 4th of July?

A country that was once rooted in supporting human dignity and the health of the planet we all inhabit is now being stripped of these values. So what needs to be done to stop this?

It appears that it takes little time to destroy what it has taken centuries to build up. Historians have spoken about how thin the veneer of civilization truly is. And, we are witnessing that right now.

What we have outlined is true on the 3rd dimensional, material level. But these changes come about because our inner commitments to the oneness and sacredness of all life, are not influencing our behavior. We hear platitudes and lies, but we must look at actions. Since we live in the material, our actions reflect what is really “inside” our hearts. Despite nice sounding words, the truth is in our actions. If we really loved ourselves and others as parts of God, we would not put babies in internment camps; we would not poison the Earth, kill other species, and act from greed and power hungry motives.

It is not only imperative to look at and cultivate an authentic inner life, but also, to act in the outer world with integrity. We can no longer be silent. “Evil flourishes when good people do nothing”

There are things that you can do as an individual that speak truth to power. It is small acts of courage and kindness, done everyday, that develop the kind of society that we once had and want to have again.

It is past time to ACT ON YOUR VALUES!!



June 2018 Dragonspeak

Given the situation on the globe, you might feel that we are living out the themes of the novel, Lord of the Flies. This is a world where might makes right, competition and greed are values that are cherished, and compassion is seen as a weakness. Currently, new lows of behavior and speech are happening every day. Whether it be on a personal level of a political level, the same lack of integrity is manifesting and loudly applauded be many. If you don’t choose to live in a “Lord of the Flies” world, this is a time to change in whatever way you can.

What is happening now has happened in the past. The cycles of planets and how they influence us on Earth has been known for some time. Currently, we are in the beginning of a cycle where Saturn is entering the sign of Capricorn. One of the last times that this has occurred (1988-1991), the crumbling of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union took place. Also, the beginning of the internet occurred. Also during another pass of Saturn in Capricorn, (1959-1962) Castro overthrew Batista in Cuba and the Dalai Lama fled Tibet. Also in 1929, another Saturn in Capricorn era, the U.S. stock market crashed. As you can see, this is a powerful time, and here we are again.

Saturn effects cultural institutions, such as governments and economies, and structures and organizations that identify basic values of how we treat each other. Saturn in Capricorn teaches us how to wield power with integrity. At this time institutions will be tested and their values revealed. We will be able to see more clearly the values that these institutions hold and then we can decide what we want to retain and what we want to change.

Saturn in Capricorn is happening during the paradigm shift that we are currently experiencing and that we have written about before. When paradigms shift, old institutions collapse or are changed so that the new can be established.

“Saturn holds us accountable – we can’t just walk away from the consequences of our actions. This is true on a societal as well as on an individual level. Responsibility is the essence of karma; actions generate reactions that, at some point, will have to be balanced by more action-hopefully, by more skillful action.” (Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2018)

Not only is this true for institutions that govern nations, but it is equally true for individuals. We all must make decisions with the reality of our own actions and the beliefs and values that promote them. Saturn in Capricorn is helping us to see through our illusions and to see that our actions have consequences. If we don’t like the consequences, we need to change the values that promote the behavior.



May 2018 Dragonspeak

May, the “Merry Month of May”, a time of blooming flowers, happy thoughts, play, and lambs romping in the fields. Is this how you see your life, right now?

Nostalgia for the past seems to be in favor at this time, especially for the older generation who can look back and remember and idealize what they thought was true. This was a time when “men were men and women were women”, and there was no child abuse. Under the surface of this fiction, was the belief system that held that women knew their place; people of color stayed in their neighborhoods; and gay people stayed in the closet. It was important to have an outer image and look, no matter what the truth was. Neighborhoods looked safe, but no one knew what actually happened behind closed doors and what lurked in the shadows. We consciously chose ignorance to maintain this façade.

How does this unrealistic nostalgia for the past hurt us in the present? It certainly makes the present look much worse than it actually is because the present is being compared with a dream image. It also keeps us from creating present day solutions because we are so busy looking to the past. Consider the coal discussion which states that the coal industry will be coming back to life, no matter that it kills the coal workers and our environment. With this belief, we don’t put money and research into environmentally sustainable energy programs or retraining programs.

We cannot go back to the world of the 1940’s and 1950’s because the world has changed too much. World War II made these changes unalterable. After the war, we began to see the world as a whole, and that vision has continued to expand with the development of computers, airplane travel and global trade. If we think in terms of the past, we cannot move forward.

The paradigm shift, that is also happening at this time, is about the balancing of masculine and feminine energy. Our cultural institutions which were centered in masculine values of hierarchy, competition, greed and power are no longer serving our needs. The feminine values of co-operation, compassion, sharing and the empowerment of all beings are coming into form. The cultural institutions based on masculine values are fighting to survive because they are slowly losing their relevance. We live in the middle of the shift and see and feel everyday the stress and pressure of this conflict. The masculine oriented world is still in power, and the new beginnings are starting to challenge the masculine viewpoint. It feels like sitting on top of a volcano. Which of the older values will prove to be helpful and what new values need to be empowered? We don’t know yet. And, the human ego does not like uncertainty.

Living in this current maelstrom of change is crazy-making. How do we retain our sanity and realize that the changes that are coming will be magnificent?

Stay tuned.



April 2018 Dragonspeak

We have just come though celebrations that remind us of an archetypal truth: that death leads, not to emptiness, but to a rebirth event. We particularly focus at this time on the Christian Resurrection story and on the Judaic Passover event, as well as on the flowering of Spring. But, most cultures have some related holiday or myth that honors this theme. This emphasis on the cyclical nature of life reminds us that death is not the end.

Knowing that death is not an end empowers humanity and nature to live with hope and vision. So, when the “bad times” come, and they always do, we know based on the cycles of life that things will change. Knowing that life’s circumstances evolve into something different, gives us courage and a sense of potency that we can survive and even create something better.

Even on a cosmological/astrological level, the same theme is showing itself currently in the form of Chiron, the wounded healer, that is an asteroid. The myth of Chiron includes the story that this figure journeyed to the underworld and then returned to life on this planet.

Chiron is beginning a new 51 year cycle in April and will be journeying thru the sign of Aires. Why is this important? Because Chiron is known as the wounded healer. He represents someone who has lived through pain and scaring but survived, healed and continues with life. When Chiron last entered the sign of Aires, it was 1967. This was another time of powerlessness, pain that left many wounded and questioning their power to change circumstances. Now as Chiron returns to the same sign, we again sit in times of wounding and questioning our ability to make a difference. So the cosmos, itself, echoes this truth about our potency.

So remember, it is important to work toward the vision that you want to birth even when life seems to say “no- nothing will change”. We do deserve respect, compassion, understanding, peace and harmony. Just because it is not visible in this moment doesn’t say that we can’t make it happen.

We are potent creators of life, and we can make heaven on earth, but first we must believe that.



March 2018 Dragonspeak

As the holy days of Christianity and Judaism begin in February and extend into April, it is time to look deeper into the sacred work that we as humans need to do on ourselves and our world.

We have been taught that working on ourselves is NOT sacred work. Spiritual traditions in the past have emphasized that our attention needs to be on “higher things”. We are taught that the concerns of humanity are not important. We see starvation, cruelty, war, greed, as mundane concerns. We talk about solving these problems, but we really don’t do anything to solve them. We give lip service to cultivating kindness, connection, and compassion, but what our culture values is greed, power and avoidance of the poor, crazy, and those of us that are unable “to make it” in our culture. All the service occupations of teacher, social worker, nurse, and therapist are dominated by women and thought of as pandering to “the bleeding hearts” of the population. These jobs are not considered “fast track” jobs to success and power. Instead, we lionize the stockbroker, the CEO, the real estate mogul who often take from the poor and give to themselves. It appears that the values that they hold dear are success, money and power, no matter who is trampled in their wake.

Our culture shouts out these values every minute of every day. Why have we been deaf to the cries of humanity and to our own hearts? Why is it not sacred work to help others and ourselves get back in touch with what it real? Why is it held sacred to be rich and powerful? Why is “women’s work” of nurturing, protecting and guiding, seen as unimportant? Our values as a country, a world, have become so distorted that they have produced leaders that represent the worst of humanity.

If we really believed the values that we give lip service to, this would be an entirely different world. There is nothing inherently wrong with having money and success. What is wrong is when that money and success screw over other people and screw over Mother Earth.

Do we really need to destroy our planet’s health and our own health to make a buck?

What do we really value? What is really important to us as a people? No matter what we say, look at what we do. Where do taxes go?

P.S. Look at the difference in values and actions of the children of the school shooting in Florida and their legislators who have decided not to ban assault weapons.



February 2018 Dragonspeak

The dragons feel the need to pursue and share information that will aid us all in experiencing the power that we are as Spirit embodied. For so long embodiment has been thought of as being irrelevant to the spiritual path and in fact, a distraction. The dragons have spoken of the value of integrating all aspects of the self including life in the physical world. But this is an even deeper concept.

Why did God make matter from Itself? To show Itself in form and to comprehend in a new way all that It is. Matter gave Pure Spirit a new way to know itself. It was and is all God. Matter is finite, has an ending. Matter experiences pain and illness and change. Matter has rules that govern it and Pure Spirit doesn’t have any of those rules. Matter can make choices and often makes the wrong choice. Given these differences, pain vs. no pain, clarity vs. confusion, death vs. eternity, which would you say is better than the other? That is the problem and the hole we continue to dig deeper.

The dragons want to change this outlook. Dragons want to return to matter its inherent divinity, despite all of its issues and challenges. Dragons want to empower those of us in bodies to KNOW that we are not less than when we find ourselves in a body and in a crisis and imperfect.

In looking at how to change your outlook, belief systems and ways of understanding life, a completely new and transformative approach/philosophy needs to be embraced. Some people call this new and transformative philosophy MAGICAL.



January 2018 Dragonspeak

We all know that this has been a difficult year. We seem to be sunk in a morass of confusion, fear, anger and disillusionment. Values that we had held for ages are being criticized and laughed at. Things that we never thought possible are happening across the world. It feels like the world has been turned on its head, and there seems to be no solution in sight.

The cultural milieu is pandering to the lowest human emotions. We are told that we should fear anything that is different, that others are out to take advantage of us, that it is OK to voice and act out your anger, your prejudices. It is even better if you stop thinking all together and stop reading and just act on pure emotion and instinct. The basest part of humanity reigns supreme. And, look at the hole that we are in now due to this philosophy.

We seem to be living in the 30’s were the Big Lie of Hitler inhabits part of humanity. Hitler stated that if you tell a big lie long enough that people will believe it. Is this what you want? We all know where the Third Reich ended up. Are we headed in this direction?

At this time, democratic principles and safeguards seem to be holding. But, will they continue to protect us? Where does Spirit find a place in this?

This is a point in time where the question needs to be asked, what does it take to stand up for your principles in the face of being bribed or threatened? When are your values so important to you that you will not “sell out”? When is enough, enough? Where is the line when you finally say “no” to the rape of your hopes and dreams. What does it take to fully accept that humans are more than their basest emotions? At Christmastime when Jesus was born to bring unconditional love to all of us, when do we make this happen? When do we stop hating each other and realize that we are interconnected and what helps the one helps the all?



December 2017 Dragon-Speak

As we enter the month of December, with its atmosphere of celebration, it is most fitting to also take this opportunity to look back over this seminal year and to thank God that you made it through safely! As you know, to be alive at this time is no accident. You are an integral piece of the changing planet's evolutionary path. You may not be able to say how or why, but you can trust that this is so, or you would not be here at all. What you do, even in the tiniest way, does play a role in the plan of the Divine for the cosmos and for all creation. This is no little thing. If you fully knew, you might not be able to keep moving!

December, in its darkness, also gives you a time to rest and re-center. Breathe. Restore your strength.

What happens in the world, and your part in it, are essential. Otherwise, the Incarnation- and all that it signifies- would not have happened at all. Heaven and Earth are part of one another, and always have been. You are part of making this more visible!



November 2017 Dragonspeak

Does it feel like we are in the middle of a volcano that has erupted once and continues to seethe and roil? The destruction, unease, hysteria and chaos are at every level of life. It is often said that change only comes thru pain and chaos. It is this pain and chaos that show us that the old ways of living and thinking and doing REALLY don’t work, and they can create their own pain and dislocation, so much so that action is mandatory. We HAVE to make a decision and then act, or we die.

Where is this dislocation and pain showing itself? One place is in the political arena where the norms of behavior and tradition have been radically discarded. Another place where this can be seen is where repressed pain comes out in the open as many abuse victims are feeling strong enough to speak about their pain and sense of powerlessness. A third place is where basic governmental responsibilities such as health care and disaster relief are failing to help people who so desperately need assistance. There seems to be so much less compassion and acceptance of the fact that we are all in the same boat. This makes it easier to divide people, to objectify the other and then to treat them badly and even to go to war.

Despite the pain and sense of powerlessness in the face of all this chaos and the repudiation of basic morality, people are speaking up. The repudiation of basic norms of morality makes it clearer what our values are. Who we want to be is also made more clear.

Even though it feels to many that we are in the basement of human behavior, and that “basement behavior” is being supported and rewarded by the highest levels of government, it can also be a time when the ordinary person can be heroic by standing by their values and their basic humanity.

Where do you find yourself in this picture? Is it hard to keep your center? Is it hard to resist falling into the depths? What would you risk by speaking out? What kind of world and life are you willing to work for?

Are you ready to say “enough is enough”?



October 2017 Dragonspeak

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are going into the darkness of the year. We have relegated darkness as something to fear and push away. It is no coincidence that Halloween comes at this time of year.

All of those parts of ourselves and nature that we don’t understand or can’t explain with the mind, or are too complicated, we have associated with the dark, with wrong and with evil. Our shadow, made up of parts of ourselves that are hidden, and those parts of ourselves that we judge harshly and repress, we turn away from and we fear.

This attitude helps to block us from understanding and experiencing our true and deep Self. Our true Self develops and unfolds through years of living and years of actively exploring our feelings, attitudes, values, beliefs, and physical reactions. This exploration needs to be nurtured and developed, as our culture does not support this kind of self-exploration.

When we do this type of self-exploration, it often brings up things that are scary, uncomfortable, and surprising. They seem to come up from an inner dark place that is often unconscious. So, the fear and discomfort that often comes from the exploration of the unknown, whether internal or external, is judged as unhealthy and unnecessary, even dangerous. This exploration often upsets the status quo and shows where we are lied to by our authorities and where we lie to ourselves.

The truth is, that unless we explore the deeper unknown places in ourselves, we will never grow and never be complete. We will never know that God is inside of us as we are inside of God. We will never make that discovery unless we dive into the unknown dark places.

The darkness does not wish to stay unknown and hidden. It beckons for the light so that we can move into wholeness. The light only illuminates the darkness when we are ready to call it forth and are willing to accept that what we see and acknowledge is us.

The readiness to look into our dark spaces relies on how much we trust and love ourselves. The trust allows us to believe that we have the ability to handle what we find and to embrace what makes sense to us. The love allows us to accept all of who we are. That is our destiny and where we are being led.



September 2017 Dragonspeak

September is the month of the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, a time of balance. In the U.S., we seem to be totally out of balance. The Dragons have been talking for the last several years about the need for balance and how that can be achieved. They have told us two important things. One is that We Are All One. And the second thing they have told us is that the material world is Spirit embodied and therefore deserves our love and attention and is not less than Spirit. These two truths tell us that we must act on this awareness, because we have a part to play in how the material world manifests. We are co-creators of the material world and of the direction that humanity chooses to take to fulfill Spirit in form.

This is not a time to be passive and allow authoritarian figures to dictate the path that Spirit will take on Earth. You have to decide what kind of world you want to create and live in. What values do you want to propagate? At this time in our history, the “common” people are beginning to feel their power and ability to shape their lives and their world.

At this time, we are being shown that humanity has the power to make their lives more tolerant, compassionate, fair, balanced and loving. What choice will you make? And what work are you willing to do to achieve a better world? The choices could not be more clear.

At this point in time, an individual’s actions can make a difference, by inspiring others to take courage and act. Fear has often made us loose our voices and, when we see one person intimidated or beaten down, we tend to go into silence. But we are beginning to realize that many of us hold the same values so when one person speaks, it resonates with many and then the many take action.

America is an anagram for “I AM RACE”. What does that mean? The I AM level of our Being is where we connect directly with Spirit and know that we are ALL ONE. The U.S. was founded to be a place that would support this Truth and beckon others from around the world to follow this dream. At a time when this sacred role is so severally under threat, we must stand up and hold this truth.

What actions can be taken to hold up this vision for the whole planet? How can you further your values that support the I AM? We must all overcome our fears and talk from our hearts. It is about saving our humanity and all that is good, true and beautiful. Stand Up and be counted!!



August 2017 Dragonspeak

This is the month of eclipses. The lunar eclipse is on Aug. 7 and the solar eclipse is on Aug. 21. The effects of these eclipses can be felt either several weeks or months before or after the actual dates.

These eclipses are particularly powerful because they correspond to the nodes of the moon which are in Leo and Aquarius. The south node of the moon is in Aquarius and the north node of the moon is in Leo, and they will be in those signs for many months.

The south node of the moon represents the past and the unresolved issues that still effect you. It tells you where you are coming from and what needs to be healed and what traumas need to be released. It also tells you what is holding you back, what emotions and beliefs prevent your living wholly in the present. This south node also helps you to see what gifts came from the traumas and lessons that you have experienced in the past. It can also help you to see the difference between what you are projecting onto reality and what truly is. The south node is what will be activated in the lunar eclipse of Aug. 7. Looking at the past can bring up anxiety, fear and dread. But, you are being supported by this eclipse to be able to deal with what emotions come up so that you can free yourselves. The lunar eclipse clears out old “stuff” to make room for the new beginnings that will be supported by the solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is on the north node of the moon in Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun and represents potency, sense of purpose, self-expression, creativity, self-confidence. If that which has been holding you back has been brought into awareness during the lunar eclipse, then these qualities can flow more easily and powerfully into your life. Leo/sun energy is about the heart and heart-centered consciousness. Leo is also about leadership on all levels. What is your heart’s desire? What is your gift to others and to the planet? What have you been covering up because you don’t have the courage to voice what is important to you? During these eclipses your ego is in the background giving your heart more space to express itself. Your heart is calling out to you; it is your inner GPS signal. This is the time to really listen. This can be a moment of truth for you because your higher self is able to make itself known more easily.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during the month of August a number of planets are going retrograde, those planets are Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus. Mercury and Chiron. When planets go retrograde they signal that it is a time to look inward and listen, which further accentuates the call from the lunar eclipse.

Because the solar eclipse is in Leo, about leadership, this energy affects the leaders of the planet and particularly in America since the eclipse goes across the entire U.S.

When total solar eclipses occur, “…the stream of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light is blocked by our moon…it effects the earth’s magnetic field…, facilitating a reboot and reconfiguration of consciousness.” (Mountain Astrologer, Aug.-Sept. Pg. 29-39.) So humanity is being supported by the cosmos to heal its wounds, to use the gifts and awarenesses that those wounds have given and to link the head with the heart to answer the question,” What would love do?” What would happen if you began to truly love yourself? How would that change your emotions, beliefs, behaviors and how might that transform the world?

Unless you act on your heart’s desire nothing will change. So do something in true Leo fashion.

This is a time for ACTION. That is what Leo is asking for.



July 2017 Dragonspeak
The Celebrations of Freedom

Ideals, and the follow- up actions that keep them alive, must take root in the current lives of the common people in order to safeguard the freedom that has been achieved by the ancestors.

This is a time to reflect and plan if freedom is to have a new birth today on the planet.

What does freedom actually mean to you? Do you still value it as much as those who once fought and died for it? What are you willing to do to keep it or achieve it, even when personally inconvenient or threatening? Has the idea of freedom changed

through the years?

May your 4th of July or Bastille Day or other celebrations be especially fruitful and inspiring this year!



June 2017 Dragonspeak

Do you find yourself revisiting old issues, such as, physical problems, emotional wounds, relationships, old ways of looking at the world, old patterns of how you judge yourself and others? This is not by accident.

What is happening? As the vibrational shift takes root in yourselves and in your world, it brings up hidden and unresolved wounds. One way to look at this is to think that you have applied layers of makeup to disguise old hurts, old shameful behaviors and beliefs, old negative judgments and places where you have failed to be who you really are. During a paradigm shift, the make-up begins to dissolve, and those places where you have lied to yourself or been lied to come into your consciousness in a clearer and sometimes frightening way. The good part of this dissolving is that you can now bring awareness to clearing out old layers of lies that you have lived with for so long. You can begin to heal on a much deeper level and be conscious of the healing as it happens. This process is the only way a paradigm shift can be real. Otherwise, it is just another kind of make-up that conceals and does not reveal. The shift is really uncomfortable and confusing, because you are so used to seeing yourself with all your make-up in place. This is a huge undertaking because, as you individually heal, so too does your country and planet.

It is so easy to read about “paradigm shifts” but the actual work needed to be done is another matter. To experience this shift in yourself and your surroundings is scary and takes courage and persistence. At this time, you are becoming more aware that your old ways of coping aren’t working, and more aware that your mind can’t give you an easy explanation or exit. You really have to trust what you feel in your heart and your experiential process. You have had little or no training in doing what is necessary now.

It is now about “heart work”. You all know what it feels like when someone is not speaking truth from their heart. You can feel the coldness and emptiness of the words and, when you hear and recognize the heart that is speaking, it resonates with your own heart. You also know when you are “in your heart”. There is a fullness, a warmth and an emotional quality that is felt throughout your body. In a changing paradigm it is important to watch for these signs and feelings so you can recognize who is authentic and who is not, starting with yourself.

Isn’t it time to finally allow your heart to speak and thereby create a world that is based on authenticity.

It is no accident that Truth is being assaulted at every level. As the paradigm begins to really shift there is a confrontation that makes you doubt yourself and your experience. This doubt comes from your dawning realization that what was true for you in the past is no longer true for you now. This makes you doubt yourself and become vulnerable to outside manipulation whether it be from scams on the internet, politics, or con men of all sorts.

You have worn make-up because the Truth is often not palatable and the make-up helps to put sugar on the Truth. But only “the truth will set you free.” If you build a house without a foundation, it will fall down in time, so build yourself on what is real and heartfelt. This is a huge challenge, but Spirit is supporting this movement.


May 2017 Dragonspeak

You may all have recently seen the picture of your blue-green planet with the words “Respect Your Mother” inscribed upon it. What does this mean, and why is it so important?

Perhaps, in this month of the Mother, reflection on this would be more than appropriate.

Who is your Mother? Usually this means the one who gives you birth in the world of form, of matter. So, the Mother in this context is the Mother of all embodied being, the Mother of Creation.

Matter or the material world, and hence the feminine, has been denigrated by most religions as “less than” spirit and you have been taught to ignore it, to rise above it, and to discipline it. But, you and your sciences have begun to discover that E=mc squared. In other words, there is a oneness of matter, mind and spirit. They are all aspects of the same Source.

As Deepak Chopra says in the current Yoga Journal:
“We tend to treat the body as different from the mind, or the mind as different from the cosmos, but we rarely stop to ask why. I believe these separations are symptoms of a larger separation, one that has had the disastrous effect of disguising our cosmic self”. … “all matter and energy (along with time and space) emerge from a void, the so call quantum vacuum. But we know a lot about this nothing. The void is more appropriately called the womb of creation, or a field of infinite possibilities.”

What does all this mean? Human societies have not respected the sacredness of matter which comes from the womb of Divine Mother. You have learned and been told to disrespect your own bodies, other people, the planet you live on and the Cosmos itself. Where has this gotten you? If all that you are and all that you see and experience is sacred, how does your behavior change?

If you truly believed that God is in a bee, would you use pesticides? If you believed that God is in the driver in front of you, would you cut him off? If you believed that God was in the person who has cancer, would you cut off his health care? If you believed that God lived in nature on planet Earth, would you continue to foul the air and the water? If you believed that God is in all humanity, would you continue to believe that financial inequities are acceptable?

Respecting you mother has to do with understanding and honoring the oneness of all creation. This particularly means honoring yourself as a child on God. If you believed that God lived in you, how would your thoughts about yourself change?



April 2017 Dragonspeak

The Dragons are being called out of town this coming month and will not be able to write our regular Dragonspeak for the month of April.

We would like to share with you this prayer/meditation from Patricia Cota-Robles and we would like to recommend to you the following website of Patricia Cota-Robles. The New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose at for your exploration.

I AM the Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace

“Through the Power of God blazing in my heart and the hearts of All Humanity, I joyously receive and accept the gift of God’s Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance. I now know God’s Abundance and Eternal Peace are my Divine Birthright.

On the wings of this Divine Light, I Ascend into the Causal Body of God. From this Realm of Divine Consciousness, I have the inner knowing that GOD IS MY SUPPLY!

I relinquish now, in the name of God, I AM, all of the power I have ever given to lack and limitation through my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories in any time frame or dimension, both known or unkn own. I relinquish now, in the name of God, I AM. all of the beliefs I have ever had that were based in poverty consciousness.

From this moment forward I consecrate and dedicate my very life to be the Open Door through which the new, frequencies of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance will now flow to bless me and ALL Humanity.

As I breathe, think, speak, feel and act, the Presence of God within me is perpetually expanding the Divine Matrix for the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to all life evolving on Earth. And so it is.”



March 2017 Dragonspeak

March is the month of the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This brings the balance of night and day, for at least 3 days, and then the light begins to increase.

This time emphasizes, not only outer balance, but your inner balance as well. When imbalance is so predominant in the outer world, it tends to drain energy and life force from individuals. If any time has done that, certainly the current situation is doing just that. With so much negativity coming up, it feels like there is little positive in the world.

But if you look below the surface, there is strong positive energy flowing. For example, in the U.S., citizens are playing a much larger role in their government because they see their values being eroded. Ordinary citizens have not been challenged to this degree since the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. The values of a democracy are being threatened and citizens are realizing how important those values are to them.

During a time of crisis, people tend to re-examine what has meaning to them. People begin to recognize their shared humanity and draw together to assist and support each other. News reports show that Muslims are gathering money to replace desecrated graves of Jews. A Muslim mosque that was destroyed is being rebuilt by ordinary citizens donating money.

What is particularly important is that there is no leader with this groundswell of caring and response. It is truly an activity coming from individuals moved by the current situation. It is truly a democratic movement in that it is coming from the bottom up. These are all examples of the light showing itself in its natural timing.

Though there are historical precedents of large scale protest, this current situation appears to be coming from deep within. It seems to be a natural unfolding of people realizing what is important to them and then acting on that sense of meaning. It has a mature feeling to it that can be seen from the lack of violence, and from the broad cross-section of both ages and races. People are beginning to be aware that, what hurts one, hurts all. The fact that people across the world are resonating with this energy shows that it has a global quality.


Are you listening?



February 2017 Dragonspeak

People are asking why the paradigm shift has not shown itself yet. There is some doubt that the shift is even happening because it is not seen directly.

We want to remind you that, even though you cannot see the whole picture completely developed, it doesn’t mean that the picture is not changing. Before a new picture can present itself in the material world, there needs to be an underlying energetic structure or mesh that matter can adhere to. The energetic mesh that supports the growth of new matter is known as the etheric field. This field must come first and gives the underlying pattern for the form that new matter will take. It is how humans come into the world. You are first an energetic pattern, and then your bodies form around that pattern. This is true for all matter. This is a process and does not happen instantaneously.

Your five senses cannot detect what is happening in the etheric. Because the frequency or vibration is too high for your senses to perceive, you cannot taste it, see it, feel it, hear it or smell it. You can sometimes get an intuitive hit or a heart-felt reaction to what is taking place. Because you cannot see or feel the energetic mesh being formed, you tend to think that nothing is happening. Nothing can be farther from the truth. This mesh is in the process of forming right now, and when the mesh has formed a perimeter, a center is born. Then matter will begin to attach itself to the pattern, and you will begin to see new forms, whether it be a child or a new form of government or a new way to treat the poor.

Each of you has energy to put into the mesh. And, because the mesh is etheric, you can each put your contribution into the new paradigm by holding certain intentions. So, be aware of what you are thinking and wanting for your new world because the mesh is still being formed by humanity.

You are not powerless. It is your thoughts and intentions that are birthing the new world. Keep thinking and dreaming of all that you want for world peace, world prosperity, world oneness, the dignity and divinity of all creation. You can make it all happen! Have faith and trust that the Divine Plan is operating and that you are an essential part of that Plan.



January 2017 Dragonspeak

2016 has just ended. For many, this has been a difficult year as old ways no longer fit and new ways have not yet rooted. There has been much suffering across the world as things are shaken and released.

As 2017, a year of new beginnings, grows more full, we hope you might spend some time thinking about the quotes below. Perhaps, these quotes help you to give new meaning to some experiences in your own life.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”

We look forward to being with you again in the New Year.



December 2016 Dragonspeak

We have reached the end of another year and are about to celebrate Christmas, a holiday about the union of matter and Spirit. Do we really have an experiential sense of what this means?

Humanity has been taught through the ages that matter is less than Spirit/consciousness. The goal of many religions has been to teach how humanity must transcend the human and material life to become one with Spirit.

The truth is, as Duane Elgin tells us in his book The Living Universe,: “Matter is blind in its evolutionary ascent without the mirroring capacity that consciousness provides; consciousness is blind in its evolutionary ascent without the grounding capacity that matter provides. Evolution is a mutually supportive process whereby matter seeks reflective affirmation of its presence through consciousness as much as consciousness seeks clarity of expression through matter. The goal of evolution is not to move from matter to consciousness; rather, it is to integrate matter and consciousness into a co-evolving spiral of mutual refinement that ultimately reveals the Mother Universe from which both continuously arise.” (pg. 126)

How often do you judge yourself when you show anger, greed, sorrow, or other normal human emotions because you believe that this is not the way to experience Spirit in your body? How can you fully experience Spirit unless you bring it into this world which includes your body and your emotions? The material universe is an expression of the Divine. The human race has been avoiding the reality of this truth since the beginning on this planet. Everything is an expression of the One. This includes all your feelings, all your experiences, everything that is human.

When you integrate consciousness and matter, you are able to feel your feelings but not act out in hurtful ways. You can feel anger, but you don’t have to punch someone. Consciousness/Spirit acknowledges the feelings and experiences and allows you to understand what is causing the feelings and gives you tools to act on your feelings in ways that are not destructive.

Trying to combat centuries of false beliefs and false trainings is not easy. Christmas is about the incarnation of love in a body and the beginning of a new realization and approach to your life that involves being a “both/and” by living as an example of the union of matter and Spirit.



November 2016 Dragonspeak

We, dragons, are going to be out of town celebrating All Soul's Day and Thanksgiving with our families and will not be speaking to you through our monthly Dragonspeak articles. During this month of November, we would invite you to remember all the bounty that you have in your lives, and all the people and angelic ones that have supported you during your difficult times. We would encourage you to give thanks to Spirit for the messages that have been sent to you to help you on your path. Sometimes those messages are not understood until weeks or months after they were sent, but they are with you nonetheless.

Blessings to you all,
The Dragons



October 2016 Dragonspeak

The month of October holds the old holiday of All Hallows Eve. This, like other days from various countries, like old Walpurgisnacht celebrations, is a time when evil could roam the worlds, as well as departed spirits. You in the West have brought this forward as Halloween. You use costumes to represent scary figures that might “come alive” in the world to gain power, before dawn of the next day, dedicated to the “Saints”.

You night need to realize that, in your 21st century, figures of vampires, witches, zombies and ghosts are no longer as scary as they once were, because belief in such has radically changed.

But, you do still have really scary figures lurking in your world that can bring chaos, fears and separation, and these figures live in the bodies of ordinary people. These people prey on humanity’s worst imaginings and magnify them to create fear and separation that result in behaviors and thoughts that can pit people against one another. These imaginings also bring in a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and pessimism that can prevent people from taking positive action.

Living in the third dimensional world has always presented problems that need an answer, and humanity has risen to that challenge of solving those problems. You do not live in a prefect world so there will always be challenges. But, if you get caught up in the fear-mongering, you can be disempowered and believe that the problems you face are unsolvable. Or, you can give away your power to someone who tells you that they have the answer.

Take heart in the knowledge that back through the ages man has solved those problems that were presented to him, and humanity has survived all that has been asked of it. The problems that you face now are man- made problems so you CAN seek viable solutions if you allow yourselves and your imagination to flower. You do not need a savior; you are your own savior. The danger comes when you give over to your fears and become paralyzed by them.

How do you stay out of these paralyzing fears? Remember, all humanity has a track record of surviving. Don’t presume fears represent reality. So, this is a time when the principle of ONENESS is helpful in reminding you that humanity is joined in this enterprise, and together you can bring all your talents to bear on the issues. To isolate from one another does not lead to survival and progress.



Dragonspeak Sept. 2016

The month of September, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, is the time of the Autumnal Equinox. It is a time of the final harvesting of this year’s crops, which will be followed by the preparation of the land for the coming of winter.

“As above, so below.” As the earth enters this phase, so too do you as an individual enter a similar type of stage. As you look back over the summer, what came into fruition in your life? And what is still developing and needs more time to root and ripen?

That which has borne fruit, or ripened in your life could be a new awareness, new skills, new relationships, etc. anything that has enhanced your life experience or given you a new outlook or new confidence that you did not have before.

However, that which you planted in the summer may not be ready to harvest yet. In order to be ready to harvest, certain things may need more integration, more clarity, and more quiet to root deeply in your life. This is what is meant by allowing the ground to lay fallow, or to mulch to protect and nourish the soil.

This is not the time to rush the process of bringing the new into your life. If something is not quiet ready, let it be and be patient, it too will ripen in its own time. This patience is not compatible with your culture so take a deep breath and let yourself be instructed by the natural world.

As the cycle of nature shows us, all happens in its own time. You cannot rush the ripening of fruit, it comes about when a combination of sun, length of day, water, fertilizer, bees, all come together and form the right time. The same is true for humans. This shows you, again, that the physical world cannot be manipulated by your own time table of wanting something. You need to respect the requirements of the physical realm whether we are talking about crops or your personal life.



Dragonspeak August 2016

August brings Lammas, the mid-summer Druid holiday. Daylight continues to be much longer than the dark, and this is a metaphor for en-light-ment at all levels of your being. Light is being thrown on the illusions that you have lived with for so long. Light also throws shadows so you are better able to see the more hidden aspects of your unconscious motivations and the manipulative forces that you live with on a daily basis.

You need to be aware that your identity is not only based on facts but also on the illusions of your culture. Once those illusions start to break down then your foundation, including how your body functions, will begin to shift and shake.

More daylight and the more direct quality of the light in summer tends to bring more energy into your lives and bodies. Have you noticed any changes in your bodies? Are there aches and pains that have manifested or have familiar aches and pains disappeared? Just as plants respond to the light and begin growing and flowering so too does the human body.

At this time of intense change, being supported by the direct summer light, material reality is affected. So this is a time when the body needs your attention, care and love. Often, the physical part of your being is ignored and expected to go along for the ride. It is more important than ever to be aware of the changes impacting your body and the physical world as a whole. When emotions and thoughts are changing, the body reflects those changes. It is a well known fact that there is a mind-body connection , so when there are major changes in how you think and feel, so too will there be major changes in how your body functions.

Not only are your bodies changing but so too is the entire physical world. All matter will register, in its own way, the shifts that are taking place. You have not thought about this enough. There is little or no research done on how the shift in emotions and thoughts impact the material world because this has not happened to this degree before.

So, it can be difficult to recognize bodily changes as a result of your changing emotions, thoughts, and the shifting of your illusions. Your identity is in flux and moving toward to an integration of matter and spirit.

Be sure to pay extra attention to your body and any changes, any new anxieties, and any new feelings of being overwhelmed. It is time to slow down and smell the roses. Your body is screaming for your attention and your ability to change the way that you take care of your body. It is imperative to be consciously aware of all four levels of your being, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, if you are to successfully get through this transformational time.



Dragonspeak July 2016

Both the United States and France have an independence day this month. What independence is really being sought? In the past it was independence from monarchs and dictators who oppressed the masses. But you may have forgotten that real independence begins within.

You are all products of your culture and families and carry the illusions that you were taught and lodge in your very bodies. Often you are not conscious of those illusions and the effects that they have on you and on the world. The more unconscious you are of the illusions that you carry, the more they dictate your behaviors. This is true of individuals and of nations. So you are not free in your choices and behaviors if they are heavily influenced by these illusions.

How do you become conscious of the unconscious factors that influence you and the world around you? This is what real freedom is about. There are no easy answers to this dilemma but it is more vital than ever that you answer this question.

It begins with the intention of becoming more aware and clearer of where uour ideas and beliefs come from. To do this, you must take some quiet time and do some introspection and question yourself. This first step is difficult and takes some time so be patient with yourself. You may want to ask the following questions. What do you feel strongly about? What makes you angry or brings joy? Can you trace the beginnings of these feelings? What beliefs do you hold in common with your family, or nation, or friends? Do any of these beliefs surprise you? What behaviors or attitudes come up without any thinking? Where do they come from?

This questioning may open up new areas that you have not thought about before but that indicate where illusions might live. Once you have discovered what illusions you operate under and where those illusions come from, you can begin to make decisions that are more conscious and that reflect what you really believe.

Happy Independence Day!



Dragonspeak June 2016

As you begin to enter the Age of Aquarius, it is important to understand that this Age brings the focus on action and collective consciousness. Previous times have stressed acting more as an individual or nation. With a new consciousness appearing on Earth, the emphasis has shifted to a realization that, if the planet is to be uplifted, it has to be done by all of you working as one.

We are seeing this shift already as populations in all countries are no longer willing to put up with corrupt and power-hungry leaders and laws. Fewer people are willing to have their lives controlled by the rich and powerful. Humans appear to be less willing to sit still and be trampled on, ignored and mistreated by the one percent.

Why have you put up with this treatment for so long? This was due to the mass level of consciousness being too low to bring about the change that is happening now. This old level of consciousness was built on a model of giving power to the few and dis-empowering the many.

This way of governing worked as long as the level of consciousness was low and most people did not have the time, education or energy to dispute these ideas. But now, more and more of you have the education, the energy, the time and the internet that allow you to see that only through collective and collaborative decision making can real progress be made.

This juncture of new consciousness and new possibilities is incredibly positive and at the same time is precarious because you are still acting on the beliefs and habits of the past. Movements toward democracy need to be watchful of starting out egalitarian and then giving power to one person or one group.

Many countries are experiencing tumult in their governments, and this is caused by the differences between the Piscean and Aquarian consciousness. The Piscean side wishes to keep things they way they were, and the Aquarian consciousness wants to change things and is impatient to move ahead.

If you are to succeed in the goals of the Aquarian consciousness then leaders need to come forward that are much less ego bound and driven to accumulate personal power. In addition, the masses need to realize that giving power to one person is not the answer. This is the model of the past. Decision making needs to be done in groups and in collaboration with others. When you put all your faith in one powerful person, then that person’s ego naturally becomes inflated and trouble begins.

This is about valuing all people where everyone takes their power and does not cede it to one person or one group of people. You need to learn to compromise and collaborate and realize that one person or one group does not hold all the truth or all the value. It is no longer about one ego but about caring for all and listening to all.



Dragon speak May 2016

May is the month of Mother’s Day. May is the month of Taurus, the bull, an earth sign who delights in the material world. May (in the northern hemisphere) is also the month of the natural world blossoming and coming into life. It is literally the time when you put your hands into Mother Earth and plant seeds so you can experience the cycle of new life and the reality of the creation process.

Instead of appreciating and being a part of this cycle right now, humans are experiencing a time of great difficulty in being part of the world. Because the world appears to be in such a state of chaos and confusion and normal life requires so much energy to just get through the day, many are opting out with various kinds of addictions just to the escape the pressure and uncertainty. These addictions are not only about alcohol and drugs but about anything that gets your attention off the crappy things that are going on in the world.

Getting some sense of perspective and distance is important, but it can result in not wanting to be alive and suffering the dis-ease and fear that are rampant at this time. The crazy politics, the crazy weather, the movements of vast numbers of people across the world to escape, all lead to a sense of the world gone mad. You feel a total lack of control in your personal lives and in the life on the planet, and this leads to FEAR and the desire to escape.

When there is so much fear and overwhelming emotions, it is hard to see anything else. It is hard to see that there could be any joy or welcome in being in a body and a part of this world. Your job at this time is to find those places in matter and in your body or through your body that bring joy and hope. Can you find happiness in looking at flowers, trees that are leafing, a good meal, friends? Can you find something to laugh at? Can you find something to love? These pieces are part of being alive in matter even though the negative is so loud.

It is your salvation to find these positive pieces that feed you and bring hope back into your life. Those pieces are out in the world and also in your heart. You just need to believe and look for them.



Dragon-Speak April 2016

The Dragon Mystery School introductory classes, as well as the first book, seek to begin by establishing fundamental principles. These fundamentals involve basic concepts and qualities that lay a framework to support a life that is balanced and thoughtful. We try here, in these articles, to do the same work by pointing out things about life, about what is happening on the planet, and about how to live a full, human life that is conscious.

We also try to stress that the inner realms and other dimensional levels are real and can be experienced. We all need hope that comes from knowing that there is so much more to life than superficial things and "the daily grind."

An ideal way to begin to experience this is through the cultivation of a deep inner connection to Spirit. This comes from entering into the silence, reflection, meditation and from the sensitivity to the many communications and messages that come regularly from the inner, deepest Self and from Masters and Angelic Beings and many other Beings of Light.

There are many ways to begin a process of knowing through experience, a process of "seeing". One way may be attention to dreams. Another may be journaling around certain topics, without trying to rehearse what you write. Another way is to enter into a guided meditation and/or visualization and note what your inner being shows you. There are many portals into the intimacy with Spirit and the deepest Self.

We had asked, at one point, if anyone wanted to share something re. a personal experience. This month we received a beautiful scrapbook from someone who was part of the Dragon Mystery School classes. She asked that we share with you what happened for her in a meditation/visualization and the lessons/teachings her inner Self showed her through this experience.

The meditation/visualization was given to each person in the class. This meditation presented challenges that they would need to overcome with the help of a personal Dragon (Being of Light and Power) that would present itself and would assist them. (Note- There are metaphors here that relate to our lives and to the spiritual journey.) We asked that people just pay attention to whatever else came up in their personal inner vision and experience, since how the challenges were handled came from their own ingenuity and imagination, and perhaps from their everyday behavioral choices.

She shared:

"The first time I listened, I didn't hear the instructions completely. I wanted my Dragon to help me (do the work for me), and I became upset when he didn't. Then I wanted him to fly me to the castle. (whatever was the "goal" in the visualization) Yesterday, when I listened again, I was with my new Dragon, Cleo. She is a female red Dragon, named Cleofluria. She is from France, and the 'flur' is like the French "fleur." I wanted her to help me in many areas. Removing some rocks from my path (in the visual that came up), was easy to clear my way through, even though they were heavy. When I first came to trees and felt closed in, I was scared, until I remembered I wasn't alone and the fear left. I wanted Cleo to fly me to the castle there. (Still removing rocks), our hands burned. (My hands later actually bled as they were so dry.) I asked Cleo if she could help me, and I said to myself that I would wait to see what happened. I sat on the ground and thought, if I looked hard, they might move on their own! I grumbled and got frustrated, waiting for something to happen. I realized that, many times in life, I want a different outcome, but I don't want to change what I am doing. When I was ready to try another way, it looked like it was not going to go anywhere ( and I relate to that also). I noticed that my Dragon showed me what to do by sleeping. I know I sometimes need to take another path, even if I feel it's wrong and it's cheating. During the sleep, I received a message to try another way. When I woke, I immediately began to do the same thing! Then, I got ready to try a new way. When it looked like I was not going anywhere, we got the castle. The message was clear to me." (Cyd- Fargo,ND)

It may be hard to follow this completely, but the entire meditation/visualization had to do with meeting a personal Guide-Dragon and attempting to follow a path to a goal ("castle"),coming across blocks/challenges- like rocks- on the path, deciding what to do and how to proceed. What each person saw, and how each attempted to deal with the challenges, depended on their own ways of seeing and coping. This story/visualization's sketchy form gave room for clues about a person's usual ways of coping and learning lessons that would be very individualized. The process reveals much...

This is just an example of how some forms that may seem vague or unusual can reveal things that can help a person live a more reflective life, as well as can help to reveal new ways of behavior, based on self messages and self trust.

Do your own inner journeys, or enter into a dream that you want to explore, or ask the self questions you want information about and jot down anything that comes up. For example, in the above model, how do you deal with "rocks" on your path? What do those "rocks" represent for you? What do you do when challenges block you? Can you "read between the lines" and discover the many messages your inner Self is always giving to you?

What do those "rocks" represent for you? What do you do when challenges block you? Can you "read between the lines" and discover the many messages your inner Self is always giving to you?

You are not lost, and you have guidance. It is a matter of finding new eyes or ways of seeing what is there already for you!

The full inner life calls to each of us. The first step in moving forward is to acknowledge its existence and then to act in accord with what it tells you. This is a pivotal relationship, listening and responding to the inner self, in the spiritual journey Home.

**(Note: Some of the lines in the sharing were adjusted for more clarity.)



Dragon-Speak March 2016

March is a month of transition. It stands between a dying season and a birthing season. You know this place of transition well from all the developmental cycles of your lives. Starting at the time of birth, for example, the human fetus transitions from the womb to a world it does not yet know or understand.

Transitional cycles are a part of the natural order. Just as you as humans transition through the phases of your life, so too does of all nature transition, as demonstrated by the four seasons.

The natural transitions that both the Earth and humans experience happen without your conscious direction. They follow an internal readiness process. Babies are born when ready. Childhood begins to give way as new physical spurts of growth, new body shifts and new desires for independence appear, and puberty happens as it is triggered by these physical signals. The seasons, too, move forward through their inner timing, without human control.

These growing trends toward transition begin to show themselves naturally when the old shapes and ways and behaviors no longer seem to fit. They are a inherent part of the life process on Planet Earth. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

These times of transition are inevitable. Things begin to not work as they once did. Subtle shifts begin to occur and gain momentum. There can be a longing for the way things were and a rejection of what seems to be coming. There can be fears of letting go and a reluctance to allow what is birthing. Since there is no clear sense of what is going on or what the future holds or what exactly the change will look like, this time can be filled with a sense of powerlessness and helplessness.

But, what would happen if the fetus decided not to move down the birth canal, but to hold on to the old environment? What would happen if you clung to the days of childhood when your chronological age was 50+? What might happen if you tried to force one season to remain the full year round?

You can see that this clutching and holding on just would not work. Yet, you still try to do this in many ways. Life cycles on, and one place leads and feeds another.

Right now, you are in a MAJOR TRANSITION. Do you see how the qualities of transitions are present? What is your reaction to this shifting? Are you clutching and holding on? Are you trying to allow the flow to move into the new?

Things may look chaotic, but there is actually a general design to the process. Can you trust beyond what you mind can grasp? Can you trust life's unfolding process?



Dragon-Speak February 2016

One of the essential demands of this time that applies to all humans is the demand for COURAGE. In the midst of such widespread change and so little certainty, to move ahead, without a cushion of security or the illusion of control, requires a steadfast heart and trust in the overall trajectory of life toward wholeness and goodness.

Maybe you don't think of yourself as courageous. But, pay attention to how you live everyday in the face of bills to be paid, health issues, terrorism threats that invade even the smallest of communities, diseases that are rampant, scams that touch even the privacy of your home and communications. Living today asks that you maintain a balance of self protection/ suspicion and yet an ability to also trust when you are not certain of anything.

You don't have to be on a battlefield to display courage. Just to live daily asks this of you.

The word "courage" takes its roots from "cor" and "coeur." The deep center of you, your heart, is where real courage is located. From the center, the heart, or essence, rises up a passion and desire to achieve that which is most "you" and most important to the deep self. An alive contact with this space sustains and nurtures the ability to move forward, despite any opposition.

Love or heart-centered caring is not a sugary, sentimental notion. It is deep and true and strong and powerful. It has created the universe and sustains its life.

At this time when "heart" is celebrate with Valentines, can you hold the intention to allow your truest caring and passion to flood up into your awareness and into your action in the world?



Dragon-Speak January 2016

Let's look for a minute at a major symbol or metaphor alive in the traditional Christmas story. On so many cards and posters and nativity scenes, we see the family, huddled around their newborn, and all those who are gathered there. We see animals; we see shepherds; we see Kings or prestigious persons and perhaps another character or two.

Other than the literal representations, what are we seeing here?

We are seeing a gathering of diverse peoples drawn together by something or someone that magnetizes them. There are representatives of all classes of society- the wealthy and the poor and those "in-between." There are the educated and the uneducated. There are those of one culture and those foreign elements coming from the "East". There are basic animals, or instinctive life, as well as the sophisticated ones who end up there. Nature is here in the starry night. There are poor surroundings and the hint of possible palaces in the worlds of the Magi.

Why do they gather? What is so attractive that stirs up curiosity? What is pictured doesn't have to do with cultural or political ideas or with something astounding like a circus performer or musician or entertainers galore. What is seen here is a simple, human/animal picture that each one present knows about in their hearts. It's what ultimately matters and lives on the deepest levels. It sidesteps culture and position, power and money. It is basic love and warmth and belonging and peace that echo in this night and that draw these unlikely ones together.

Here is a key and a clue about bringing the diverse elements of a world together, whether in the first century or the twenty-first. When loss and fear and difference and separation dominate, can you still find the common places that are shared and that bind together? These have not been lost in a chaotic world but reside deeply in guarded places within.

"Your mission, if you choose to accept it" is to birth in 2016 a mutuality, a shared new world, where what feeds the deep heart of all, despite all the diversity, is addressed. Can you do this on any level to which you have access? It is time to allow this vision to be birthed again and to draw to itself all who hear its call.



Dragonspeak December 2015

We would like to talk about current events that are happening in France and across the world. These events, which are violent and seemingly senseless, evoke in you feelings of vengeance, helplessness and utter sadness. They remind you of fears of world wars and apocalyptic predictions.

If you believe in the truth of “as above, so below,” do you then need to look inside and look at your own heart and feelings and beliefs? Are there places in your own heart that cause you to look at the world as a hostile, unfair, and unjust place and motivate you to lash out in word, deed, or thought? One individual’s hurt and fear may not determine global behavior, but masses of people harboring these feelings are fertile ground to create violent actions in the world.

So, this is both the good news and the bad news. Since all of humanity has thoughts and beliefs that are violent or hateful and ego-centric, you have the ability and choice to recognize these places in yourself and decide how you will act on them so that they do not ultimately destroy you or others. This is the alchemy of this time. Humanity is beginning to recognize the power of thoughts and its ability to work with those thoughts to a positive and loving outcome.

(We do not mean to minimize or condone the violent actions of a few. But, we do want you to realize how every individual’s thoughts form an energy field that underlies such destructive actions.)

How could you as an individual respond to the external events on the planet, right now? Will you continue to see them as divorced from your own thoughts and feelings and perpetrated by only a few “evil” people, or can you have the courage to look within and see how these feelings are universal? Once you realize that these negative thoughts and feelings are shared by all and not just by “evil” people, you can begin a healing process within. What this healing process can do is to begin to change the energy field that supports the belief that the only way to change injustice is through violence rather than love and understanding.

At a time like this there are many voices that are encouraging hatred and separation, but we are reminding you that these voices led you astray in the past and tend to emphasize your fears and your differences. It is essential that you do not follow these voices again. It is time to change your perspective to one that recognizes that you are all in this together, and there is a oneness of the human spirit that can lead to positive behaviors that support all beings.



Dragon-Speak November 2015

Major vibrational change, like that occurring right now on the planet, has direct effects on anything material, especially on the physical body. The third dimensional body is calibrated to certain frequencies and registers "normalcy" or "average" according to old, standard protocols. Anything outside these levels of agreement is considered "pathological" and in need of intervention.

The third dimensional level of existence has been in effect since our beginnings, and we have very little experience of what it means when significant changes to this fundamental grid are happening.

Vibrations are increasing in frequency, and the planet and all who inhabit her are being lifted in dimension, beyond the 3rd. What does this look like? What is "normal" anymore? We don't have any past experience to draw from.

Emotional and mental lives are affected, but, by far, the most upsetting arena is the physical or outer level of manifestation. When chaos and disruption are staring people in the face daily, as well as in their own mirrors, it's hard to be thoughtful and objective.lift the consciousness of humanity and all beings to bring about a transformation of this planet. Nothing is coincidental. Consider

When vibrations shift, things move, even on the molecular level. Electrical impulses are changed from their usual levels, and this can mean an impact on the nervous system, brain function, heart beat, blood pressure, as well as hormonal fluctuations. There might be strange pains and muscular or organ anomalies. One may become very tense and experience dizziness. What was once considered "normal" may now be a rare occurrence. The usual "tools" or ways of handling things may not work any longer, as things begin to look quite different. Even the medical profession may be unprepared. Consider what is happening as chemical/molecular shifts begin to create mutations in viruses and new "designer" diseases show up.

When so much of this is going on, both individually and in communities and countries, stress and anxiety build, and people look for ways to decompress. This can result in increasing depression, use of addictive substances, and even suicides.

Addressing this is not to scare you, but to alert you that this is a natural result of the degree of change that the world is experiencing. When change is so dramatic on every level, things are not clear-cut and instability is rampant. It is a product of this essential shifting.

What to do? Try to stay grounded and in balance. Try to have some quiet time or meditative time daily. Try to trust your intuition and heart-sense. Try to have some practices in your life that are fun and relaxing, maybe exercise, listening to music, reading novels. And, try to hang on. At this time there are many positive changes and positive people coping, but what you normally hear about are the negatives. Then, it is easy to presume that there is nothing positive in the world. The negative is a news maker, and hence a money-maker, not the positive!

You are not here by accident at this time. You are here to help this planet and all the beings of Earth evolve fully into Spirit. This is the Great Homecoming of which you are a part. Hold your awareness and hold on to your sense of HOPE.



October 2015 Dragon-Speak

You may or may not be aware that the last part of September brought an array of "events" that enhanced dramatically the manifestation of the new paradigm we have been discussing for a long time. To manifest fully in the outer physical world, changes of this magnitude must first root themselves in the world of energy and idea. The last arena to really see and experience them is in the physical world. The events of the last week and a half have established firmly what needed to be "done" to open the gateways to the manifest world.

Of course, we are speaking of radical shifts for individuals, groups, nations and the planet that will have implications for your solar system and galaxy and universe, and ultimately, for all creation!

These "events" included the Equinox, Yom Kippur, the Hajj to Mecca, the super Moon in Aries and the total Lunar Eclipse. In addition, there was the apex of gamma rays hitting the planet from a star explosion that took place more than 12.1 billion years ago. The visit of the Pope also coincided with all this...a spiritual figure bringing a message to political power, both in the United Sates and on this planet at the UN. He brought connection and compassion to all levels of society, by also visiting grade schools, Catholic Charities, a prison and homeless shelter.

All of these "events" have been spoken of as energetic floods that lift the consciousness of humanity and all beings to bring about a transformation of this planet. Nothing is coincidental. Consider how and why the Chinese Minister and his wife arrived as the Pope did in Washington DC. Consider the place of weather and natural disasters. Some places have experienced floods, while others are in the midst of serious droughts and fires. There has been major loss of life and possessions, not only in fires, but think of all the displaced ones running from war zones, trying to find a better life for themselves and their children. This is true, not only in Europe, but Central America as well. And, what of terrorism and the fears that it is lurking everywhere, even in schools. Fear, anxiety, hopelessness are in the air.

Everything is "up," it seems right now. But, this is also a prelude to healing and renewal. Before the new can settle, the old, static, virulent must be released so there is room for the Light to enter and root.

The time is here, and the time is now.

What did you observe in the last few weeks? What happened that caught you attention? What happened in your personal life? Do you in any way feel different?

The results of the past few weeks will be felt for long periods of time. There is no going back, since the old world has already lost its power and meaning. Let go of your absorption with the past and with failures and revenge, Let them go and ask to align with the new energy and Light that is unfolding and birthing. Just hold the intention to flow with the Light. The intention is your ticket!



Sept. 2015 Dragonspeak

In the northern hemisphere, the Fall Equinox will be this month. The equinox brings an emphasis on balance. It is in balance that the best decisions can be made, when you take into account both sides of the issue. But, humans seem to like to be out of balance. You seem to prefer the entertainment factor of extreme positions. It is only when your emotions get engaged that you seem to pay attention. Unfortunately, when strong emotions get elicited, poor decisions are made because you tend to stop thinking and let your reptile brain take over. It may be amusing and entertaining on one level, but this drama often results in violence, economic crises, and loss of confidence in your government’s ability to solve problems. It also makes it more difficult to listen to a person who is speaking calmly and rationally because drama is not part of the picture.

If you are a drama addict, how do you begin to wean yourself away from the destructive aspects of this? Drama ruins lots of relationships and work situations. Drama is good on a stage, but when it gets involved in political situations, economic decisions and national policies, it causes catastrophes.

Where do you fall in this continuum? How do you make your decisions? Where do you create drama in your life? Where do you see it in your community and in the world?

How do you limit the negative aspects of drama in your life? The first step is to be aware of where you inject drama in your decision making and relationships. Then, you can begin to see the negative results that come about when you do this.

You can become your own worst enemy and create what you don’t want in your world by nourishing this addiction to drama.



Dragonspeak August, 2015

July has been a busy month for bringing events into your consciousness that hold messages about your current life on Earth.

Bastille Day was July 14 as was the fly-by of Pluto by the New Horizons craft. These events carry with them a message that is important for mankind to grasp.

You can now actually see the topography of Pluto, whereas in the past it was only a blur. This tells you that there is more to your existence than what is available to your 5 senses. This is something that humans often find hard to believe. Could there be a message here about other dimensions of yourself that you have not experienced or believed to exist? It also tells you that, like Pluto and beyond, even though you cannot see Spirit, it too exists and that the real issue is your perception. The technology that brought you the pictures of Pluto also highlights how human ingenuity and imagination can open your horizons and possibilities. There are no limits only the ones that you impose on yourselves.

What does Bastille Day which occurred in the 1780’s in France tell you about current political events? The reasons for the storming of the Bastille prison also exist in the year 2015 on your planet. The gap between the rich and poor became so insupportable in France that it created violent revolution. In the year 2015, the same gap between rich and poor is once again causing wide spread suffering. How about using the ingenuity and the imagination that you have already shown, to solve this problem without violence?

Another message that relates to economic fairness is the importance of money over values in the Presidential race in the U.S. The Presidential election in the U.S. is making clear that money and the pursuit of power are much more important that using public service to uplift the population. Public service has become synonymous with corruption and greed instead of honesty and compassion. This is true across your planet. This needs to change if a new paradigm is going to manifest fully.

Events that occur on and off your planet do act as signposts and metaphors for your developing consciousness and show you where changes need to be made. Remember that, if you do not learn from your history, it will be repeated. Human nature has changed little in thousands of years and often needs a “wake up” call to see clearly what you are or are not doing and how your choices impact your world. Each time you ignore the messages that are being given to you, you send the universe a sign that you need a more startling message to get your attention. Is this what you want?



Dragon-Speak July 2015

"Freedom" is a word used quite often today, usually to express the need to be left alone to do anything without interference. This is a misuse of what this word actually signifies.

Confusion about this concept is responsible for a great many tragedies, both for individuals and nations. It is difficult to define this idea clearly and succinctly, and this has been used to justify many acts of self-interest and even violence.

We think of "freedom" as "do whatever you want." But, this is not accurate. Freedom, as many other concepts, has limits built in. If one lives in community, there is an immediate restriction that presents itself. One may be free to pursue what one desires, but to restrict another person's freedom in the process is not acceptable.

In addition, an act that expresses your freedom cannot at the same time put yourself and/or others into danger or imminent harm. The common good must be accounted for and, to go against this to pursue your own desires, is also not acceptable.

True freedom is related to maintaining a balance with the freedom of others. This requires constant effort and thought to determine the right course of action that respects all.

In society, it has always been easier to maintain a perspective that lives on the fringes or extremes. These positions are more clear and rigid and authoritarian. They tend to be black-white and "either-or" positions. You can have the laissez faire end of the spectrum where anyone can do anything without any limits or any interference, no matter the cost to others. Or, on the other end, you can have a supreme authority telling you what to do, when to do it and how to do it from a position that purports to be true and right, no matter any thing to the contrary, including facts. This stance usually condemns anyone else who holds anything different.

We all know both of these positions and see how they show themselves in our world.

The position that is more challenging is the mid-balance place. Balance moves because it is not a status-quo position. It is not rigid and has to be worked with constantly to maintain the fulcrum. It takes awareness and discussion and rethinking. This makes it hard. It is so much easier to lapse into the extremes than to try the center.

The things happening in the world that create pain usually are the either-or positions, not the both-and. You can see some examples of this being played out today e.g. guns freely carried by everyone anywhere, the elimination of anyone who disagrees with you through violence, holding the view that environmental issues are not true concerns etc.

Real freedom belongs to the center position. It is a "both-and" and respects all and allows for all. It does not dictate and blame and judge. It allows as long as the community and others are respected too and can co-exist safely.

People all over this planet have fought and suffered and died for freedom and are still doing so, but is it really freedom? It is time to examine what this concept means to see if it is actually valued. Or, has it become a word that is a disguise for self-interest that ignores and disrespects the community of beings that shares the planet?

Consider for yourself what YOU mean when you use the word or celebrate a holiday that seems to honor "freedom."



Dragon speak June 2015

Let’s talk about fear and vulnerability and how it effects human behavior. People long for stability and safety and are often willing to suspend their judgment and listen to and believe any source that offers assistance. When humans are fearful, they tend to ignore reason and act irrationally.

Via the world media coverage, you now have the ability to know what is going on everywhere in the world and at the same time it is happening. This can increase the level of concern and fear that you feel. You not only know and feel what is going on in your community and nation but now you have the added burden of feeling the pain and fear from the entire planet.

Because of this, your vulnerability is increased. You are not only vulnerable to more fear and anxiety, but vulnerable to the easy answers that others propose. These easy answers often involve conspiracy theories. BEWARE! Because you want to feel safe and stable, it is easy to fall prey to these seeming solutions.

Some of these solutions are dangerous. They involve pitting one group against another, one nation against another, one religion against another. They can tell you that violence can make you safe. They can even propose that your safety can be assured by a monetary donation and the bigger the donation then the safer you can be.

When you are filled with anxiety and fear, you tend not to think clearly. You tend not to look at the source of the propsed solutions. Also, those that propose solutions can often make the situation look much worse than it is, to benefit themselves.

Remember the tale of “Chicken Little” who ran around telling everyone that the sky was falling. You had better look to the sky and see for yourself what is happening before you believe. Don’t immediately jump into catastrophic thinking. Also, be cautious about those that seek to make money or gain power with their solutions.

It is like repairmen rushing into a disaster area. Be suspicious of the self-interest that can motivate and manipulate those that are fearful.

When you are fearful, take a deep breathe and calm down, don’t jump to conclusions, look to see what your source of information is, ask questions, talk to people you trust, and then wait for a short period of time to allow clarity to enter into the situation. Then, explore what options are open to you. It is more important than ever to take these steps for your own good.



Dragonspeak May 2015

May is ruled by the astrological sign of Taurus which is an earth sign, which rules material things, wealth, your body. This is a perfect opportunity to emphasize the need for you to honor the vehicle in which you chose to learn your lessons. We are talking about your body and the material world itself. We want you to remember that the material world is part of Spirit not separate from Spirit. Many religious traditions have not fully understood the unity of matter and Spirit.

By not understanding that matter and Spirit are one, it has lead to the degradation of your planet and the guilt and shame around bodily functions. It has also led to the expectation of perfection in the material world which is not how matter functions. The material world is a classroom and mistakes and imperfections are how you humans learn those lessons. Just as a human baby learns to walk by holding on to things and falling repeatedly, so too do human adults learn by making mistakes and then hopefully learning from them. You are living in “the school of hard knocks” and the only way to learn fully is by actively engaging the messiness of life on this planet. You have to get your hands dirty and scrape your knees to really “get it”.

When you denigrate matter, you wind up with the desecration of this planet, cruelty toward other humans and other species and the false expectation that your self-appointed leaders are perfect and cannot change their minds or positions on any subject. Also, because you have the expectation of being perfect and appearing perfect, you can never express your actual feelings and the parts of you that need to grow and be healed. You do not want or feel capable of showing your humanity, warts and all.

Being on planet Earth means you have chosen a venue that is messy, difficult, confusing and needs to be entered into with no reservations. You have to put your body and emotions onto the playing field or you are not “in the game” and participating fully. The ultimate prize for being on planet Earth and in a body is total transformation and ascension. This is one place in your universe where magic can happen, but you must be totally engaged as your true and honest self. That’s why you came!

Because you need to enter into this arena wholeheartedly, you need to be aware of those places that you hold back in fear of being judged, in fear of not feeling that you are good enough, in fear of being imperfect, or of not knowing what to do or what the answer is. Remember when you were young and open to learning new lessons and failing in the process of learning new things? You were excited about the new and did not let your judgment or the judgment of others stop you from enjoying the experience of living fully on the Earth. What happened?

You came to Earth to make mistakes, to be imperfect and to really learn from your experiences. How did really living in matter become wrong, sinful and a reason to be ashamed? You have managed to create a world where things are turned upside down and where appearances are valued instead of learning and truth.

You have been told that the rules are the exact opposite of what they are. Who profits in this system? The greatest liars.



Dragonspeak April 2015

What are the messages that the Earth and its people get every Spring/Easter/Passover/Equinox from the universe? There is a common theme being underlined for you all. That theme is one of rebirth from the fertile darkness. Your chaotic world situation seems filled with darkness and no hope, but just as winter turns into spring, so too will this chaos begin to show signs of new beginnings. When the darkness is intense, it can be difficult to hold onto the hope of light coming back into your life. That is why Mother Nature comes to your rescue by reminding you, through the seasonal cycles, that nothing lasts forever.

Your perception that nothing is stable is accurate. Not only are you experiencing inner dramatic shifts, but your outside environment is experiencing those same dramatic shifts. So your inner and outer worlds are mirroring one another so the shifts seem even more profound and frightening. It feels like you are standing on quicksand with no place to put your feet on firm ground. This can lead to cynicism and even despair. It is precisely at this moment that you need to remember the great cycles of existence.

Because this is a time of deep transition, things are unstable. It is hard for you to find a lasting balance point, and that is to be expected during this time of intense shift. You may find moments of seeming balance, but they will not be permanent in duration. Therefore, it is important to be patient and realize that this shifting is a process and will take some time. The temptation is to try and hold tightly to what was once stable. But, there is little if any stability, so stay flexible, patient and forgiving of emotional difficulties and crankiness when the old ways of being just don’t work in the ways they used to.

So how do you care for yourself during this process? Remember to not criticize or judge yourself because you can’t handle things as you once did. You are alive in unique times and standing in the middle of unique situations. Choosing to trust that all this change is leading to a higher level of consciousness and a more compassionate world is necessary to flow through this part of the process. Faith is called for at this time. Faith that all things happen for the greater good even if it isn’t apparent in the moment.



Dragonspeak March 2015

As the Equinox approaches, it looks to us like the Earth is far from being in balance. In fact, you are living with extremes that have become so graphic that it is impossible not to see them. Actually these extremes have an important purpose in clarifying your choices as you build your future.

There is growing sentiment and action in caring for yourselves, your planet and your brothers and sisters of all varieties. A sense of unity consciousness is growing. On the other side of the balance beam sits a group like ISIS that represents power and strength without any conscience or caring. Power and strength without any conscience or caring also sits in each one of you. It is the patriarchy at its worst showing its power over Mother Earth and weaker forms of life and ravaging and pillaging all before it. There was a time when earlier societies engaged in this adolescent testosterone driven behavior. Fortunately, part of evolutionary movement is to progress beyond this stage into unity consciousness.

Your world condition is showing as plainly as possible what your choices are. Do you choose the path of death and destruction because you cannot see the interrelatedness of all life on Earth? Or, do you choose to see and behave in ways that show All is One? As we have said before you are at a time of significant choice which is molding the future of your planet.

This change must come from the bottom up. This change needs to happen on a personal level and then flow outward to local communities and to governments and nations and to the entire planet.

How does this change look on a personal level? It effects every area of your lives. How do you act when waiting in line at the grocery or bank? How do you act when a service person makes a mistake? How do you act when you make a mistake? How do you act when driving? Do you get angry and abusive with others and yourself? Do you cut off other drivers and fail to use your turn signal? These common courtesies lead to appreciation that other people have feelings and count as much as you do.

Let’s look at the attitude of entitlement of the wealthy over the middle class and poor. They seem to fell no compunction at lobbying governments for special treatment that directly hurt the middle class and poor and especially children. This entitled attitude can also be seen in the way men treat women especially in the case of rape and sexual slavery and domestic abuse.

As you look around your own world at the things that you don’t like, and want to change, remember that changing similar things in your personal life will begin the larger change. Please know that lasting effective change happens when individuals put a new behavior into practice.

This is a time when you are being shown that your individual behavior effects the whole world. So choose wisely!



Dragon-Speak February 2015

Recently, Pope Francis mentioned that women, who needed to, could breast-feed their babies in the Sistine Chapel. Such a statement could send waves through Catholicism, as well as some other religious groups. Why? Because there has been a long tradition in religious circles of de-valuing the body and the physical world. This is also reflected in attitudes toward women. Because something is long-held and believed may not make it true or compassionate or right.

Humans have kept up this denigration of the body and things feminine, even when, in words, such attitudes might be ridiculed. Verbally, it might look as though this has changed. But, in practice, there are still attitudes of intolerance based on nothing but assumptions.

This is the time and the place to question underlying attitudes that influence behavior and that never have been directly confronted. Some things have become such an integral part of life that they may be hard to even see.

The spiritual quest does involve the sacredness of matter as the creation of God. It involves the sacredness of the feminine that needs to join fully in wholeness with the masculine. Until all this is known and accepted and embraced, in lived behavior, the full return into Spirit won't happen.

In addition to this and related to it, is the embracing of practices and beliefs, based on culture and old assumptions, that are still accepted in the modern world and used to justify acts of violence and discrimination against others. Much more important things can be ignored, while holding on to that which wounds, even in the name of religion.

Great Masters and Teachers who have come to humanity to share spiritual realities, that involve the primacy of love and oneness, don't support violence, torture and killing. No matter how much humans proclaim the opposite, it just is not true. What is of man and what is of God? Getting clear on the differences is vital so that you can hold on to what is foundational and unifying, while allowing cultural practices and beliefs to move away if they block basic love and respect.

Yes, this understanding can require maturity, but that is what is being asked of you. This is a time when spiritual maturity can remake the planet. To do that involves being willing to let go of the things of your childhood and adolescence. Greed and power over others are very strong in holding on and convincing you they are correct and must survive. Can you begin to challenge what holds you?



Dragonspeak January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!!

During the last few years you and your planet have been bombarded with new energies. These energies have shown themselves in major social shifts, and unexpected happenings. These major shifts and unexpected happenings have been very unsettling and unbalancing for humanity. Coping strategies don’t seem to work as well as before and this leads to a further sense of imbalance and depression and fear. One way of coping can be not looking at what is happening and allowing addictions to numb your fear and uncertainly. But you know addictions don’t help in the long run.

We are suggesting another strategy. When you are in the middle of serial misfortunes, like your car isn’t working and it needs several trips to the garage and at the same time your frig isn’t working and on top of that your boss or spouse is giving you trouble, what do you do? First ,feel your feelings. Feel the upset and worry and “why me? thinking.” But don’t get swallowed up by these feelings so that you either react too soon without thinking or you become immobilized and cannot do anything. It is important to have a break between the upsetting event and making your plan of action. Take one situation at a time, don’t try to handle everything immediately, prioritize. The bombardment of constant problem solving as all structures break down to give birth to the new, is the “new normal”. It is not because something is wrong, it is just what “is” at this time. Don’t panic, avoid assuming that the ways of the past will be the ways of the future. You are all in a new world and it is forming as we speak.

Experimentation is the word of the day. You must be willing to have fresh eyes and fresh ideas to cope with what is happening now. At this time you may have to try the old coping ways and if that doesn’t work then you may have to invent a new way.

You have such heavy judgments about not being able to cope, not being able to come up with quick solutions to new problems, not being able to consciously process and analyze everything. These judgments are sabotaging your ability to use fresh eyes. The judgment says that you should be able to apply your past understandings to the present situation when you have little idea about what the present situation involves.

Times are so intense because the quantity of challenge is much greater than ever but also the challenges are new and unique. So the old solutions often don’t fit the new.

So don’t panic and despair, do what you can do, honor your feelings, reduce judgment and honor the difficult situation that the entire planet is in.

Know that you are not in this quandary alone. Use a new level of collaboration, compassion, and cooperation to explore new possibilities that may fit the current situation.



Dragonspeak December 2014

In the Northern Hemisphere, you are looking at the coming of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Not only is the darkness of the seasonal cycle in ascendance, but this has also been a very difficult and dark year for the Earth.

There are many deadly conflicts going on. There are economic difficulties. There is just a general fear of all that is going wrong on the Earth. Confidence and the ability to trust are at a low ebb. So it is especially important at this time to find the places where there is light in your life and where your hope and trust live.

It is precisely at this time of winter’s maximum darkness that the solstice occurs which announces the return of the light. This is why Christmas was placed in mid-December in your religious calendar. Christ’s birth was the Light coming into the dark world.

The darkness in this year seems particularly intense. Not only is there a lot of negativity in the world, but that negativity is what seems to be in the center of the world’s media which makes it feel even more intense. It is easy to succumb to fear at all levels of your being.

How do you stay positive in the midst of all of this? Remember, that even in the darkest of the dark, there is always some light. Nothing is ever all dark or all light. So look to the light in your own life. It has been said that all material reality, including bodies, homes, paintings, etc. have cracks in them. But, it has also been said that the cracks make it possible for the light to shine through. Can you focus on where you see the light shining through in yourself, in your relationships, in the world?

Your humanity seems to show itself when there is a crisis. For instance, during a natural disaster there are donations of money and time to help those suffering, and look at the doctors and nurses helping the Ebola patients in Africa. So, there is always some light to be seen. Now is the time when focusing on the light places will help you to shift your fears. Not only will this shift your fears, but it will also restore balance to your perception of your world and your life.

Light a candle in your home this season and imagine that light filling your being and banishing the darkness that you may be carrying.



Dragonspeak November 2014

Let’s speak about gratitude and giving thanks. Yes, you have heard this topic hundreds of times before, and we will continue to speak about it until more of you are practicing gratitude in your lives.

You have a choice between feeling either entitled or lacking, or you can choose to be grateful for all the riches that are already in your lives. Why do you make the choice that brings unhappiness into your lives? Why do you look for what is not working rather than what is working? Why do you measure yourself in terms or what you don’t have rather than what you do have?

Reflect on these ideas: When you don’t feel gratitude for what you do have, you are unhappy. Are you more comfortable being unhappy than happy? What would change in you if you felt satisfied with your life? Do you have to feel like a victim in order to have an identity or to justify how you treat others? What are you grateful for in this moment?

What if this Thanksgiving meant something about gratitude for you instead of putting up with a yearly ritual that you tolerate or take for granted or meaninglessly celebrate?



October Dragon Speak 2014

Why does life on your planet seem so very difficult right now? You are being asked to make major changes in your physical, emotional, and mental arenas. Change for humans is usually not very easy. Why is that?

Material bodies are subject to a force called inertia. A body at rest stays at rest, or a body that is involved in the status quo stays in the status quo. Movement only takes place as a result of some outer or inner force being applied. This force is often seen as pain or discomfort with what is. This force for change can come as a physical force, like being in a car accident or living through an earthquake where you are literally moved or hurt. It can be the result of an emotional force, like losing a job or relationship. It can be a mental force where your ideas and beliefs are challenged. Whatever the form, it brings about such discomfort in your life that change is your best option.

With the paradigm shift brought about by 2012, there is a constant barrage of forces upon everyone at every level so that inertia doesn’t seem to exist. You are being propelled into action on every level because the status quo is getting so uncomfortable. Unfortunately, you are coming out of a state of inertia into tumult as your life opens up into varied possibilities and nothing is settled.

You are no longer being given the choice to stay in the status quo. It is as if you have been thrown into a rapidly flowing river. Going into the river is a given. You have the choice to swim, take a boat, or do nothing and be victimized by the water. What is your choice?

This is true in your personal life, your national life and in your planetary life. Choices must be made, because not changing is no longer an option. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that the status quo is no longer available to you. You are in the birthing process, and you cannot hold back the labor pains. You cannot decide that you don’t want the baby.

Being in the chaos of giving birth has a purpose even if it feels too painful. You are not sure what to do next, and you don’t know what will be born of your efforts. The first stage of getting through this process is the acceptance of the process. You cannot hide from it or wish it gone. When it is time to give birth, it is time to give birth. So, get yourself a midwife, whatever that looks like for you: meditation, friends, physical exercise, whatever helps you to stay “in your boat” and not get lost in the waves.

Hang on. It is going to be a bumpy ride for a while, but you are all in the same boat. So, be compassionate with yourself and with others. You are not the only one going through this, everyone is.



Dragon Speak Sept. 2014

Here we are 17 months past Dec. 2012, and where is the heaven on earth you were expecting? Life on your planet does not seem to be more harmonious, peaceful, compassionate or loving, as perhaps many of you were expecting. You were hoping that all the hard work that was done by many to achieve a higher state of consciousness was going to make a noticeable difference in how humans act and treat each other. Instead, there continue to be war, terrorism, mistrust, and polarization.

What happened? Do you give up in frustration and a sense of hopelessness? Was this promise of a more just world just a ‘New Age bag of nonsense?’

NO, NO, NO!!

Why does the world seem so much worse now? There have always been war, terrorism and polarization among humans. One reason it seems worse now is that, with your increased awareness, you are seeing in very clear and concise ways just how awful your institutions and cultural mores are, and how much suffering they have caused. Your nations and institutions have cultivated the idea that one group is better than another. And, when you think a religious, or racial or gender group is not as “human” as you are, then treating them badly doesn’t hurt because, after all, they are not as human as you. They don’t really have the same feelings as you. They don’t suffer or want the same things that you do. But now, humans are waking up and beginning to experience oneness. You vividly see that you all share the same feelings and desires, the same things hurt all of you, and you all want the same things for yourselves and your loved ones. So, when a political system causes disparity, it is actually doing violence, not only to the people being disparaged, but also to all who live under that system. So, one reason that Earth seems in worse shape than before 2012, is that you are more aware of what causes pain and a sense of injustice.

The second reason you think that the world is in worse shape is that you are truly in the midst of the destruction of systems that no longer work and that cause pain and separation among peoples. You were hoping that new institutions and structures would rise up immediately to image a new world and a new way of thinking. But real change is a process. Your institutions have taken thousands of years to develop and, though it will not take thousands of years to change them, it will take more than a few years. Your entire way of thinking must change out of the ego driven “what is in it for me” to “what is in it for all of us.” It is when this change in thinking takes a deep hold that institutions will noticeably change.

Because fundamental change is a process, the first step of the process is awareness of what needs to be shifted. Before the process can begin to move, a “tipping point” must be reached. The “tipping point’ is when enough people share the same awareness that their behaviors begin to reflect this new awareness. When enough people move in the same direction, the entire system changes. But you don’t know when that point is achieved. Because you don’t know when this tipping point will be reached, you are frustrated and think it is not going to happen.

But, change is taking place now. You can see change on a grassroots level where groups in cities and towns are coming together to share skills and time with each other. This is the spearhead of the tipping point.

Hang in there. Become a part of these small changes. This is the way the larger, cultural changes take place. Change is proceeding according to plan. Small changes snowball into large changes that will benefit all of humankind.



Dragon Speak July 2014

In this month, you have long vacations, the 4th of July and Bastille Day. The theme is freedom, liberation, fun and relaxation. If there is any time for letting go and relaxing. it is right now on planet Earth. Life has been, for many, difficult and stressful. You are in the midst of radical change, trying to cope with personal and national crises.

While it is important to be logical, clearheaded and serious in looking for solutions, it is equally important to give yourselves a break and have some fun. It is from the lighter places that clear solutions often arise. Have a good belly laugh. It is with laughter than difficult situations can be seen from another vantage point, and solutions may then become obvious. Read the comics, go see a comedy at the movies, read an exciting novel, go to the zoo and look at the animals playing, go to the beach and watch the waves.

Play has become so rare for people who are so busy and always connected to the bad news in the world. You have forgotten life is not just about work. There is great beauty and joy in the world. Take part in experiencing that beauty and joy.

Also, sleep deprivation is epidemic. This does affect your health and ability to function. When you don’t get enough of the “deep sleep”, your dreams are impacted. Dreams not only give you another way of looking at yourself but are also restorative. People deprived of deep sleep and dreams for a short period of time will develop hallucinations and sometimes psychotic behavior.

What can you do for yourselves to bring more happiness and joy into your life and consequently a better level of functioning? That is your assignment for the rest of the summer. Have some fun!!!!

You have our encouragement to go out and act silly!!



Dragon Speak June 2014

As many of you have already observed, this is a time of intense challenges. In fact some of those challenges seem so difficult and perhaps even impossible to solve that it is easy to fall back on old addictions. Addictions are not only to substances but also can include sex, shopping, foods, sports, exercise routines, passivity, even religious or spiritual activities. An addiction can involve anything that becomes so absorbing and distracting that other life realities are blocked out and you can avoid your pain. Even activities that can be healthy like exercising can become addictive when they block out the pain and anxiety from the challenges that you need to face for growth.

When you are frightened or cannot cope with interpersonal issues or the changes around you, you may tend to want to escape or withdraw so as not to notice or experience physical, psychic and emotional pain. But falling back on “old ways of coping”/addictions is NOT the answer for today’s challenges.

Many times these “old ways of coping” cause more difficulties. So that not only do you still have to face the original challenge but you now have the difficulties that the addictions bring with them.

Today’s challenges not only seem more difficult, they actually are. Humanity is being asked to bring out into the light all those ways you have chosen to use to avoid looking at your True Self. Humanity is being asked to identify and then allow the Light to heal all your ways of avoiding looking at the truth of who you are. How many times and through how many lifetimes have you told yourself that you are not good enough to even entertain the thought that God lives inside you? Who has told you that you were born in sin, that you are not intelligent enough, you don’t have enough money or power, you are not strong enough, you are not spiritual enough, and on and on?

NOW is the time to examine every belief that has held you back from acknowledging your true worth. And, boy, is that hard to do. When you have lived this life and many other lives under a rock where little sun reaches you, coming out into the bright sunlight is blinding and unsettling. Living under a rock limits your ability to see clearly because there is not enough light. Living in full sun allows you to see clearly and that reality is very different from what you have been told is true.

Though this work is amazingly challenging, it is worth every effort, every difficult and fearful emotion that you need to look at and live though. You will come out from under the rock and your life will never be the same again.

Instead of relying on your addictions to ease your pain and discomfort, you may try journaling, talking to friends, any way that will assist you in knowing that feeling this pain and discomfort will not kill you. It is the birth process of your New Self. The birth pains are finite. You know they will end if once experienced. But if you refuse to experience the pain and hold on to the distracting addictions, the pain you are choosing is permanent. The ONLY way out of the pain is to experience it and then you can move on.



Dragon Speak May 2014

Why do people make so much of astrology? Recently, there has been talk of powerful and disruptive sun spots, eclipses and the formation of a major Grand Cross.

Astrology brings into play the old esoteric teachings of "As above, so below" and of the "microcosm reflecting the macrocosm." These teachings tell us again that all creation is of the same basic matter/energy. What impacts one aspect, somehow impacts all aspects of the same essence. Even if this is not clearly visible, it is nonetheless true.

So, when one energy is activated in an intense way, all energy feels the results. When one piece of matter reacts, all matter can feel this. Separation is an illusion, no matter how effective the disguises are!

So, there are, currently, intense effects of major astrological "events" on the planet. In addition, the "Shift of the Ages"- that Earth is experiencing- is also producing its own intensity. This Shift time tends to be chaotic and disruptive and can inspire fear and anxiety. When such a major change is afoot, the old ways must give way to allow progress into something new for the future. Nothing relinquishes the old, familiar ways easily. Fears of what will be and fears of the unknown can, then, be overwhelming.

There have been particularly graphic experiences on the planet recently that have been and are very, very difficult. Not only have weather pattern and earthquakes and landslides become more common, there have been a series of group accidents, disappearances and deaths that seem impossible to believe.

The planet is experiencing elevated levels of this anxiety and grief right now. You also are experiencing increased terrorism and aggressive behavior from various countries, as well as some threats of nuclear weapons and even genocide.

All this creates reactions that can be violent and bring about despair. Yet, if you look closely, you can see some reaction that seem unusual and unexpected in the face of all of the seeming chaos.

People who have lost limbs in bombings have chosen to live and to function again. Mothers whose children have been killed in senseless violence are choosing to forgive and honor their children. People, devastated by natural disasters, are helping their neighbors to stand up and clean up and find some hope again. There are many real examples of this being seen on television and the internet daily. These are people who are not blocking off their very real feelings, but people who have chosen to feel the truth of what has happened and yet to bring in hope and action in a positive way for all.

This is the underside, or the other side, of all that the planet is dealing with right now. What is pointed out is that there is a choice of reaction. And, many people are making the choice to not allow what could destroy them to do so. How to be authentic and real and feel what is the true emotions within, yet also be able to react with hope and compassion and courage?????

The people who are modeling new ways of reacting are not unusual and strange beings. They are in the depths of the experiences and sufferings. They hold up an image of what all can be and can do in the creation of a newer and "higher" world. It's easy to just react the same old way as in the past, with more violence and retaliation and defensiveness and isolation. This doesn't take any courage and the leaping beyond past scripts. But, a new way is showing itself in and through very real people who are also feeling the same fears and anxieties in the face of intense change.

This is the challenge. Do we want the "lowest common denominator" of reactivity, or do we want to write a new script for what man is capable of being?



Dragon-Speak April 2014

Last time we spoke of the Olympics, an "event" that engages most of the planet in its rituals and competitions. There is yet another "event" that involves much of the world currently: the "missing" Flight of Malaysian Airlines.

It points out again, in an almost archetypal fashion, many lessons that deserve reflection. It shows, quite vividly, that what happens to one nation impacts deeply other nations on the planet. Maybe it worked to be "isolationists" in former times, but no longer can this illusion be maintained.

In this case of a missing aircraft, the airline of one nation cannot possibly have all the technical equipment or expertise necessary to conduct search operations. Nor can one country have easy access to regions across the planet. It becomes necessary to seek the aid and counsel of others to proceed successfully. What stands in the way of success is an outmoded attempt to hide information and available assets or to follow a political agenda. These block the effectiveness of trying to work together for a common goal.

This type of situation also reveals rather quickly an attitude that is controlling of people's questions and emotions or one that is compassionate and assisting. How do we treat those who are in trauma and suffering? Are we more concerned with future visions of the loss of money and corporate power or with the human struggles that are playing out in the face of a tragedy? Can't both concerns be addressed?

The media has a difficult role here as well. They exist to provide information and immediate access to news and to ask unpopular questions that serve the public's interest. But, where is the line when this coverage incites panic and its own suffering through a constant barrage of speculation? Where is the middle ground?

Such an event as a missing plane evokes everyone's emotions, despite national differences. Everyone knows what it might feel like to have a loved relative or friend missing and possibly killed. It draws the common humanity out of all involved to any degree and is a source of experienced oneness.

This "event" tells a direct message about communication. If communication is missing, in any situation, people are lost, and the door is opened to even more leaps of imagination and stress.

In these days of internet access and cell-phone use, as well as satellite communications and sonar assistance, the planet can feel that nothing will go undetected, hence the concerns about privacy! Yet, despite all the technological advances, it is still possible to NOT know or to have areas beyond understanding, on many levels. Human development has not made the need for trust or prayer or surrender obsolete. Humans are still not able to control life playing out or Divine Will manifesting in mysterious ways. What do you do when that happens? Do you realize that what is playing out may be beyond your understanding or "need to know" in the moment, or do you plunge immediately into hopelessness and despair? Is there a middle ground here too?

Life is filled daily with messages about a greater unfolding that is afoot. Can what is lightly hidden be seen? Can we learn from all that is unfolding to create a more understanding and cooperative world, a world of respect, not suspicion and greed, and a world where we seen our oneness, as well as differences?

It's not too late.



Dragon-Speak March 2014

Olympic Games have just ended. They were broadcast across the planet and involve the representatives of many nations. These ancient games are an archetypal event that make many statements about the human experience. You can see yourself, maybe not so much as an outstanding athlete The, but in the way the human experience plays out and in the normal human reactions that are present for all who watch to see.

We have a major number of the nations of the planet participating in a kind of global village event where there competition takes place and rewards are at stake. This is a mini-picture of what is true in general across the world.

We have seen political issues being inserted into the games. We see enormous amounts of money being spent to host these games, as well as enormous amounts of money and fame available to those who become "victors." We've seen threats of terrorism and acts of protest unfold. And, we have seen human emotions revealed for the world to see.

We know the "darker" side of all this too well, but let's look at some of the alternate messages that are delivered by these games.

First of all, the philosophy that underlies these games also involves uniting the planet. It is the bringing together of representatives of various parts to experience what lies in common. It paints a picture of being able to hold differences, and pride in those differences, while experiencing the common human emotions and excitement that is a shared reality. Over and above the competition, there is joy in marching together, participating in shared rituals, laughing and eating together, and even in congratulating and being glad of the success of others. Yes, we often see those who appear greedy and self-interested, and mean-spirited. But, the overwhelming sense is of being a unit involved in some adventure. Although there is certainly a regret at a loss of a medal, we have seen those who have lost slapping the back or hugging those who have won. We have seen athletes helping one another. We have seen others who have observed issues that need assistance moving beyond their narrow scope to help where they can.

In this age, people of one nationality live and train in other countries. And, those adopted countries cheer them all on in their various sports. We see trainers, as well, coming from one place and crossing national boundaries to work with others. The old ways of strict separation, and the friction that resulted. are no longer absolute. A Russian skater works, lives and trains in Detroit or California. An American ski medalist lives in the south of France... A Russian family accompanies their American son to the games in Russia and can see relatives and friends there. Differences can coexist with unity. Differences don't need to be destroyed as was once thought.

These 2014 Games were played in a country once so isolated and blocked off from participation in the global village that stereotypes were born. Now, Russia was seen for all its rich culture and history, seen for the passion of the people and seen for its commitment and desire to be seen more accurately. This bespeaks the time when separation and distrust can begin to vanish as people experience one another for their humanity and shared values. What was once feared can be shifted into a new experience and relationship.

In addition to all this, there are mighty lessons being portrayed about human life. We see, time after time, that anything can happen at any time, despite years of training and effort. We see how human life isn't ordered smoothly. We see that expectations can end in a matter of seconds. And, most importantly, we see human emotions and reactions vividly portrayed before our eyes. These are the very same emotions and reactions every human has, but seeing it in the other as we watch carefully, enables us to take in some information that could have remained invisible in the self.

We see over and over how humans react to the rewards of life and how humans react to loss, anxiety and fear. We have seen repeated several times the loss of dreams that occur because of 1- 100th of a second! We watch reactions to this loss. There is upset and disappointment, of course, but there is also portrayed by so many the desire to keep trying, to go back to train more, to not bury dreams. There is also a sense of risking, not in a fool-hardy way, but in giving all one has to manifest the dream.

Consider all this now and other "message" areas you may think of. These Games, especially this year as the second year of the Great Shift and as holding the completion number of 22, give their archetypal nature even more power to help us see things about the Planet and the Self moving toward Ascension.

As with all images of the human experience here, it is a "mixed bag" that shows all ends of the spectrum. But, the positive stands out in sharp outline. Despite losses and changes and disappointments, very beautiful things can flow and manifest from these very "defeats" or difficult times. Can we see that these challenges and heavier feelings are just an aspect of what we call "human experience"? Whether we are talking about the Games or personal human lives, the heavier, difficult places don't make up the entire script. Often, they provide the deep, rich soil from which blossoms emerge in the right timing.

This time of unfolding and manifesting on Planet Earth requires remembering all this, because these are times that can feed despair and hopelessness. There is more to the story, even your own story.

Look for what lies beyond the apparent!



Dragonspeak for Feb. 2014

This is the month of Valentine’s Day, the month of love, compassion, sharing. These are some of the emotions that you are told to cultivate in your own life. The “good emotions” that your world so desperately needs in this time of upheaval and uncertainty. How do you begin to allow love, sharing, and compassion into your life? The paradox is that you begin to look at and allow the “bad emotions” into your consciousness.

When you run away from grief, anger, fear, despair, selfishness you are less likely to feel love, compassion and sharing. The reason for this is that you are cutting yourself off from the whole human experience. Life in a material body experiences anger, fear, despair and selfishness as a natural and necessary part of growth on this planet. How can you experience the joy of sharing when you have never experienced its opposite? When you share with another human or animal or anything else in your environment, you tend to feel open, happy and a part of something greater than yourself. When you experience selfishness, you tend to feel closed off from the rest of life, tight, worried that there isn’t enough.

Life on this planet and in your material body is about learning lessons, and one of the most important lessons is to begin to accept and work with all that comes into your life. When you cut yourself off from half of what it means to be human then you will not be able to become fully human. When you refuse to be conscious of and accept the “full human catastrophe” then you remain captured by the “bad emotions.” When you label these emotions as bad then you tend to bury them, see them as shameful and judge yourself for feeling these emotions. This shame and judgment can lead to addictions of work, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, just so you don’t have to look at them. Locking away these difficult emotions can also lead to lack of self-esteem as you judge yourself as lacking because you do have these emotions.

Not only are these “negative” emotions experienced by everyone, but they also give you information about yourself and your choices. Grief means that you have lost something that you value. Material life is about endings and beginnings. When you have given yourself time to grieve the loss of something important then you have the ability to look at a new experience you would like to add to your life. When you are fearful of something, (losing someone’s respect) perhaps it is time to explore that fear and see how it limits you and what you can do to replace the fear with understanding. When you are filled with despair, look to see what is not working in your life, what choices have you made that are not fulfilling your soul’s desires, and begin to change those choices and reach out to others for support and love. When you are feeling selfish, ask yourself what are you fearful of sharing with yourself or others. Do you think that hoarding objects or your love will fill a void in your heart?

So, we Dragons are asking that you pay attention to all your feelings. The more difficult emotions can be seen as friends. The more open you are to exploring what those emotions are telling you, the less suffering you will experience and you will be able to make more fulfilling choices in your life. It is when you refuse to look at and accept these difficult emotions that the suffering really settles into your life. Again, the paradox is that by experiencing the pain of these difficult emotions you are able to let them teach you the lessons that you need to learn.

Please, remember that you are not the only one feeling these difficult emotions, they are part of being human, these emotions are not shameful. You are not BAD because you feel these emotions you are human. The difficult emotions can be your friend when you allow them to be signposts in your life that slow you down to really feel, really think about your life and then make choices that satisfy your heart’s desire.



Dragon-Speak January 2014

2014: the second year post-paradigm shift.

The mission now, as it was last year, is to manifest in form all the visions for a new and just world that have been waiting for so long. We have spoken of this before, and we all know that this is not an instant process since the first step is to loosen the tight grip on a former way of being.

You can certainly see, from the news travelling across the world, that the old ways and factions are fighting for survival. These habits and practices of greed and power are not giving up without a huge battle.

Sometimes, you may think that change is impossible because it moves so slowly and requires a commitment from many to even begin. But, we want to remind you that change is indeed in the picture already. You often hear more in the media about the deadly conflicts than about any positive signs of growth. But, behind the scenes, there are many who are working quietly, day by day, to bring new attitudes to life.

Did you see the "quiet" headlines about feeding the poor in huge numbers, about those who left unusual tips for waitresses during the holidays, about literally hundreds of people donating to save animals who have been hurt, about people coming forward to be tested as donors when bone marrow is needed to save a child's life? These are the stories that do show a movement toward compassion and justice.

People are hungry for love and caring, and they react strongly when they see acts that reflect this, appearing in the world. Basic values are not really dead, even if they have been silenced for long periods. When something happens that evokes the heart, people react because they recognize it and move toward it.

In the past months, there have been celebrations of the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy's death and the funeral for Nelson Mandela. In both of these, you've seen an honoring of the visions these people have put forward. They had the courage to speak and to try to manifest something new. They were not saints or people who never had any issues, but they nevertheless strove to keep moving in the direction of their dreams to create something that seemed impossible. Now, the world reflects some of what they wanted to put into motion. They did not create a perfect country or world, yet their efforts and sacrifices enabled the new to be born in certain areas.

You too can move, without being perfect or being free of flaws, to work toward speaking your dreams of a better society. One person at a time, in a small way, can bring the paradigm alive so that others can build on it. A ground-swell can begin a movement that eventually will be seen on the surface and make a difference.

It's easy to say "wait until I'm more perfect, more educated, more verbal," "wait for the right time," "wait for somebody else who has more power or a bigger audience." But, the time is now. You are now. Can you simply speak your truth and contribute your piece to the big puzzle and let it do its magic? You do have help from many realms and from the spark that may lie hidden in others, just beneath the surface, waiting to burst into flames.

This could be a new light dawning in 2014!



Dragon-Speak December 2013

Let's talk briefly about the Christmas holiday. You might wonder why, after so many centuries, the celebration of Christmas continues on. And, you might wonder about the themes of Christmas being a replication of similar themes in old religions, themes like the virgin birth, the winter solstice timing, the God made man emphasis, the visitation by groups of people-both shepherds and Magi.

Yes, these were old motifs that different groups chose to stress, to teach certain things to their followers. When writing about the teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, the writers borrowed these themes to follow in the footsteps of other cultures that spoke about the wondrous birth of their particular visionary or God-figure. Yes, the real Jesus of Nazareth was the center of this story, but those who wrote about him many years after he left this plane, used ancient ideas to help communicate His special place in human history and hearts.

Since so many cultures spoke in this manner, these themes continued through the centuries. But, what really underlies this story and its ancient roots?

We'd like to propose that the Christmas story is also an archetypal tale. Yes, it had references to particular sacred Beings, but it had a more direct applicability to each and every being on the planet. As with so many other pieces of life, this tale holds sacred, cosmic clues to the mystery of who you are.

Each and every one of you is God made man! The incarnation didn't happen just once. The incarnation happens daily.

What might the "virgin birth" be saying? Perhaps it describes the innocent basis from which a fresh new conscious being comes into this world, from which you came into the world. The story describes humble beginnings, coming in with nothing and beginning to build from there.

The story involves a journey, from Nazareth to Bethlehem, as well as the journey of the Kings who have been searching for a long time. But, it speaks of your journey as well. Did you not come from Spirit- through other life experiences- to be born anew in order to continue the quest? Life isn't about status -quo living. It is about birth and movement on the path to realization and full consciousness. It's about not being seen or regarded much by the life that moves around us, until we actively "make a mark" as a part of a society, culture and world.

Many others come to the birth, in the story, representing the lowly and the exalted; humble shepherds and wise, educated men. You have the ability to follow the journey no matter what your station in life or educational level or wealth. It is a gift to all.

Christmas and the winter solstice give you a mirror to hold up to yourselves. You are each reflected there. No matter who you are, or where you appear in time, you are each God-beings on an embodied journey Homeward. You live in this world, which involves both joy and suffering, using what comes to you, to move forward on your true path back to knowing your real identity.

In the story there is a star that acts as a guide. You have an inner "Star," a guiding principle, an I AM Presence, that helps you to correct your course when you seem lost.

Take some time in this coming season to think about the Christmas story as your story too. How can you claim it this year in a way you have never done before? How can it make a difference in your life NOW?

This is a vital step as you begin the next phase of manifesting deep change in the world of 2014.

Blessings in this holiday season, no matter the form in which you celebrate the Coming of the Light. All the forms reflect your destiny as a Being of Light!



Dragon-Speak November

The beginning of November has traditionally honored those who have died and moved on into another reality. The day you know as Halloween was "All Hallows Eve"...a time that was the eve of the days meant to honor the "Saints," (All Saints Day) who had achieved a level of consciousness and initiation, and the developing Souls (All Souls Day) that had left the physical body but were still on an evolving path into their own "sainthood."

You are those who are on the journey actively in your own evolving stages, and there is a unity among you all!

All Hallows Eve was meant to be a special time when the apparent divisions among levels of beings were more transparent. This was to be a time of remembering that you have not lost anyone really and that Reality is much more than you know.

In other words, yes, there is life after death! Your lifetime here is only a brief blink on the timeline that is your life. In addition, this time was to tell you that you are part of a much greater plan that is unfolding.

Through many years, these knowings have been "watered down" to the point that you no longer even believe in life after death or in the greater Plan. You have relegated the whispers of memory into a fairy tale system of dressing up and getting treats. Although this can be a fun time, it now obliterates the true roots of these days.

Dia de los Muertos and some other old practices try to restore the true source of these days. Visiting the cemeteries and bringing food there is an effort to express a belief that the "departed" souls are still existing. Perhaps you have no traditions like this, but you can, in an effort to bring back the truth of this time, look at old pictures or write down the names of your family and friends who have died. In this way there is a current honoring and connection with these souls. You might also think about your own deathing and the aftermath, not to be morbid as the usual accusation goes, but to remind yourself that YOU DO NOT END.

We are here to tell you that you continue and continue and grow and grow. Ask for help to really understand this inside yourself where it truly counts. This time of year can open remembrance, even if you simply light a candle for all those unseen ones that you love and for your own journey.

Blessings to you all!



Dragon-Speak October 2013

Many recent incidents on Planet Earth speak loudly about oneness. Some materials from Japan, as well as increased radioactive readings, are showing up on west coast beaches in America. Syrian civil wars affect many nations beyond Syrian borders. What happens in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan reverberates throughout the Middle East and the world. Egyptian unrest triggers fears across the planet related to the Suez Canal usage. What happens economically in America shakes up markets across the planet. Music and video trends in the west can be seen even in communities in the Sahara desert or Siberia.

These are just a few political, economic, social and cultural events that give a clear message of interdependence. You are floating in space as one planet, where the fate of one is the fate of all.

Despite all this, your behavior shows an attempt to continue the old belief of separation where competition seems to make sense. But, you are actually way beyond this point, and life continues to present the truth to you every day.

When will you really see that starvation in one pocket of civilization on the globe touches you all? When will you see that prejudice and inequality move like waves across the planet and have some effect on all mankind? When will you see that the persecution of one is the persecution of all because of being united as "mankind."

When you finally do see, many issues that plague the planet will be ready to be changed and healed. As this happens, you will truly move ahead and make the leap into an ascended presence in the cosmos.

You are moving in that direction because you do realize part of this truth already. It just needs to include all aspects of your oneness. This does not mean that nations and individuality and uniqueness will cease to exist. It means that you can have an experience of difference and wholeness working together.

This is the basis of the new world about to be born...



Dragon-Speak September 2013

We have all been on a brief hiatus of re-grouping and integration. We are glad to be back with you so that we can talk together about the journey and your experiences of it.

After December 2012, many people were astonished that there was not a major, radical change that would instantly bring about "heaven on earth." Instead, there were even more shifts, controversies, insecurities to deal with in the world. Things appear even more complicated than they did. What's going on?

We remind you that the great jump into the new world has happened. There is no going back to a "safer and saner" time. What is still in process in the everyday, physical and third dimensional world is the transition into practical reality of a new way of seeing and experiencing life.

Some people don't give up a "familiar ship" unless it is leaking and sinking. They hang on and try to keep the old going, no matter how much pain and energy is involved. But, it is like trying to reanimate a corpse!

The task of re-building according to another template requires thought and practice. It doesn't just happen. The new asks for heroes and heroines who birth the new in their own lives by effort and passion and frustration and anxiety. It demands that those who care enough stand up and birth desires, and that is the hard part.

It can be a struggle when the old doesn't want to give up. The times require persistence and hope. The times require moving ahead when it seems hopeless. The times require visions of the new that can be tried, whether they are visions of enemy peoples beginning to work together on a mutual task, or parents being willing to give up their own "ways" to create an environment that is safe and instructive for the children. It involves awareness and struggling to determine meaning in your life and risking speaking out for that meaning. It's in some ways a new pioneer age in just as real a way as it was for those who moved westward wanting to build new nations based on a more open philosophy than the old world would allow.

A recent poster being viewed by many people says: "Trust me. I know what I am doing. GOD." When chaos seems to reign, it may bring up doubts that there is any plan or order in the universe. This is precisely the time that requires seeing beyond the obvious and holding on to trust that things are unfolding as they are meant to do.

See if you can slow down, have some quiet personal time and listen inwardly. The world is running at break-neck speed. If you are caught up in the frenzy, you can't manage to maintain clarity and calmness. You actually can center yourself, even for a few minutes. This will help you establish your inner point of peace which will hold you in a steady place from which to deal with chaos.

You have almost made it through the first year of the "shifted times." Things are not easy for anyone. But, you are here and alive and functioning. That's the first step to success!



Dragonspeak June - July - August 2013

There will be no new Dragon Speak articles during the summer of 2013.
Look for our return in the Fall of 2013.



Dragonspeak May 2013

Being in the Middle

Greetings from the Merry Month of May and the city of Camelot. Don’t you wish that you lived in the never changing city of Camelot? “Oh no there’s simply not a more convenient spot for happy every aftering than here in Camelot.”

Unfortunately, Camelot is yet to appear on your planet. Instead, you are confronted with a world where change is constant and confusion is abundant. You are presently sitting in the in-between world of what was and what is to come. Perhaps you have noticed that time is becoming more fluid and what you could count on in the past is now shifting before your very eyes. You are working toward the “happy ever aftering” but it has not yet arrived.

You are in the labor pains of birth, but your child hasn’t appeared. You cannot go backward and decide not to do this. The commitment has been made and you are in process. You are suspended between what your life was in the past and what it will be in the future. Meanwhile, you must take care of everyday business in the present, not knowing if the way you do things now will be the way you will be doing things in the future.

This in between time demands both trust and flexibility. You need to trust that the changes happening are happening for the good. And, you need the flexibility of “beginners mind” to help you think outside your own box and look at new and different options.

Simplicity may also be something for you to bring into your life. Because there are so many unknowns and so much confusion, your clarity can be enhanced by simplicity. Simplicity also helps on clarifying your priorities. What to spend your time and energy on, may be changing, so you may need to re- determine what is most important for you.

Because being in the middle is difficult, look to your support system and share what is going on in your life because your friends are probably going through much the same. Knowing that you are not alone can give you the energy to hang on.

Perhaps, the most important quality to sustain yourself is persistence. Transitional times are difficult because there is no solidity and security. These are time when you need to move with the flow and wait for solid patches to appear.

It is important that you do what feels right for you in the moment. Do not let others’ needs or demands push you into doing something that doesn’t meet your needs. What you can depend on is reading your own needs and feelings.



Dragonspeak April 2013

Here you are, after Dec. 21, 2012. and you have made it through the first quarter of the year. It is after Easter and after the Equinox. Both Easter and Spring are about new life and new beginnings, so what does that mean in your world?

In response to this question two cards emerged from the Tarot deck: the 5 of wands and the Knight of Cups. Lets talk about both of them.

The 5 of wands in the Rider-Waite deck presents us with 5 figures holding 5 wands in a confusing configuration where all the wands are touching each other. So you are being told in this card that everything is connected, even when there seems to be no order. This card shows that you have all the pieces but don’t know where the pieces fit, like a puzzle. All of the wands are sprouting which is fitting for Spring, but how do you make sense of the bigger picture and how do you arrange the pieces of your life so it moves forward? This is a time when you need to “play” with possibilities and new alignments to see what will work for you. Everything is fluid and all is in flux, it is a time that requires great patience.

Being in a state of flux is not comfortable because your life is changing and moving and there are so many choices to choose from. How do you know what choices to make?

Perhaps, the Knight of Cups can help you. Knights represent energy and focused action. The Knight of Cups is following his dreams, visions and ideals. What do you dream about doing? What visions of your life do you hold? What are your ideals? Answering these questions will help you make the choices that need to be made. You don’t need to have all the answers to your questions, but put the Big Picture in place (dreams, visions and ideals) and all the details will follow.

This focus on your Big Picture brings about a flow of energy that will assist you. In the 5 of wands, the focus is on all the individual pieces and not the Big Picture. The Knight of Cups knows what his dreams are, knows what his vision and ideals are and, by keeping his focus there, the pieces fall into place.

So, begin by clarifying what your bigger vision is. What do you want in your life and in the world you live in? No matter how impossible it seems now, keep your intention on your dreams, and the rest will follow.



March, 2013 Dragonspeak

March is one of the months when the Earth celebrates an Equinox, the balance of night and day. This balance between night and day only lasts a few days per year and the rest of the year is out of balance. This reflects your life on Earth. If you are to remain in balance, you must remember that it is a fluid, ever-changing process. For example, a high wire artist, is always in motion, always changing his position, needing a balance pole for support.

When we speak about your life here on Earth, the principle of balance also applies. Let’s imagine the spiritual spectrum as the high wire. At one end is immersion in the material world and at the other end is complete immersion in the non-material realm, full union with God. In between is the path that you walk and must live. To walk the Dragon path, is to be in balance between these two ends of the spectrum. What does this mean to you?

To live at the material immersion end of the spectrum means to live totally in your ego/personality and to forget any higher vision or that you are part of the Divine. It is to be overwhelmed by the sadness, anger, betrayal and physical challenges that happen in life. When difficult things happen in your life you can feel consumed and buried by these experiences without any light being visible. You can feel victimized, separate, lost and not see any value/purpose coming from these experiences.

To live at the non-material end of the spectrum you may constantly try to “rise above” what life is bringing to you. You do not fully experience your feelings when you are hurt or angry. You are living in denial of the challenges of life. You may feel good because you take refuge in spiritual concepts, but you are denying the full reality of material life.

The goal is to move into the position of balance that involves living fully in both realities in a centered position. As Zorba the Greek said “full catastrophe living.” We all know that the center position is the hardest to maintain because you are constantly in motion, like the high wire person, and need to be conscious of what is happening in your life. You can’t be on automatic pilot because you are not able to respond to all the new things coming into your life.

The Dragons are here to remind you that it is our responsibility and task to maintain the balance position. It is the middle way of the Buddha. True spirituality means that you must be fully human to be fully spirit. This means that you need to live and fully emotionally and physically experience the difficulties and pleasures of life without forgetting each has a lesson to teach you, because each lesson is teaching you that you are more than just your personality, you are of God.

You have few role models to show you the middle way. In the past, and certainly right now, your models have shown you the extremes. You can be “spiritual” by living in a monastery or in a cave or you can be living totally defined by the outer material world of power, money, success and fame. To hold the center position is the hardest case, but that is what you are being called to do.

If you don’t ascend with your body then you don’t ascend! Ascension involves all creation. No one or nothing is left behind!



February, 2013 Dragonspeak

This year we are going to be doing a variety of things in the dragonspeak articles. This month we decided to ask the I Ching a question and then give our commentary on the hexagram.

We asked the following question of the I Ching, “What is the importance of opening your heart at this time?” The hexagram that came up is #36. This hexagram is called “The darkening of the light.” So the importance of opening you heart is to bring the light back into your life which enables you to realize that you are both matter and spirit and you need both the material and spiritual to inform your life and decisions.

In the edition of the I Ching translated by Sam Reifler, you will find the following quote. “You are in the intolerable position of being under the authority of forces that are contrary to your principles and beliefs.” The actual forces talked about here are the forces of the human ego whose basis is self-interest and the belief in separateness. These are the very forces that are arrayed against opening the heart.

The opening of a human heart is especially important at this time because it is the opening of your heart that will begin the manifestation of “heaven on earth”. Because it is through the opening of the human heart that the ego begins to see that it is part of a greater whole and not all alone. When the ego believes itself to be solely in charge, it feels totally alone, not supported by anything or anyone, solely responsible for everything, and inadequate to do the job. This is a very scary, desperate place that creates a narrow fear-based platform from which decisions are made. The decisions that humans make from this ego-place are short-sighted, selfish, and often self-defeating.

So the opening of the human heart allows perspective to come into your life. You are able to experience that you are bigger than your ego and your body, that you really are connected to the whole, that you are no longer all alone, and the decisions that you make effect all of creation. The opening of your heart lets your ego assume its appropriate position as “the servant of your soul.”

We strongly recommend that in your daily meditation, you focus on opening your heart and allowing the light that you are to stream in and out of your heart to the world. Reflect on how you can open your heart even more and observe how this changes your interactions with the world.

Note: When we read the older translations and interpretations of the I Ching, we found them off-putting and reflecting an older view of the truth. Use your heart when you read any oracle and be open to what it says to you personally.



Dragonspeak January 2013


We have been waiting for this birth for such a long time. Master Sanat Kumara gave us the mission to guard you and the planet and the Truth you held within your depths until the moment when it was right and safe to let the Light of Truth break free.

So, as we gathered across this planet, our Little Jewel, on December 21, 2012, we all rejoiced that the day had finally come when the Promises were to be Fulfilled.

We hope you all could feel on some level of yourself the dawning of a new time. What was, is no longer. The new has arrived, even if you have not fully experienced it yet.

Your world still holds acts of aggression, competition, senseless killings and lots of fears that are stirred up by those who tend to benefit from the chaos. You must TRUST that this way is over, even as it still fights to retain control and scare you. We issue the declaration: A NEW WORLD HAS BEEN BORN!

It is no longer possible to push the new aside and bury it. It is no longer effective to try to control the world to retain the status quo... What is birthing is oneness, fairness, justice, brotherhood, unity, love and the true creation of your dreams.

Yes, the bringing of this world into more full visibility is the work to be done. But, it will be done. We will work together to have dreams be seen and felt in a real way for all. That is what we are now about, as we all join forces as consciously as possible.

You are involved, too, with realizing the Dragon that you are, as you explore and feel new energies and new visions and power.

Our love and light is with you and within you for the great unfolding phase which begins now.

As you start this New Year, know that this time is "bigger" than you could ever have dreamed. Many souls have been cheering you on and are very proud of you that you are living in bodies at this time to help the process for all. The Great Dragons, Teachers, Masters and Ascended Masters and Star Beings are all celebrating that their "little ones are returning"!

Thank you for all your efforts!
Blessings be upon you now and forever!



December 2012, Dragon Speak


You are supported by the universe.
When you are unattached to outcome and let go, all things come to you.

Congratulations on helping to birth a new you and a new world.



Dragonspeak November 2012

As we approach the December Solstice of 2012, we want to reassure you that dire predictions that many have made are not to be believed. Yes, changes are here, and yes, some of those changes may be difficult to experience, but the changes are in the name of giving birth to a more “positive human nature and world.”

These changes are about humanity coming into a closer alignment with Spirit. Just as your solar system is coming into alignment with the center of your galaxy, so too, are you coming into closer alignment with your Highest Self.

We have spoken about this shift throughout the year, and we wish to remind you that expectations need to be realistic. We want you to know that, when the sun rises on December 22, the Earth will look the same, and your problems will still be with you. What we are talking about is a process of change that has reached the point of no return. Though your world will look and feel the same on December 22, there is enough impetus forward that you will not return to the old ways. Your world is moving forward, but there will be some back-sliding. The Solstice is about celebrating that mankind has crossed a threshold into a closer relationship with Spirit and with one another.

Having crossed this threshold, your challenge is to bring your new relationship with Spirit into your everyday life and to establish relationships with one another that are based in kindness and compassion. So, this way of functioning demands a new set of behaviors. How do you translate a new relationship with Spirit and with others into everyday action?

Because this change of attitude and action will take time and effort, the first thing we need to say to you is to treat yourself with kindness and compassion as you establish new habits and ways of being. What you work on with yourself will be the way you treat others and eventually will result in a new kind of society.

In fact, the young people of your world are already treating others of differing appearances, lifestyles and attitudes with respect. Also, more and more of your young people are making service to others an integral part of their lives. In addition, people across the globe have decided that it is time for all peoples’ voices to be heard. Change is afoot, even though there are forces arrayed against that change.

So it is important that you celebrate what is already happening, acknowledge the progress that has been made, and continue to put your new ideals into action. Don’t despair when you see things are not moving as quickly as you would like, because they are indeed moving!


Dragon Speak October 2012

Halloween comes about during this month, a time when fantasy creatures are literally found on the streets and in your homes. This reminds us that, for the most part, we are considered fantasy creatures. In fact, many of your fairy tales and myths have involved dragons. You have given us the reputation of being greedy, violent, destructive, selfish and filled with dark powers. While this makes interesting reading, it is completely untrue.

We want to tell you that we are REAL, and that our true nature is the opposite of what your tales have depicted. Dragons embody compassion, co-operation and connectedness. Because of our concern for humanity, we helped to build human societies that valued honesty, integrity, fairness and concern for one another. And, for many centuries, these were the principles that guided your societies.

What happened, not only to these principles, but also to your believing in us as real and loving creatures? The principles of the patriarchy gained power in your societies! As the patriarchy grew stronger, it admired wealth, power and position, and the old principles began to be seen as foolish, old-fashioned and weak. Because the old principles did not produce the wealth and power that were now so important, those who held them were left behind.

Not only were these principles left behind, but they were demonized, as were the dragons. So, instead of being seen as real and embodying compassion, connectedness and co-operation, we dragons needed to be "killed off" to make way for the new paradigm. Not only did we need to be killed off, but also made into fantasy figures The metaphor of “killing the dragon” was really related to killing off a whole way of life and an entire belief system.

We are now asking you to bring back to life “the old ways” which are part of your heritage as truly powerful beings. This is what the Shift is really all about. It is about restoring a way of being and a way of life that feeds individuals, society and the planet. It is about bringing the dragons home once again!



September, 2012 dragon speak

In the Northern Hemisphere, you are welcoming the autumnal equinox which celebrates the balance of night and day. As nature begins to prepare for winter and the harvest is gathered, it is also time for humans to go into a place of reflection. This year in particular calls for clarity. This clarity is needed more than ever because the Earth is ending one phase of being and beginning a new phase.

How humans relate to themselves and to each other is undergoing a radical shift. This is why clarity is so important, because you must decide how you will respond in your personal life and in the life of your community. You are all moving from a time of chaos and confusion that is part of radical change into a time of decision making and action.

Living in chaos and confusion, as you have done for so long, is very difficult. We wish to remind you that the emotions that you are dealing with (anger, frustration, fear) are completely normal and important. Humans are meant to have emotions, and those emotions tell you what is real, what is important to you, and give you the motivation to act. Instead of trying to ignore or minimize your feelings, it is important to feel your emotions, acknowledge them, and rely on your emotions to give you insight and direction.

For example, if you are feeling angry, feel the anger, feel your body changing, feel your heart racing. Then, let your anger talk to you. Find out what is annoying you. What do you want to do about it? After mentally processing your anger, your body needs to discharge that energy. Write an angry letter and burn it, go for a run, pound a pillow or yell into a pillow. Respect your emotions and deal with them in a way that is not hurtful to yourself or others. Too often, you either repress your emotions, and that causes you injury, or you react without any thinking and hurt others. To be fully human, all parts of yourself need to be acknowledged and integrated. This is especially important as you move into this next stage of human history.

No part of yourself should be left behind. You are created to be fully human and fully Divine. Let this equinox remind you of this.



Dragon Speak, August 2012

In the last few months, new intense energies have manifested on your planet and triggered many reactions individually and in the family of nations.

When this level of intensity hits, it is common to shut down systems that become overwhelmed and afraid. It takes some time for the physical level to be able to handle the energy without panic and anxiety.

All this manifests through events in individual lives or in community situations. There may be unexpected tragedies or sudden deaths or illnesses or events such as you are experiencing in Syria. These things that impact you are vehicles for the light to enter when you must give up any sense of control that you may try to activate. You are being moved beyond control and beyond any ability to expect and prepare. You have no idea how to deal with these issues and so are thrown back on the very basic places of trust in deep inner wellsprings. You may be very afraid when the usual ways of coping no longer seem to have any effect. You can't even seek to understand what is unfolding. Things are so far beyond you that nothing old works anymore.

Although this is the realm where fear dominates, it is also the realm where the new can enter without any shaping or forcing. You must just allow what is to be and allow it to integrate until something else emerges from the darkness. This level of not knowing and ultimate submission touches all levels of your world, including the physical, where new conditions and diseases may emerge that aren't able to be categorized and addressed.

This is all happening to prepare the OPENING of the deep Self to the Light that lies beyond all understanding and categories. This is the goal of your search and be, to allow the saturation of the Self with the Self that is the One!

You are in a "brave new world" that you have asked and prepared for from the beginning. Just stay quiet, do whatever you know to do next, and all will be well. All is well, even if you do not see or understand yet. TRUST!



Dragon Speak, July 2012

July 14th is Bastille Day in France. This was the day when the populace of France stormed the Bastille prison in Paris to release many who were jailed unjustly or who spoke truth to power.

This is also a time for you to look at what is imprisoning you. How are you stopping yourselves from being free? How are you covering up your light? What is preventing you from accepting your true identity? Can you storm your own Bastille and let yourselves out of prison?

Many of you are experiencing great difficulties. You are expending great effort, yet nothing much seems to be happening. “You are spinning your wheels.” You are being forced to look at aspects of your life that you have pushed aside for years and not wanted to deal with. You are becoming conscious of patterns of behavior or thought that have not served you for sometime.

All aspects of your personal life are up for review. In fact, all aspects of your entire culture are up for review. And at this time, no one person or government or institution can refuse to look closely at the truth. The Light is being focused on everything, and you can no longer refuse to look at the consequences of the decisions that you have made for yourselves and for the planet.

This can be scary. This can be disheartening. This can cause grief and anger and blame to well up in your heart. But this is the only way that you can change all those beliefs and ways of being that have held you in prison.

To do this difficult work, you have the support of the universe, the Ascended Masters, the angels and the Legions of Light. It is time to stop fooling yourselves and to look at the truth. You are not separate egos, all alone in a world where you must take care of only yourselves. You are beings of light, supported by the universe. You are creators of your own reality. You are children of God.



Dragon Speak, March 2012

As humans develop, they begin to understand that reality is not simply black or white. You grow to understand shades of gray in perceiving the world you live in. You become, through experience, acquainted with the subtleties of life. You expand in vision and understanding.

This is true in terms of your behavior as well. A child usually reacts in a very self-interested way. When someone takes their toy away, they react immediately, usually with tears, screams or retaliation. If someone calls them a name in school, they usually react with another derogatory name. If someone hurts their family or friend, they want to hurt back.

You can see this in "young" individuals or in groups. Notice how many group reactions are of the same quality. Nations too can react from this same basis. "Young" does not necessarily have to do with age, but with maturity and expansiveness of the self.

What is really happening is that humans tend to stay bound up in their personality and ego-reactions until they thoroughly "get" this level of themselves and its shortcomings and are ready to move beyond to a bigger place in themselves. This means that the human is ready to push beyond the confines of personality and engage their Spirit or Higher Selves.

When this happens, you begin to explore and to know that you are more, that your reactions and behaviors don't have to sit in the undeveloped, self-interested ego, but can participate in Divine Mind and Divine Heart and Divine Will that are also part of you.



Dragon Speak, February 2012

In last month’s Dragon Speak, we urged you to begin to de-clutter and to release not only physical objects in your home, but also emotional and mental clutter that blocks your ability to be free and to freely choose your future path. As you release and de-clutter, you will lose those ways of coping and making decisions that no longer work in this new world. We have decided to speak to you about qualities that will help you make the right choices for yourself in the midst of all the chaos that seems to be part of everyone’s life. Over the next year, we will be discussing ways of making choices and living your life that will increase your happiness.

Courage is the first attribute we will discuss. The kind of radical change that is being asked of you is scary. It means that you are examining the criteria that you have used to guide your life, to make decisions, and to form relationships. This means that you will be re-evaluating your entire belief system.

It takes courage when you re-evaluate your belief system. To do that, you must first understand what your belief system is. For example, what is most important to you? Is it money, power, relationships, popularity, status, career, caring for others, peace in the world, a clean environment, justice? Your actions, how you judge yourself and others and how you treat yourself and others are all based on what is most important to you.

Once you have discovered what your priorities are then you can see how your actions have flowed directly from those priorities. If your life is not the way you wanted it to be, then look to your priorities and take responsibility for what you have created. This takes real courage. If you created your current life, then you can re-create what it is you now want by consciously changing those priorities.

Look around at your world, because what you see is the result of humanity’s choices. Humanity must make radical changes if it is to survive and thrive. Your current belief system has led to separation instead of co-operation. Do you want to change?

It takes tremendous courage for you humans to look at what you have wrought. And it takes tremendous courage for you to make the changes that are necessary.



January 2012 Dragon Speak

Happy New Year to all!!

This is generally the time that you make your resolutions for the new year.

This year of 2012 is a wonderful and powerful year to make these resolutions and then to find the inner will to manifest them. This is a year of infinite and wondrous possibilities. This is the year of the Water Dragon in Chinese astrology. So our magic is readily available to you!

To work with magic it is essential to let go of old and unnecessary things. It could be a belief system that was needed in the past. It could be a closet full of things that you thought you would need. It could be a relationship that no longer brings joy. Whatever is holding space in your life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, needs to be looked at to see if it is still useful. If it is no longer useful, get rid of it. This “de-cluttering” frees up room in your life for the new possibilities that you wish to manifest. Holding on to old and unneeded thoughts, things, or emotions uses your energies so that you do not have those energies available to make the new come to life.

We know that this is not an easy project but it must be done if you are to go forward. So start out making the intention that you will de-clutter 2 things in your life, one a belief or idea that no longer serves you and one a physical item that you no longer use. As you begin to let go, other things that also need to be released will become evident. The momentum will build and more and more of the old can be released. Again, we know that this is not easy, but it is doable and you have de-cluttered in the past.

Then, when you have room in your life for something new, sit down (and we do mean sit down) and give some thought to what you have always wanted in your life. Once you have a good idea of what you do want, you might want to do research, read a book, talk to people and begin to get an idea of how this change might affect your life. The next step is to take action and begin the process of bringing change into your life. You will most probably have to change your “action plan” as the process continues, because there are usually unexpected glitches or wonderful short-cuts that happen in this process, So change your action-plan and keep going.

Remember, this year is a special one that supports you in making those changes in your life that will fulfill your heart’s desire. Because this year of the Dragon is also the year of the heart, it is important that your heart’s desire takes the lead in your life.

This process that you are putting into action in your individual lives, is also happening to Mother Earth. She is clearing out the old and welcoming in the new. The foundation for the new world is beginning to take shape even though you don’t know what that new “building” will look like.




Dragon Speak December 2011

Well, you have done it! You have made it to 2012! This year that has been heralded as something quite special has already begun to show its magic and surprises. The changes have been working in you and in your world for quite a period of time now. You are in the midst of radical shifts when the common person is beginning to speak up and to demand to be heard. This is the prelude for many things of the old world letting go to re-shape and re-form a new reality.

The month of December – with its celebrations of Hanukkah, Winter Solstice and Christmas – all stress the same vision: Light coming to the Earth so we all may BE the Light that we are. The celebrations of December have to do with YOU. They are about YOUR BEING THE LIGHT and YOUR BEING THE DIVINE. These celebrations are not only about what happened centuries ago. They are about YOU NOW and who you are in this world!

Never before has the planet been in the place it is now. Never before has the planet been ready to open all the buried treasures it holds. Never before have you been in a place to see and to understand that you are God. In these last moments of 2011, what can you do to really shift into the willingness to know the oneness of all creation and to have that belief be reflected in your behavior?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Solstice!!!!!



Dragon Speak November 2011

November 11 is Veterans Day in the U.S. and globally it celebrates the end of World War 1, “The War to End All Wars.”

War is an external event, but it‘s source is the ongoing war in the human heart. It is the anger, fear, and prejudice that you experience in your own hearts that spill out into the larger world of nations. If humankind wants to end war, then you must go to its source.

After millions of deaths through wars, civil wars, the witch hunts, genocide, you are still fighting the same battles. This is because you have not sought to transform the root cause of all this killing and destruction.

Not only has your “warring heart” not been healed, but war makes a lot of money for a lot of people. Is humankind finally ready to stop feeding the greedy monster?

How does humankind heal its warring heart? What kinds of changes do you need to believe in that will start the healing? You must believe that human nature is not static and can be changed. Greed can be changed into sharing and compassion. Violence can be changed into dialogue and compromise. Fear can be changed into the cultivation of peace. These changes must be experienced on a personal level before they can be mirrored in society. All of this takes intention and hard work on your part. It will not happen by magic.

You can begin by looking at your own relationships. Do they reflect anger and fear or do they reflect love, compassion and understanding? Do you blame and judge others when your life hits a challenging time? When someone “does you wrong” do you seek revenge and payback? This does not mean that you allow others “to walk on you,” but there are other ways to handle conflict. If you cannot change your behavior when faced with the above situations, how can you expect wars to end?

You are a partner in creating a world free of war. It is your behavior and others’ added together that will start the change and determine your future. It cannot be done without you looking at your own heart and changing your actions in the world.

Let’s also look at your warring attitude with yourself. How judgmental and punishing are you with yourself when you fail to meet your own expectations? If you are in a state of conflict within, then it will spill out to others in your life. Charity begins at home, and peace in the world begins there too.



October 2011, Dragon Speak

In October, the equinox has just passed and in the Northern Hemisphere you will be faced with longer nights. This time of year is generally seen as an introspective time for all of Nature. It is a time to examine what has happened in the last year, to evaluate your life and your goals and decide what comes next.

Some areas for you to review might include: challenges that you have dealt with in the past year, how effectively did you meet those challenges, if you didn’t like how you met those challenges, what could you do differently right now to create a different result?

During this year, how were your body, your emotions, you intellect and your spirit impacted? Have you been physically ill? Have your emotions been out of balance? Are you thinking clearly? Has your spirit been hurting? Did you try to help yourself and how did you do that?

All these are important questions that you need to spend time with and be honest about in order to prepare yourself for the coming year and its demands. We know that the acceleration of change is going to continue and you need to be as healthy and as clear-headed as possible to ensure a positive outcome for yourselves and your communities.

Look at what has worked for you in restoring your energy and producing positive results in your life. What has not worked so well? Is it possible for you to increase those things in your life that have worked and reduce those things that increase stress?

It is important for you to closely consider these questions and any others that may come to mind. Get a paper and pencil or your computer and start writing down answers to these questions. Seeing them in print or reviewing what you have written will assist you to take action and to make positive decisions.

This is really an important time for you to reinforce those things that help you and to get rid of those things that are holding you back and upset you.




September 2011, Dragon Speak

Cooperate or Perish

Why is it that humans tend to respond so quickly and generously in the face of catastrophes? In Joplin, Missouri, recently flattened by a tornado, literally mountains of school supplies, clothing and laptop computers were donated to the students of this town. When ABC news talked of the suffering of the people of Somalia from famine, and asked for donations to aid them, the money came pouring in. On the national news in the United States, there was another example of such generosity. A nine year old girl wanted to collect $300 to secure clean water for an African village. Before she could gather the money, she was killed in an auto accident. When this information was broadcast, people reacted by donating 1 million dollars!

During these crises, you recognize and understand your connection to one another. People naturally realize that they are all in "this" together. Your hearts are opened, and you wish to alleviate the sufferings of others. Why then, when the crisis is over, do hearts seem to close down? And, when hearts close down, compassion disappears. When compassion vanishes, separation, competition and fear take over.

Fear is a natural emotion when security is threatened during times of transition. But, living in fear closes off your humanity and results in the type of world you are already living in.

At this point in your development, you only have two choices: cooperate or perish. From the examples mentioned, you can see that humanity knows how to cooperate already. And, when you do cooperate, it brings a sense of joy, community, and the realization that YOU can make a difference! When you cooperate, you no longer feel helpless and fearful. You can feel that you are part of something larger than yourself, and it opens new doorways for everyone. When you cooperate, you are a manifestor of your dreams. You are a "builder." When you are locked in fear, you are in "survival mode" and are unable to dream or act. You are immobilized.

It is so easy to be filled with fear. It seems to take over automatically before you are even aware. How can you be conscious to detect the presence of fear before it takes over and you are still free to choose? Feel what's happening in your body. Are your muscles tight? Do you have a headache? Does your back hurt, or your neck and shoulders? When you feel any of these sensations, step away from what you are doing, walk around your office or home, take some deep breaths and drink some water. Move your body to get rid of some tension in whatever way you can. When you are flooded with fearful thoughts and start getting overwhelmed, you need to change your self-talk. If you are receiving fear messages from others, leave the situation or persons, or, if you can't leave, think about the things that are positive in your life.

Counting your blessings really does work! Focusing on gratitude for all that is working in your life can clear out the fears and will keep your heart open. You are the only person who can do this for yourself. The choice to cooperate or to allow fear in is made many times during your day.

Cooperate or perish: the choice is yours!



August 2011, Dragon Speak


The illusions that you on Earth have been living under are being torn to pieces. Your foundational illusions which have dictated how you understand the world and your own body are limited in scope and are being challenged by a wider more whole view of life.

Your illusions have allowed you to see only a small portion of the possibilities that the Divine has gifted to you. Holding on to your illusions can be like falling into a ditch that has been dug by generations of blind believers. Once you get in, it is almost impossible to pull yourselves out because you no longer have the ability to see beyond the walls of the ditch! The ditch becomes your world, and anything that speaks to the possibility of more seems unrealistic, frightening and foolish.

But, you can move beyond the ditch. This will change everything! It changes the way you look at your body, at your abilities, at life, at your world and at what is possible for you. It’s necessary for you to find a new balance point in every aspect of your life. Everything will be stretching to fit into the wider world you inhabit. Your system does not automatically know how to do this. You need to practice and gain confidence that you can do it and survive in this new context.

When you first come out of the “ditch,” you naturally will be very unsure of yourself, scared and hesitant to act and to believe differently. How do you run counter to centuries of training? The only way you’ve known how to live is with the illusions that accompany the “ditch.” This is where faith and surrender enter, especially when many are still in the ‘ditch” and see you as crazy or foolish.

Every step you take to move out of the ditch, gives you the confidence to take another step. And, with every step, your belief system alters because you have a wider view of your reality, and you begin to see that there is life beyond the ditch.

What are some of the rules of the “ditch mentality”? The “ditch” and its proponents tell you:

  1. You are limited and inherently flawed.
  2. You are a small piece of physical reality bound by the ditch.
  3. Life is not possible out of the ditch.
  4. If you dare to hold another view, you are crazy

All these illusions and many more are being destroyed, and the truth is coming out. The truth is that humanity is a glorious part of God with unlimited abilities. Only when you believe this will your true identity and your unlimited abilities become manifest. How do you do this? How do you believe that you are a part of God, and that God loves you? How do you believe that there are really no limits? The only way, like the ditch analogy, is to take one step at a time.

With each step, you come to a new place of balance, and your view of yourself and reality becomes bigger. You assimilate the changes at this step and move to the next step.

You need the faith in yourself that comes from doing this and being successful to know that you can go on and take the next step. As you move ahead, you are surrendering the old beliefs and replacing them with a new and more powerful vision.




July 2011, Dragon Speak

"Under intense pressure, you either become a diamond or you are pulverized." the Dragons, 2011

This is a statement that fits your current circumstances! You are in a time of great pressure and change that demands that you make decisions that you may have been putting off for years.

You all know that, when a time of crisis or pressure comes into your life, you have two basic choices. You can open your heart and surrender to what is happening and accept that you must alter your course. Though this is often a difficult way to change, on reflection, you will find that this change of course proves to be positive.

Your second choice when confronting a crisis is to shut down and resist. You bemoan the fact that you have been victimized and dig in your heels and say, “I’m not ready and this change is not convenient for me.”

At this juncture in the Shift of the Ages, you no longer have the luxury of resisting and digging in your heels. The changes that are being asked of you, need to happen in your life NOW! Or, you will be left behind..

Your resistance cannot halt the process of the cosmos. These changes are on a universal schedule and not on a human schedule. You must be nimble and flexible to accept the fact that you must act now and not on your own timetable.

This can be a fearful time, because you mind does not know all the answers. But it is imperative that you trust the universal process and surrender to what is happening. Ask for help, practice trust and hold on to you faith, and you will be fine! You may not be comfortable, but you will be fine! Remember that this is all part of the Divine Plan for your evolution and the evolution of Mother Earth.

All the great Masters and Teachers of your planet are working hard to support you and to assist this birthing. The Great Dragon Lords of time and space, and the Angels who give constant service, are all assembled to help you, both individually and as a collective. Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for the help that is available to you in human form or in the form of dreams, intuitions and Divine guidance. This is truly the time to trust yourself and the messages that come to you.

Try not to allow things to get you off-track and fearful. Tell yourself repeatedly, “I can trust the Divine’s Plan.” Then, just observe and flow with whatever is asked of you, in whatever way you can. Remember, you are not alone. We are doing this together! It will not always be this way, but we are currently in the swirling energy of destruction and creation.




June 2011, Dragon Speak

In the last month, your entire planet has been captivated with the prediction of the "Rapture." The idea began with a gentleman in the United States and, very soon, with the help of modern marketing techniques that blanketed the globe with billboard advertisements and a media that wanted to cover this as a comedy, there were people preparing across your globe.

The idea of an apocalyptic "event," of course, is not new. But, here we have another morphing of this idea that raced around the globe. There were those who believed this prediction without question and began to divest themselves of property and pets, and there were those who scoffed at the very idea and laughed at those who were believers. Then, there was the great majority who smiled at the idea, but did not deride or totally react.

Why did this prediction "catch on" so easily? One reason is that it was not total insanity. We have been speaking for a long time now of the paradigm shift that is enveloping your planet. It is happening now. You are in the process at this moment. And, indeed, it can feel like the "end times."

When you see directly that the old structures are falling apart and cannot sustain the world you live in, coupled with the obvious changes on the planet, not the least of which is the occurrence of major devastating weather patterns, you know that "change is afoot." Into this very real, and somewhat fearful, arena comes a spokesperson for the "end of days," and you have what is happening to you now.

Of course the "end" is here! The world as you know it must shift in its perspective, its vision, its behavior, its economic and social structures. It is an ending time and a beginning time. The Divine is not about to send you out of existence, just help you to lift up and become more whole. What you are feeling is the dynamic and intense shifting that leads toward rebirth through the deathing of old ways.

When hundreds of tornados converge on you, when seemingly "dead" volcanoes begin to smoke and growl, when great glaciers begin to melt, you know that a significant time has arrived. What do you expect when your world and solar system is coming into alignment with the center of you Milky Way galaxy, an event that is about to take place after thousands of years? What do you expect when there are new pressures of gravity, of light intensity, of energetic forces? You are impacted by this now every second, and it effects your planet, your light/darkness, your tides, your emotions, your bodies, your communications etc. etc.

We have been speaking of this now for many months, and it is time to "get it," to understand it. You are IN IT. Don't be so surprised or think the Divine will take you all out of existence. The DIVINE, IN FACT, IS VERY PLEASED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND WHO YOU ARE!

This is the time to realize your oneness, not to emphasize that some are "better" or more "chosen" than others. The Divine loves all creation, and all are recipients of the gifts that are offered. This time of radical change shows you how much you are all influenced by this journey in similar ways, whether you live in Africa or Iceland, Antarctica or New York.

Calm down, expect lots of shifts, keep hopeful, treat one another with respect, and do what you can to hold faith. Things are moving in right timing!



May 2011, Dragon Speak

May 1, known as May Day or the cross quarter day of Beltane is an ancient celebration of the coming of summer and the return or the sun god, Bel. After a long winter, people look forward to the warmth, and the flowering of trees, plants and the Earth herself. The colors of Nature are returning as the black and white images of winter are fading. This reminds you of the cycles that you all live within, that life is always changing, nothing stays the same, and you can be reassured that life and hope always return.

This return of color, beauty, warmth and light reminds you to have some fun. “Plan” some spontaneity (a dragon joke). It is time to go outside and smell the earth and the plants and dance in the morning dew. HAVE SOME FUN!! It is the time to allow the child in you to come out and laugh and giggle and run and jump. Movement stirs up your senses, gets the blood running and refreshes your outlook and life. New things are coming, and a new outlook is possible. So take advantage of the good weather to get out and to get out of your “old ruts” and create a re-newed life.

The new life that shows itself in Spring stimulates new life in each of you. Give yourself permission to do something different, to do something fun that will stir up your life-energy. The creativity of the natural world mirrors the creativity that can move in you when you allow new energy to come into your life. If you feel stuck, nature shows you how to put out “new shoots” and new flowers.

Because life has been so serious and so full of crises, it is especially important that you bring in lightness to bring balance and clarity into your life. Play is an integral part of being human. It restores good humor and gives you a broader viewpoint out of which come new options and solutions. You forget to play as you enter into adulthood, and your lack of play stifles your creativity and your ability to see beyond problems. Play is not just for children, it is a necessity.

Without taking breaks and bringing fun into your life, you only see the problems that you face, and they become bigger and bigger. Play allows you to lift your eyes and mind away from your problems and lightens your heavy load. Our current prescription for dealing with the Shift of the Ages is to be sure to include fun and games into your schedule.

Life is not just a handful of chores or problems. Life is a blessing and a journey and a constantly changing adventure. If you leave play out of your life, you are only leading half a life and trap yourself in a world that looks dark and doesn’t change. Fun gives you perspective, so go out and have some!



April 2011, Dragon Speak

The Shift of the Ages is about the “new empowerment” of humanity and all of creation. In the past, power was gained by being aggressive, manipulative, greedy, and arrogant. Your leaders rarely had respect for others and did not consider the consequences of their behavior. Generally, they acted as if only their wishes and needs mattered. Power has also been hierarchical in nature with only a few wielding the power at the top of the pyramid. Most of humanity occupied the lower rungs of the ladder and had little or no input into decision making.

The nature of power today can destroy the entire planet and all living things on Earth. Do you want greedy, manipulative, arrogant people making those kinds of decisions for you? Humanity can destroy through pollution, weapons, economics, and biology. In the last several years, you have had an experience of all of these, but you have not paid attention to the lessons that were put in front of you.

You have participated in the creation of global warming and in the accumulation of garbage that is strangling your planet. Your soil has lost its fertility, your air and water are polluted, and there have been many toxic spills of chemicals, not the least of which was the Gulf oil spill. Now you find yourself in a possible nuclear catastrophe in Japan due to the hubris of believing that you know all the risks and can control Mother Nature.

With the manipulation of money and goods for the benefit of the few, millions across the planet have been impacted by losing homes, savings and jobs. For hundreds of year, millions have starved and died so the few could have plenty.

Out of a desire to control, and having no thought for the consequences, you are also experimenting with the basic building blocks of all life, DNA, without a firm ethical base. You have produced genetically modified crops with no idea of the consequences. You are also genetically modifying viruses and bacteria for possible use in warfare. At the same time, basic health care is “too expensive” to provide for everyone.

And, the weapons you have devised can cause extinction of all life on your planet.

How your species has wielded power has produced the problems that you are encountering. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

To change your history and begin a new chapter, you need to be more balanced in your values and in how you view your world. The leaders you choose are based on your perceptions and values and, if you want something different, these have to change. You can no longer afford to make decisions based on your narrow self-interest because doing so could mean the extinction of life on Earth.

We are asking you to widen your field of vision and to take into account your entire world when you make decisions and choose leaders. You need to remember that the oneness of all is not just a spiritual concept. It is reality. The choices you make effect the other side of the planet and vice versa.

“No man is an island unto himself.”



March 2011, Dragon Speak

The Dragons are awake and moving! The great Dragon energy that has been asleep or resting until the time of man's readiness is now on the move, sending waves of energy and awareness across your planet.

You can see this plainly if you take a broader vision of events happening for you now. It is no accident that people are beginning to see the injustices that have existed on the planet, across any borders. But, it is even more important that people are ready to take action to restore what has been lost in the way of equality, fairness, justice and hope.

You are sitting right now in a world where masses of people are reacting and demanding a new way of life. Peoples of one nation watch as others stand up and are even willing to experience pain- and sometimes death- to be heard. Then, they too begin to try this.

There is an issue, of course, with the use of violence. While violence tends to get attention and fear active among the people, it can also result, in the long haul, in establishing something new that eventually turns into the old. Your planet is no stranger to revolutions and coups that result in something similar to the original developing.

How can you all take the positive in what is happening and blend into that a sense of values and clarity and determination and a long-term vision? That is the question. Getting people to speak up and to stand up is one thing, but, to take the movement beyond the initial excitement and emotional rush of feelings into something more stable and just, is another. Things may change in a superficial, cosmetic way, but underlying essential change is what is truly needed.

You have all grown tired of dictators, leaders and political figures who say what is popular but, in action, are all the same...motivated by their own power and greed. You are seeing through illusion and deception more than ever, but then what?

We want you to know that this stage of standing up is essential. This stage of demanding "more" is essential. It is part of the great wave of getting ready for the complete arrival of a new age. But, before that happens, there must be ways to insure safe and forward-moving actions that make transitions into the framework of a new world possible.

There is so much assistance for you that is already working hard in your interest. But, what is your plan? The old games that have worked before that rest on illusions and deceptions are not working now. Those who are not of integrity and who just want power and control will find themselves rejected.

Yes, there are many who are still acting this way. And, there are many nations whose peoples have not been able to stand up yet perhaps because of fear or perhaps because they are too comfortable. But, we are here to say that the script has been written,and history is moving toward newness and the creation of wholeness.Moving backwards would require more energy than you have. You are moving to the next level of evolution! How do you make the movement thoughtful and responsive to all beings on the planet.

You are actually creating a structure for the peoples of the Earth to prosper and grow. You are handling the seeds of a world-wide civilization that is being formed and birthed. You are about to make baby-steps in moving beyond separate nations to experience the oneness that is the Truth and is the Reality.

We are with you and supporting you, but you must be conscious and do your part as we all move forward!



February 2011, Dragon Speak

Right now you are sitting at a crossroads. It is decision time. No longer can you say, “I will think about that later” You are deeply immersed in radical change and you must choose your path. One path that you might choose is to ignore or resist the coming changes. Another path is to act out on your emotions of anger, fear, frustration, and wanting to control the situation or to control others. The third path is to get into the flow of change and find those ways to cope that are compatible with your life/values.

Choosing the path of resistance is like getting into a flooded river and trying to remain stationary. It is not going to happen. The tide of change cannot be stopped at this juncture in your history.

Choosing the path of allowing the emotions of anger, fear and desperation to overwhelm you often results in violent acts that hurt everyone. These emotions occur when you are in the middle of change that you do not know what to do with. You wish to be part of the change but you have no idea where to begin. Your emotions are so strong that they spill out of you with no direction and no thought and they scare and hurt everyone around.

Choosing the path of flowing with change involves several steps. One of these steps is finding a way to feel these “negative emotions” so that you can release them in non-hurtful ways. This prevents the emotional “build up” that bursts out of you to the detriment of all. Another step involves seeing change as a normal cycle that you have dealt with before. You know that change takes place in increments, and you don’t need to come up with all your solutions at once. Slowing down calms your natural fears and enables you to come up with options that might work for you.

Let’s look at the results of your choices through history. The path of resistance on a societal level leads to repression and then generally to some form of revolution. In the past, you have seen many examples of colonial powers resisting the trend toward universal freedom, and this often resulted in violence. Look at the history of India, Africa and many nations in South America. When an individual chooses to resist change, he/she also goes through the cycle of repression and revolution. The repression results in a “locked-down” body and behavior. If the repression lasts long enough, the person can become physically ill or sabotage himself and force a change that isn’t in his best-interest.

The path of unregulated emotional release can result in some kind of violence and outright war. Genocide and the Holocaust are examples of such unmanageable and ungovernable fear that causes masses of people to stop thinking and just react. When an individual chooses to react in this way, you have the lone gunman or assassin or terrorist that mindlessly kills and maims what he fears.

The path of flowing with change on a societal level can look like the tribunals of reconciliation that took place in South Africa when those that perpetrated violence were not jailed or killed, but allowed to admit their behavior as they listened to their victims. Unfortunately, there are not many examples of societies or powerful leaders that choose peaceful ways to move ahead with change. When an individual chooses to flow with change and not resist or react, it leads to a person who is not so blinded by fear and anger that she can see what still remains and what options are open.

And so, here you are at a crossroads. Even if you have chosen the path of resistance or emotional explosiveness in the past, you can choose the path of flow in this moment. Which path you choose, determines the future.



January 2011, Dragon Speak

The year 2011 in your Western calendar has begun. We can plainly see that the usual political and economic games continue to be played. These games are filled with inequities that harm people, the environment, and in fact injure the very soul of the planet. How much more pain do you need before you see the imperative need for change?

You and your planet are already in the process of change that the "Shift of the Ages" is bringing. It is no longer a question of whether change is coming or not, but it is a question of how you will cooperate with the coming changes. As we have said before, these changes include: a fair and just distribution of goods and services; an attitude of compassion and cooperation among all the nations; and a true sense of the Oneness of all creation that will guide your actions.

We have seen individuals and what you call "non-governmental agencies" acting from a spirit of change, hope, compassion and love. Yet, at the same time, we have watched as the power structures of your world (churches, governmental bodies, businesses) speak of embodying the coming changes of compassion and sharing, yet they continue to amass wealth and power and act out of their self-interest. Even in the face of terrible economic times and the suffering that is rampant throughout the world, these systems continue their old ways of operating which only makes the situation worse for everyone but the few.

You know on a personal level that when you resist the change that comes into your life, that change continues to knock at your door louder and louder until you hear the call and act on it. We are hoping that your power structures do not create the need for more dramatic or traumatic events before they see the need to change.

This recently passed winter solstice and lunar eclipse brought significant energy from the universe to assist you in clearing out old ways, old illusions and old behaviors that prevent you from easily incorporating these needed changes into your life that will bring a new and bright future. Right now the picture we see on your planet is one of the people serving the leaders rather than the leaders serving the people. We can feel the compassion and urge to help one another and to create a more just society that already exists on the "grassroots" level. The question for this time is how to enable this caring and passion to move upward and permeate the power structures that exist. How do you show the "powers that be" that their behavior is in fact NOT in their self interest and, if they continue on this path, they too will suffer.

If there was a mass movement to communicate to "the powers that be" that they must act in accord with the will of the people or lose their power, there is a good chance that leadership would hear and make the necessary changes. But it is important that this message be given by masses of people and not just the few. It takes the power of a forceful group to get the attention of those in power. This can be accomplished, if enough people participate.



December 2010, Dragon Speak

December brings many celebrations, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Solstice. All of these celebrate the return of the light whether it be in human form, the sun returning in the Northern Hemisphere or the lighting of candles in the darkness. We would like to focus on the celebration of light when it comes into human form and into matter. This is what is meant by incarnation. As you know, we Dragons have returned to proclaim that your body and everything in your world is the light of the Divine in form.

Your world still does not operate from this TRUTH. In fact, there were times when this TRUTH was labeled as heresy. What would your life be like if you operated from this TRUTH? And what would your relationships be like? How would you treat others, the world, and yourself?

This time of year especially seen thru the eyes of Christmas is about loving your fellow man and helping others in need. But on December 26, the world reverts back to its dog- eat-dog behaviors. Why doesn't the "Christmas spirit" last all year? One reason for this is because you do not accept and understand the truth that everything and everyone is God. You might celebrate Jesus as divinity coming onto Earth as a human, but you don't celebrate yourself and others in the same way. We are here to state directly that you too are divine and Christmas is about YOU.

If you truly believed that you are divine, you would care for yourself and others as though you were caring for the Christ child and indeed you are the Christ child. Whenever you interact with self, others and the world, you are interacting with the Christ. This TRUTH is the essence of the paradigm shift that you seek and are in the midst of realizing.

We know the illusion of matter being less than spirit, that you have lived with for so long, is hard to see through. But this is the time when you have assistance to do just that. Put your intention out into the world to be assisted in transmuting this illusion into the truth. Use affirmations if they help. Start with yourself by treating yourself as you would a well-loved child. When you are tired, rest. When you need comforting and support, then give yourself comfort and stop judging. When you feel "not good enough" count your blessings and look at all the good you have done. (If you have a manger scene, you might want to put a picture of yourself in the manager to remind you of this truth in a material way.)

When you care for yourself you are loving the divine. This is the prelude for really loving others, the world and all matter.

Beginning on December 23 through December 31, do one loving act for yourself each of those days. For example, take a bubble bath, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, take some quiet time, read a book that you've wanted to read. Hold the intention that as you do these acts for yourself and show loving-kindness to yourself you are also sending out that loving-kindness to every other Christ on Earth.



November 2010, Dragon Speak

In earlier times, Fall was the time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest, and you continue this thanksgiving in various ways in different countries. In America, there is the traditional Thanksgiving holiday when the Native Americans and the English colonists came together.

In difficult economic times, it may be hard to find things to be thankful for. You often forget the bounty you receive from family, friends and just being alive. So often, you only think of bounty in terms of material possessions, but there is bounty all around you. Nature reflects this to you in its' beautiful colors and the change of seasons that presents to you new colors, sights, sounds and smells.

Recently, in Chile, you became aware of the 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days. Very few people thought that they would survive. Suddenly, the importance of being alive and having the freedom to walk the Earth became apparent to you. The ability of the miners to cooperate with each other and form a cohesive whole is what saved them during the 17 days when their whereabouts were unknown. The faith and trust of not only the miners underground believing that they would be found, but also the faith of their rescuers to continue to search for them is what thanksgiving is truly about.

The miners lesson to all of you is how do you "keep the faith" for an extended period of time when no obvious rescue is in sight? When there is little light and no one seems to be listening to your plight, and there seems to be nothing that you can do to help yourself, how do you keep going? One way the miners kept going was to decide what they needed to do to just survive. They rationed food and drink, and they banded together to support each other in hoping and praying that they would be rescued.

In some ways the situation that you are all living in resembles that of the miners. As a planet, you are in a dark time that precedes the coming light, but at this point, the light is still not visible. You are caught up in the fears and difficulties of the moment without a clear way to assist yourselves. Like the miners, it is important that you prioritize and take care of the most immediate needs that you have. Look to the strengths that you possess, ask friends and family for their help, stay positive and hopeful and connect to whatever higher power that you believe in. Use this time to re-evaluate what is truly important in your lives and what you can release. This is not the time to look at what you don't have, but to show gratitude for what you do have.

The miners were able to prioritize their needs and then use their strengths to become a cohesive whole so they could survive their ordeal. They had one goal that of surviving until rescue, and that one goal bonded them together as a band of brothers. Once rescue took place, that common goal no longer existed and they were lured by the offers of the outside world.

What does this have to say to you and your problems? Although you inhabit the same planet, have the same needs and are experiencing the same challenges, there is no common goal or sense of camaraderie. You are kept apart by the lures of the outside world, not realizing that if you banded together that you could solve all your problems. If you saw yourselves as one planetary body, united to discover ways to solve your problems, you would move ahead quickly and take everyone with you. Instead, you are still bound by beliefs in separation and competition that hinder progress.

Until you realize that your physical survival is at stake, like the miners did, you will continue to be lured by false solutions that lead nowhere. How do you come together with other like-minded people to start the change?



October 2010, Dragon Speak

As you have no doubt noticed by watching the news or reading the papers, many authority figures that have held positions given respect such as, ministers, priests, politicians, bankers, etc. have been exposed as hypocrites and criminals. This is in keeping with the energy of these times where all your illusions and misdeeds are being revealed so you can know them for what they are and eliminate their influence in the creation of your future world.

In order to create a new world you must become aware of what is not working in your present world. What you have now is a world of illusion where authority figures tell you to listen to what they say and not look at what they are really doing. There have been cases of influential authority figures engaging in unlawful acts, corruption, buying elections or trying to steer decisions for their own benefit. You have even seen sexual misconduct and abuse from those who have pledged to lead a life of moral values and service.

In creating a new world all these misdeeds need to be recognized and eliminated. Just as in growing crops you cannot leave toxins in the ground if you hope to grow something wholesome. This is the time when every piece of debris and every weed needs to be cleared and pulled out. It is a time of radical action. You need to turn over all the rocks to see what lies under them. Once you have cleared your fields of illusion and corruption you are ready to plant something that will blossom into what you want.

What is happening in your world right now really has a positive benefit. You are in the preparatory stage when awareness of what needs to be changed and eliminated "is in your face" constantly. This creates disillusionment, discouragement, fear and anger. Actually dis-illusionment is the time when illusions are losing their power and the truth is gaining strength. The past has been built on "saying one thing and doing another". This time you want a world where people "walk their talk".

It is a tough time that you have chosen to live in. It demands that you see and release your own illusions and be willing to look at new alternatives, for you are building a world that you have not experienced before. You must be open to any and all possibilities. If you remain open to all, the world that you build will not be a replica of the past.


September 2010, Dragon Speak

What is being asked of you, as the great Shift manifests more clearly every day, will be that you move from the "way things have been done" to a totally new way of treating yourself, others and the world at large. You will be rewriting the rules of human behavior.

For many millennia, mankind has used a hierarchal pattern on which to model human behavior. Hierarchy involves someone at the top making the rules and telling others what is acceptable. There is a top and bottom to every hierarchy, and the system that supports the hierarchy guarantees that the top stays in power and that wealth and influence flows to the top and rarely to the bottom (the masses of humanity).

The great Shift that is under way is about bringing balance to your planet. Hierarchy, by definition, is not in balance. And, that imbalance has now grown so great that it is no longer sustainable.

Why has the hierarchal system survived for so long? Hierarchies are able to stay in power because they can bring order to chaos. When life is chaotic, many are willing to sacrifice freedom to achieve some stability. This is what was so attractive about Hitler's propaganda because he offered a strong and clear message in the face of a disintegrating Germany. This is a very real danger in the face of today's insecure world.

As the great Shift continues to bring the death of your old institutions and your old ways of treating each other, fear increases on the planet. This increasing fear sabotages your chance to create a new paradigm. You find yourself settling and going back to the old ways just to get some relief from the fear.

Your world has seen many times when the new could have been created. But, each time, the process has been stopped, due to your fear, and only small changes have been made to quiet the discontent until the discontent surges again.

This time could be different. This time is unique on your planet , occurring every 26,000 years. All is in readiness to support a massive consciousness shift and its resulting change on every level. Yet, mankind still can refuse to move into a participatory system, a circular form, rather that the old hierarchy. You can find it less threatening and less fearful to just allow those who want power to keep it. You can give into the natural fears that erupt in a time of transition, going back to what has worked, even if it worked badly. You can self-sabotage here and "blow" an opportunity that you have all been waiting for.

How can you surge forward with a dream, a new vision, yet be able to deal with the uncertainty and insecurity? If there isn't some tolerance for discomfort and fear, you will never let things get to that point when miracles can happen. Yes, it is scary. Of course, it's scary. But, is it worth it to confront this fear when what is at stake is a world of more equality where all share benefits, not just the special few? Is it worth it to push past the fear to create a world where oneness is recognized and where wars and racism and cultural clashes are rejected? Are you able to look past the cynicism and the failures of the past and believe a world can be united in a global purpose that serves all mankind?

What are you willing to do as things continue to crash down around you and fear grows, when certain people speak up to become the new gurus and dictators to "make it all ago away'? Can you hold on? Can you discern what will move you forward and what will take you backwards? Do you want it enough to take history in a new direction - where visionary ideals can be born? This is the question in your personal lives, in your work lives, in your cultural systems, in your government, and in the world community. Your response and action will impact the whole.


August 2010, Dragon Speak

As we have said many times before, you are in the midst of a radical transformative process. This massive shift involves all life on your planet and impacts the usual patterns that the planet herself follows.

When magnetic fields are altered and when electrical energy jumps in frequency and vibration, unusual things happen. When the earth registers all this, as well as a new proximity to other celestial bodies and forces of gravity and radiation, she reacts. This is what you have been experiencing already as wild weather patterns and unusual forces that impact the earth's field and density. This can be seen in volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, intense heat or cold, interrupted communications, unusual tides and earthquakes.

In animal life, including human life, you may see different patterns as well, odd behaviors, an interruption of the ability to follow traditional navigational patterns, anomalies in physical illnesses and distress. As brain waves are impacted by vibrational shifts and magnetic forces, the human nervous system registers these fluctuating patterns and can react with stress, pain, aches, forgetfulness, ill-ease and depression, bi-polar symptoms, renewed fears as things seem to spiral out of control, odd blood pressures and brain wave patterns.

The status-quo, as we have said before, is gone, as the entire system moves to reconfigure at a new level. If you are going to move on, this MUST happen. Because it is just part of the expected advance or evolution, you can be assured that things are okay, even if they feel out of balance and odd. There is pain and there is often a dying of old places that can't support the changes, but it is NATURAL at this juncture. Consider a baby animal in the womb. At the time of birth, all things seem to be awry. When the old way is no longer working, fear is natural. Why would the baby ever leave the womb structure where things are provided and where safety is present? And when all this changes, it is an ending. The fear is that this lasts forever and there is nothing else. How would the baby ever know that there is a new world awaiting? How would this baby ever glimpse that a new expansiveness, freedom and beauty is about to reveal itself? And, this is NATURAL as well.

It does NOT mean that you or anyone else is evil and being punished. It does NOT mean that the Earth is going to implode. It does NOT mean that this is the "end of the world," except the world as you have known it.

Yes, it is difficult to be alive during this type of massive leap, but you have actually all chosen to be here. It is also exciting to be a pioneer on a planet that is rushing to meet its true destiny and beauty, as you yourselves are. The Vision is huge and wondrous! When you are riding aboard a ship that is in the clutches of high waves and wind and encountering massive forces, it can be difficult to glimpse a higher vision and see safety, miracles and sheer magic approaching ahead! It does require faith and trust that you are being guided and that there is "more to the story."

That is why we are here…to alert you to the Truth that sometimes hides within and under tremendous physical, emotional, social and economic revolutions. Can you hold on and believe in what's coming?

Create an affirmation that holds this vision like "I trust that the Divine is birthing a beautiful new world right here and right now." "I choose to let go of fear and to embrace the Light." Whatever you choose, say it, hang it up, look at it, ask it to reveal more to you. Ask us to help you to see beyond what appears to be so.

We are here for you and here to help you evolve and ascend to new heights! Blessings and joy to you!


July 2010, Dragon Speak

Your world is at the point when the major energies of the shift are so strong that nothing can turn back the clock or the building tension rising toward release. You have been feeling all of the general repercussions of this approaching change. But, at this juncture, things will begin to race forward and unravel as all secrets and repressed fears and pain will seek release in a mounting crest leading to the rebirth of the dream of equality, compassion and peace for this planet.

We have all been waiting until the time of opportunity returned and you would be ready to commit to the surrender and trust necessary to let go of the old ways. Even though you would probably prefer to sit with what you have known in the past, the level of corruption, suffering, greed and injustice has pushed you so that you are willing to risk everything to achieve a new world possibility.

Until you came to this point, you could not hold steadfast as everything around you began to implode. Now, when you cannot stand to live in a world that allows millions to starve and allows the Earth to be so wounded that she may not be able to sustain life, you are at last ready to do whatever it takes to leap forward. You are all tired of the lies and the violence in your world.

We have held the secrets of life and the secrets of your origins for a very long time. Like elders, we kept these safe until you "came of age." This is the time for you to inherit all that you could ever dream of as children of the Divine. It has been held in trust for you.

You must yet endure the final preparations when that which is hidden becomes fully revealed. You will be challenged to trust and to detach from old beliefs and ways of understanding. When truth emerges more fully into the Light, there are some who will protest and hang on to illusions. Persistence must give way in the face of truth since stubbornness in the name of control will go nowhere. It is a time to reevaluate what is important to keep and what can be relinquished. It is foolish to hold to something that proves itself false, no matter how much of an old friend it is. What do you believe in more than anything? What will you sacrifice and what or who or what will you embrace? This is the time of choice.

The stars are aligning. The earth takes her position of power in the galaxy. The time comes again when leaps can happen and when truth is revealed. And, the dawn of a new age commences. Yes, it has demanded much of you and those of you who chose to be here for this age trusted because you knew little of what it would ask of you. But, you persisted in hope and battled the fears of the unknown to do so. Now, your dreams are about to be revealed.

There is still a short while left, and we ask you to hold on. Energies are swirling, and the time of immediate expectation approaches. Be yourself. Be real. Choose the Light. Stay prepared and in excited hope. Look to the stars and to the deepest Truth of your hearts as an anchor when things begin to accelerate for the jump to a new reality. You are guided by so many so that you may know that you can do it and are doing it.

We are here to hold you as well! Don't give up now. We are all so very close…


June 2010, Dragon Speak

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the month of maximum light with the coming of the Summer Solstice on June 21. With the help of this expanded light, Mother Nature is in high-gear; fruiting, flowering, and growing. And with this expanded light, humans are also going into high-gear. Both nature and humans are filled with energy, hope, new ideas, and a general exuberance for life. This is the time in the cycle of nature when outer action and manifestation are called for.

We have talked before about the great changes that are happening on your planet. And, we have talked about the implications of these changes for both individuals and society. It is time to be reminded that, before great changes occur and take root, there are a series of small action steps that bring those changes into being.

Change begins with the holding of a clear intention for what you want. Then you must decide what actions could move you toward your goal and begin putting those actions into practice. Change often involves breaking old habits, beliefs and behavior patterns. To do this, you must remember that breaking old habits does not happen immediately, but takes consistent practice of the new behaviors. You must be consistent and persevere, because the old ways have power in your life.

Patience is important because you may need to discard some of your new behaviors because they don't seem to work. You must be able to adjust and recalibrate so that you can move ahead with what works, while releasing that which doesn't. This is the creation process that moves step by step toward the manifestation of the new.

It is very easy during this process to become frustrated because you may have had to readjust the new behaviors a number of times before you find what seems to work. There is also the rule of "unintended consequences" when a change of behavior takes you in a direction you had not anticipated. And, sometimes the process of change re-shapes your original goal because of what you have learned, and your goal itself changes.

The "quantum leap", when the change you have worked to achieve for so long suddenly seems to be real and an integral part of your life, only comes about after this period of experimentation, analysis and re-shaping.

Society changes in the same way that individuals change. Because you are a part of a bigger society, the changes that you make will effect the whole. You are not helpless, you are not powerless. As you make your own changes, you can be a role model for many others without being aware of it. When enough people shift, society as a whole moves. If you want to manifest a society that reflects the law of oneness, you can achieve it!

So, what small changes in your individual behavior can you make that will bring this vision of oneness into reality? For example, you could begin to practice one "random act of kindness" per week. You could also begin to watch your negative words, thoughts, judgments because words, thoughts and judgments lead to behavior and can increase the very things you want to prevent and transform. Remember, your choices matter and will effect change at a collective level.

You are an important part of the paradigm shift. This is the time for conscious creation!


May 2010, Dragon Speak

In the Northern Hemisphere, the signs of Spring are well established. The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer and trees and flowers are budding. These signs help you to recognize that nothing is static whether it be in nature or in your personal lives and that cycles of change are an integral part of life on your planet.

You are now in a grand cycle of change that we have talked about before as a “paradigm shift”. Paradigm shifts are, by definition, changes on a fundamental level, where your basic presumptions of reality are being altered. When basic assumptions about reality are changing, then too the methods you use to achieve goals must also change.

Let’s look specifically at the methods that you have used in the past to achieve your goals. For much of your existence on this planet, force and manipulation were the tools that you chose to get what you wanted. Often personal integrity and compassion for others were sacrificed to get your needs met. The philosophy that underlies this is “the end justifies the means.” So, violence against others, lying, cheating, stealing, back-stabbing and, even a total loss of personal integrity, have become acceptable, as long as you get what you want. This philosophy has resulted in wars and artificial shortages of goods. It also shows up in a passive acceptance of people going hungry, people being homeless, people not having health care, people being sent to fight wars for economic reasons, human trafficking, genocide and torture. These methods of dealing with your world are based on the premise that you are all separate beings and your only loyalty is to yourself and your immediate family.

Once you recognize that this belief has been running you and your society, you can see how these beliefs have hurt you, your children, your brothers and sisters across the world, and the Earth herself. These accepted norms of behavior must be seen before they can be changed. Now is the time to take your head out of the sand and take action to change these fundamental beliefs that have caused such pain.

This paradigm shift is about recognizing that you and all creation are indeed ONE. What effects you, effects the entire world, and vice versa. If others suffer, then eventually you too will suffer. When you truly believe and act from the axiom of “do unto others what you would have them do unto you”, because you have experienced its truth, then your consciousness changes and that leads to your behavior changing.

We are talking about the literal changing of life on Earth, because you are no longer operating under the “separation belief”. This change of consciousness, which is the first step, is about getting rid of the false sense of separation between you and the world which allowed you in the past to turn away and ignore other’s suffering and manipulation. Compassionate and just methods of achieving goals are already present in your world. You just need to begin to employ them. For example, you may still want wealth and success, but achieving this does not come at the price of hurting others or the environment.

Hold onto the energy of Spring as you work toward creating a world that brings relief, hope and joy to you and to all.


April 2010, Dragon Speak

April Fools Day, taking place on April 1, originated in ancient times in many European cultures. The exact origins of the day are not known, however, April Fool’s Day has been associated with a calendar change in France and with the advent of Spring. It has also been associated with the need for societies to invert the social order for a brief period of time to allow social tensions to dissipate (a blowing off of steam). April Fools pranks were strictly time limited and often were only allowed to be practiced until Noon on April 1. This ensured that the normal social order would be quickly restored.

In the tarot decks, there is a “Fool” figure which is the first card in the major arcana. This “Fool” figure represents every person in his/her spiritual journey. The image tells us a few things about the character of the Fool. The Fool is much more than a prankster or trickster. The Fool has his feet in both the spiritual and material world and is a bridge between vision and practical reality. The Fool is a visionary who can manifest his vision because he knows the rules of the material world.

The Fool archetype is a part of each human. This archetype has important lessons to teach humanity. For example, the Fool is not so captured by everyday reality that he cannot see the possibilities of change. Most of you are so trapped in the necessity of making money, caring for your families, and the everyday responsibilities that material life requires that you don’t often have the time or energy to imagine or explore other possibilities. It is at this time of paradigm change when you need to allow the Fool in all of you to come out and play.

The Fool is a figure that knows about trust, taking risks, spontaneity, and playing with possibilities. The “trapped mind” and the hierarchical system of most societies look at the Fool as irrelevant, crazy, and weak. So, you have been programmed to not allow this part of yourselves to help you to be unconventionally creative, (to think out of the box) when big changes are happening in your life. The Fool in you helps you to play with possibilities that have not been accepted by your culture. You are able to move outside the rules to entertain anything that might work and solve the problems that you are facing.

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem. The “same old, same old” no longer works when humanity is standing at the brink of a “new world”. It is at this time that the visionary is most needed and should be supported not only in yourself but in the culture as well. Old consciousness and old ways of understanding only lead to old solutions. So, the old ways will only produce more of the same, more of the old solutions that are no longer working.

It is time to invoke that place in yourself that knows about play, breaking the rules, and putting together unusual combinations. This is the time to trust your intuition, your dreams, and your creativity because it is in trusting these that you will be able to plug into visions that have never been seen before. This will enable you to go beyond the limits of the known world.

This known world with its own set of rules and limitations have held you from tapping into your vast realm of imagination that is essential in the creation of your new world. The old realm carries judgments that limit the individual, the society, the culture and the world. It is the Fool in you that has the courage to stand up to the judgments and the fears and take the risks necessary to imagine something different and then to make that happen.

The Fool values the knowledge that comes from the heart as much as the knowledge that comes from the intellect. Unless you have both, you only have half the answer. So, we call on the blessed Fools of the world to emerge now, in courage and in laughter, to create a world that has never been seen before, a world of heart and mind, a world of spirit and matter, a world where everyone counts and peace and respect are not just words.


March 2010 Dragon Speak

We have spoken before about the Earth and humanity being at a point in its cycle of change where there must be a necessary break with the past . Part of being in this shift means that organizing principles of your culture are changing dramatically and are opening the way into the formation of a radically different scenario. It also means that you are caught between the death of the old paradigm and the birth of the new.

Times of profound paradigm shifts have been labeled in astrological terms as moving from the Age of Gemini to the Age of Taurus then to the Age of Aries then into the Age of Pisces and now into the Age of Aquarius. Each age has been associated with different developmental stages of man’s growth. The Age of Gemini is about the development of a different kind of consciousness. The Age of Taurus is associated with the development of personal identity. The task of the Age of Aries was the development of the ego. The task of the Age of Pisces was the formation of a group awareness, for example, being part of a nation or a religion. The task of the Age of Aquarius is the “… discovery of the Self…the loving fellowship of mankind and the return of the feminine.” (Alice O. Howell)

As you come into the Age of Aquarius, you have reached the developmental stage where you can move beyond your adolescence and into a level of maturity that recognizes that each of you is part of God. As you already know, leaving adolescence is a difficult task. Adolescents experience themselves as the center of the universe. Their developmental task is about forming and claiming their individuality. Peer pressure and acceptance is very important at this time, and adolescents do not want to be told that their actions have consequences. Adolescents have loyalty to their small peer group and don’t see their connection to the larger world. The agenda is set, in the adolescent world, by those that are popular and “cool”. Everyone else either follows this lead or they are diminished and shamed. Can you see how this applies to the current situation on your planet? The adolescent frame of mind cannot solve the problems that it has created. A new level of maturity is necessary to find the solutions that are needed.

The Age of Aquarius is supporting the maturation of the human race. This maturation gives you a clearer vision of what is actually happening because you are ready to move beyond an adolescent self-involved framework of understanding. For example, it is only in recent years that humankind has become aware that their economic endeavors have environmental consequences. So the alarm has been sounded, but you are still denying the consequences of your behaviors and choices. You have the facts, and now you must act on those facts as you move from adolescence into maturity.

The adolescent vision has also impacted how you have treated one another. In the past, when richer countries exploited poorer countries, no one knew about these evils. Now with the internet and TV, you know what is happening across the Earth within hours. In addition, you have been able to see the devastating consequences of some of your actions. When you are able to see and relate to others across the Earth, you are aware that all humans want and need the same basic things. You see the connection between all beings. What moves you into your maturity is turning this awareness into action to solve these problems and restore justice.

Your current situation, which is one of seeing the issues around you, but having no solutions in sight, is full of frustration and can bring on a sense of hopelessness. You need to realize that this sense of frustration is the fuel that is needed to fire up and motivate change. Just as when individuals are in a process of change, you need to be unhappy enough that you are willing to strike out in a new direction. These heavy feelings are just another part of this process.

So without unhappiness, frustration, and hopelessness, there is no reason to change. As uncomfortable as it may feel, this is the fire that lights the dynamite that will blow up the old structures and clear the ground for something new.

You are now standing at a breaking point of a new wave of energy that is moving mankind into a new era. You can either stand still and let the wave drown you, or you can move with the wave and ride it into shore. This is the moment to act. Talking and being aware are no longer enough!


February 2010 Dragon Speak

In some parts of the world, this is the month reserved for Valentine's Day or, more inclusively, this is the month of the heart.

This month serves as a reminder that you spend much of your life in your head and not in your heart. For example, you believe that, when you make decisions, those decisions should be dispassionate and based only on facts and analysis and what you can predict in the short-term. But, this has been an excuse to not look at long-term results and not look at the damage that may be done by short-term and narrow thinking. For example, companies often make decisions based on short-term profit projections, and fail to look at the long-term consequences to workers and the community. When decision making also comes from the heart, long-term consequences that may have negative effects on people and the community are taken into consideration, because the heart holds the knowledge that, what hurts the one, hurts the all.

To deal with the entire picture when making decisions, the heart is what is called upon. The intellect only sees part of the picture. Self-interest only sees part of the picture. The heart sees the whole and is open to intuition, deeper wisdom and concern for all beings.

So, when we speak of the heart, we are not speaking of just emotional reactions. We are speaking of the wise center that knows that decisions are not made in vacuums, but have greater implications for the whole. The heart considers all the aspects of a decision and the ripples that go out and reach into the community and the world.

A "bottom line" decision works for profits but injures people, communities and the environment. (When indigenous peoples made decisions, they considered the consequences up through the 7th generation.) You are now beginning to realize that your limited view has brought about suffering, not only to the world at large, but to the individuals making those decisions. Any decision made anywhere on your planet has an impact on the entire planet. Air pollution in China and the resulting ozone is making its way to the West Coast of the US and making smog worse. (This according to a January, 2010 newspaper article in a California paper.)

In the Western world, especially, you have been trained to believe that "greed is good" and that self-interest is more important than the common good. At this time of radical change, when the movement of consciousness and the recognition of the Spirit that you are, are under way, it is essential to move into the "bigger" self to complete the journey. This is where the heart comes in. The heart recognizes what a smaller vision does not, that your self-interest is irrevocably tied to the interest of all beings.

Listening to your heart is vital to your own growth and to the future of the planet. A holistic approach to decision making and to your entire life is required at this time.



January 2010 Dragon Speak

The new year is upon us. In Chinese astrology it is the year of the Tiger.

Let's consider the archetype of the tiger as it emerges in these last years before 2012.

When you image a tiger, do you see it stealthily creeping through the jungle looking for its prey? We know that most predators look for that which is old, sick and wounded. So, without predators, the balance in nature cannot be achieved. How does this archetype play its role in today's urban world?

The energy of the tiger is a natural force that is important to maintain balance and to clear out that which no longer works. Without death, life does not continue. The irony is that, literally, death feeds life. Not only does dead plant material feed the earth for other plants to grow, but also, death maintains a working balance that ensure that the land can carry diverse species into adulthood.

This tiger energy which helps the natural world flourish also is important in the nourishing of the social order. Man- made structures, ideas and beliefs also need this "culling" process so that which no longer works is replaced by the new that does work. Without this process, culture becomes fossilized and no longer functions. We see this cyclical process when a new idea or invention sweeps in popularity across the world because its time has come and you humans are ready to take the next step.

It is natural to want to hold on to that which is familiar. But, if you hold on too long, then you are subverting the life process which is one of change. When your energy is tied up in maintaining the old, it is not available to proceed with the new. The tiger energy will help you let go of the clutching and fear so that you can use your energy to embrace and enhance the new.

The tiger energy can destroy the old before there is any sign of the new coming. You may be left with only shredded and bloodied pieces of the original form well before you can see the new idea on the horizon. Isn't this where the world is standing now?

Reacting to this tiger energy by digging in your heels, refusing to acknowledge the passing of the old, or by feeling fearful and angry because this change is not of your choosing, only brings you more pain and fear. For change is inevitable. When you are sitting in the transition time, it is always difficult and scary and confusing. Please acknowledge these feelings and the anxiety that accompanies them. But also, know that change is coming, and no matter how hard you try and fight it, it is still coming. Is there any way for you to feel and work through these very real difficulties without making this process a power struggle between you and the change?

The tiger also symbolizes courage and that is exactly what is needed at this time. Ask the tiger to assist you in finding the courage that lies within you.



December 2009 Dragon Speak

We are back from vacation and feel the need to speak to you about a serious topic.

We need to talk again about the presence of illusions in your lives. It is necessary for you to become conscious of these illusions that influence your decisions if you are to be free.

We wish to speak specifically about those illusions that are basic and counterproductive to your spiritual growth and independence.

A recent event that was covered by TV and print in the U.S., involved several illusions. People paid a large sum of money to attend a workshop. During the workshop, some of the participants failed to listen to their own bodily wisdom and suffered dire consequences because they gave their own decision making ability and common sense to another. Why is it that you cannot trust yourselves? Why do you mute and ignore your own inner wisdom? Why do you believe that money, degrees and popularity give expertise and wisdom about what works for you in your life? Why do you give control to others who assure you that they know what is best for you? Throughout history some of these assumptions have resulted in death and slavery.

How do you give yourselves permission to question these illusions and begin believing in yourself and your own inner vision? The first step is to get to know yourself and what your values are. This requires quiet time and self-examination. Take the next few weeks and ask yourselves: what are my values, who do I trust more than myself and in what areas and why do I trust them? (For example, you trust doctors without question, but they make mistakes too. Where is your line between trusting the doctor and trusting yourself and your inner guidance?)

You cannot really trust yourselves until you know who you are, what is important to you, and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. You cannot really trust yourselves until you listen to your deep inner reactions and feelings. This takes time and effort. You have allowed your inner wisdom to be devalued, and your inner voice to be silenced.

It is easy to distrust yourselves when the culture tells you that authority figures are more reliable than your own inner knowing. You also have been told that if something is valuable it must be expensive. So you tend to judge truth and meaning according to outer "tags" like cost, titles, popularity, and salesmanship. This is an illusion, these outer "tags" do no measure truth. They merely measure the current state of your culture.

This is the time to allow and encourage your inner wisdom to be heard and acted upon in your life, because this time is about empowering yourselves to experience the God in you.


Dragon-Speak September - November 2009

We have been away for two months taking care of other major projects. Now, we are back and glad to be here!

We thought we would talk again about the year 2012 in your Western calendars. There has been much written about it and much fear engendered of late. We want to stress again that this particular moment- Dec.21, 2012 to be exact- isn't about the end of the world or some Armageddon experience. It is a date which marks a magnificent opportunity for humanity and planet Earth that has been a long time in the making.

The journey of creation from the Divine into matter and back to the Divine is the essence of what your existence is all about. There has been a deep forgetting about your Source and about the fact that you are on a journey. This information has been "seeded" in you and in the Earth so that, at the appropriate time, you would "wake up" from a deep slumber and begin to integrate this great awareness that would lead you to a jump in consciousness - a paradigm shift- for the entire planet. This "jump" experience has been offered before to many planets and civilizations, but its acceptance involves being ready and being willing to bring Truth into your everyday lives for the good of all beings.

You still struggle with warfare and greed and competition, but there are now enough people who have lived their commitment and Truth that the invitation to "jump" is being offered again.

Ancient calendars, traditional peoples and deeply spiritual cultures have known about this time. They were able to encode these teachings in their documents and drawings and the oral teachings of gifted Elders.

The date mentioned by so many and held sacred is almost here. As we have said before, everything that is happening in your society and world-wide is part of the preparation. In addition, all that is being brought into readiness in the cosmos and in the Milky Way and in your Solar System is part of this approaching time of destiny.

Ask to know about this if you don't already, and you will be lead to people and places that will help you.

You are standing on the edge of a great spiritual birth. Just as your legends say that a star appeared in the Heavens to denote the birth of a Messiah-figure, so this time is marked by many "stars", many heavenly bodies moving into alignment. This alignment, as well as events on planet Earth, are heralds of what is unfolding.

Don't mistake what is happening as chaos or irrelevant or tragic. Yes, there are deathings of old ways and systems, but it is the labor pains preceeding a new birth in you and in all.

How can you best prepare for this upcoming time since the unfolding Reality is with you right now and impacts your life daily You have evidence at your fingertips that nothing is the same as it was and something new is happening.

In the next few months, we hope to give you some more instruction that will assist your flow into the new. We ask you to take very seriously this juncture in your history. You are about to be in a position that last occurred 26,000years ago. Can you handle it and not miss the opportunity being offered to move into the position designed for you in the beginning by Divine Love?

Trust, surrender and vision are being asked of you, even when you can not yet see the wonderous changes to come.

Think and reflect on this.


Dragon Speak August 2009

As you continue to live through this "Shift of the Ages", you have undoubtedly noticed that your experience of time has changed. As magnetic energy shifts on this planet, your sense of time is being altered. In the past, you were able to experience the apparent steady forward movement that accompanied your efforts. Events seemed to develop in a consistent sequence that you could build on, that you could predict and monitor easily.

Your experience in the past has defined time as a constant. There is a past, present and future. This belief needs to be reconsidered in the light of information coming from quantum physics and consciousness studies. These studies give you a new paradigm from which you can understand that time is a construct of human consciousness. Not only is new information coming to you, but in fact, your consciousness is expanding, and you are able to see the universe and your place in it in a much larger context.

As your consciousness expands, you become aware that you are connected to all creation and are part of the universe. With this expanded definition of who "you" are, there is nothing that "you" are not. You are part of All and have always been and will always be. Technically, then, there is nothing that is called "past" or "future" that is not part of your present experience of yourself. How does this manifest in your life?

Have you ever been around children who knew much more than their age and experience would account for? Have you had moments of sudden clarity (an epiphany) when disparate pieces of information came together to make a whole? Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Are you aware of things before they happen? Do your dreams give you information that you need? Have you experienced synchronicity happening more frequently? Things that were called "coincidences".

These experiences and many others like them are instances of time revealing itself as non-linear. Another experience of non-liner and non-local events is involved in long- distance healing. The desire to heal is a state of consciousness that moves beyond time and space. In quantum physics, a researcher who focuses on his experiment gets one result, but that same experiment with the same researcher, who does not focus on the experiment, gets a different result. Intention and attention (where we put our focus) move beyond narrow limits of time and space.

Once you become aware that you are part of creation and that past, present and future no longer mean what they once did, you become comfortable in a new skin as a citizen of the cosmos, not bound by small visions of time and space. And, you realize because you are part of everything, that you and your actions directly effect everything and that you are effected by everything. All is connected, that means YOU! You co-create the world. Believe this because it is true!

Because your traditional sense of time is speeded up, events are occurring out of their usual order. This can have an impact on your physical and emotional health. But know -this is one of the changes being birthed by the "Shift of the Ages". To help your adjustment to these changes, recognize that you are not going crazy, but these changes in your perception of time are real. In any time of change, you need to begin to let go of the "old ways" and allow the new to come into your everyday life. Be the tree that sways in the storm, not the tree that breaks with a high wind.

Be flexible and kind to yourself and to everyone else. You are all experiencing this reorganization of life on this planet.


Dragon Speak July 2009

July is often a time set aside for vacationing, meeting with friends and family, having fun activities; in general, changing your usual pace of life to one that is reviving and different. You don't have the usual expectations of yourselves and can throw away your "to-do" lists!

Vacation time gives adults in your societies the permission to play! Play is not just for children. Play is necessary for health on all levels. And, play keeps you from getting overwhelmed, stale and unable to see new solutions because you are so over-loaded with the usual responsibilities. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and keep utilizing the same old strategies to handle the challenges in your life.

Play gives you new energy and allows you to see with fresh eyes. When you are "in a rut" and can't see ways to approach difficulties, anger, stress and frustration build. Play enables you to stop running in circles and put your life, with all its current issues, in perspective. Also, when you are in this rut, you can become blind to the tools and support that you already have in your life. Play brings lightness into your situation so that the obstacles don't seem so formidable.

In addition, play brings a rest to your entire system, and the body doesn't need to function in high gear as it does normally. More and more evidence is accumulating that sleep and rest are imperative for good health and functioning. Sleep and rest, and the restoration these bring, are not just luxuries, they are vital. So often, humans forget that their bodies are sacred and need care and refreshment.

Allowing the "inner spaciousness" that play brings, invites your imagination to blossom. You are able to imagine new possibilities. Any "staleness and stuckness" that you feel can loosen and dissolve. Your life can seem new again. You can detach from whatever you have held so tightly so that new energy flows in you. Life can seem joyous rather than a constant drag!

When play opens you up to new and fresh energy, handling your responsibilities can become less of a heavy burden, and you can handle them in a lighter way.

God didn't put you here to become a grim and joyless automaton. Life isn't just about shouldering responsibilities, solving problems and being serious. Life is also about laughter, playing, having fun and being able to appreciate the beautiful world and people that surround you.

Integrating play into your life is not just about two weeks in July. It is a vital part of living and feeling alive. Even when you are home, a small change of routine, a day at the park, a few hours in the library, having coffee with a friend, choosing a different pattern during your work day, taking a free day from the electronic maze you live in, playing with the children or pets, playing a game, listening to music; just having unscheduled "free" time each day can keep you healthy, physically and mentally. You also need to feed your connection to God so that you can experience that you are part of something greater that is unfolding. Meditation and prayer can assist this. Try for at least a few minutes a day to connect with the God that lives in you.

Go out and have some fun!


Dragon Speak June 2009

We wish to honor the male principle that is celebrated in some countries during the month of June as Father's Day. On earth, male energy is associated with action, structure, discipline, work, protection, judging and competition.

As we mentioned last month, it is important to mother yourself, and it is equally important to be a good father to yourself. How can you be a good father?

The voice of the father in you tells you that you need to establish boundaries to define who you are and to protect who you are. Boundaries help you to discern what values, attitudes and beliefs are truly held in your heart and not just flooding in from your environment. Boundaries help you to stand strong and to be clear when outer influences seek to persuade you to act against your own truth.

Fathering energy also supports self-discipline. Self-discipline helps you to achieve difficult goals, for when the goal is difficult, it is sometimes easier to give it up. Discipline helps you to define who you truly are and to stay in alignment with truth, because it is so easy to be swayed and follow the lead of others.

Fathering energy is also about manifesting who you are in the world. Healthy father energy teaches you how to function in the classroom, in a job, in the marketplace. For it is in the marketplace where you learn the importance of staying true to yourself while you fulfill your work responsibilities. Integrity is built by the balancing of these two arenas, and there are times when bold decisions must be made if your job compromises your personal values. Commitment is closely related to integrity since making a commitment involves your honor and your pledge to do what is necessary to fulfill your commitment. How you keep your commitments is a measure of who you are!

Fathering energy includes judging, and judging, in its purest form, is about evaluating whether your actions have produced the results that you wanted. It also enables you to determine if people and situations fit your values and standards. (This judging is not about condemnation of yourself or others.)

Competition is another area where the father shows himself. You have taken competition to its negative extreme, but there is also a positive side to competition. That positive side is related to healthy self-esteem, because you feel that you are worthy enough to deserve what you need and willing to step out into the world to try and achieve your goals.

Fathering energy is about action. You cannot simply sit on your beliefs, values and attitudes. You must put them into action in your life. You live in the material world, and you must function in that world by manifesting who you are in a tangible form.

The healthy and whole "mother and father" are not always mirrored perfectly in your parents. So, you must become your own healthy "mother and father". This means that you are striving for wholeness in your life. That wholeness means that you balance the softer and nurturing qualities of the "mother" and the more outward, active qualities of the "father".

You can have a happy and whole childhood no matter what age you are!!


Dragon Speak May 2009

Some countries honor mothers during the month of May. This honoring extends from images of Divine Mother, like Mary, Isis, Demeter, Kwan Yin, etc. to your own special mothers. When you think of a good " Mother", you usually think of one who is nurturing, unconditionally loving, compassionate, accepting, and protective of the young.

All humans carry a "mothering" energy that is an aspect of your personalities. This is true whether you are male or female in gender. When someone is suffering or in need of a friend, some of these mothering instincts will emerge quite naturally.

We would like to suggest that not only is it important to honor those qualities that are associated with the "good mother", but it is also important to act as your own "good mother".

The "softer" qualities of mother are certainly needed in your societies. Too often, these qualities have been seen as weak and only needed by children. As you grow into adulthood, you are often told to "toughen up", "don't cry", "don't act like a baby". And, these commands are more often told to the male of your species.

What is wrong with crying or needing support and comfort when you are hurting or you have lost something important in your life? For, only by grieving and receiving comfort both from yourself and from others, can you accept the losses that you suffer and then move on to the new things that are coming to you. Change and loss are an integral part of life. Even when those changes are positive (a new job, a marriage, a baby), something must die in your old life to make way for the new. Every change in your life asks that you make adjustments and that an emphasis be put on new aspects of your life. So, like the "good mother", it is OK to be nurturing and gentle with yourself as you navigate these changes and losses in your life. You will find that these adjustments will take place faster and with much less difficulty if you are kind to yourself.

Your species is so judgmental of itself. So often you expect yourselves to master the new with few mistakes and with a short adjustment period. You show little if any compassion for yourselves when you make the needed mistakes in your learning process and even less compassion as you make the adjustments in your own personality and life that are needed when you are in a new situation. Compassion is not for the weak and underachievers, it is the quality that is needed whenever a new challenge is faced. Earth is a learning laboratory for humans to experience how spirit and matter (your body) work together, and those "kinks" are still being worked out. So, all of humanity and all of the universe is in a very large and long learning curve. Compassion is the grease that allows the difficulties of learning something new to smooth out the journey. A "good mother" does not yell at her child when the child is learning to walk and falls. Instead, the "good mother" praises the child for the small steps forward and loves and comforts the child when a fall happens. A game is made of the child learning to walk. Support and out -stretched hands are available whenever the child needs them. It is very difficult to learn a new skill when you are constantly criticized for every mistake or misstep that is taken.

It is more important than ever to give the gift of "good mothering" to yourself in whatever ways you can. Can you stop judging yourself when you did the best you could but couldn't quite achieve what you had hoped for? Can you be compassionate and accepting of who you are even when some of your characteristics are not valued by your family or society?

Try to come up with one act a day that is just for you, something that makes you feel special and cared for, something that comes from the "mother" in you to feed and nurture the you that may be weak or confused or despondent. Maybe this is simply sitting down to eat inside of standing up and eating quickly to rush off to the next chore. Whatever it may be, make this May a self-mothering month. All those you love and care for will also benefit from your joy, your peace, and your centeredness.

The Dragons wish you a Happy Mother's Day!


Dragon Speak April 2009

Resurrection of Hope

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox has just occurred. Easter is coming. These holy days are about the strengthening of hope after a long and difficult winter. "Winter" is not only a season of the year but also felt as a "winter" in the heart. Especially, during this winter, many around the world have been "frozen" by a lack of hope and a feeling of powerlessness.

The daily news is magnifying human behavior at its worst: greed, selfishness, cheating, lack of compassion for others, and lack of integrity. The news is also filled with the consequences that global warming may have on Mother Earth and you. The constant reminders that conditions are bad seem to make those conditions even worse.

With all this bad news coming at you daily, it is difficult not to be swallowed by darkness, fear and depression. Therefore, it is very important that you notice what you are listening to, what people you are spending time with, what things you are reading. In general, you need to screen what you are allowing into your consciousness.

This is a time of opposing forces: despair and hope, destruction and construction, powerlessness and empowerment. Humanity is at a crossroads. When you are at a crossroads, you must choose one way or the other. No choice is an approval of the status quo. What will you choose? If you choose hope, construction and empowerment, you must act on this choice. If you don't act, then you are supporting the status quo, because nothing changes in your life.

What is hope? It is trusting that the future will be better than the present, even when there are few signs to hang your hope on. When the fields are frozen and covered with snow, it is hard to imagine that in a few months, those fields will be covered with new life. Hope is also the belief that life moves in cycles and one cycle feeds another. Just as in a forest, the decaying of old vegetation nourishes and supports the birth of new life, so it is with human life. We build on the old structures and form new more vibrant life. Looking at human history shows this cycle over and over again. For example, the agrarian age giving way to the industrial revolution and the industrial revolution giving way to the technological age and the technological age giving way to the green revolution and global consciousness.

Resurrecting hope in your life is not foolish or unrealistic. Hope is based on real life experience, and it is what you can hang onto during these difficult times. Hope is also a vehicle that moves you. When you are hopeless, you are stuck because there is no life energy to get you moving. When many are hopeless, the change process slows down, because the hopelessness takes away vision and motivation. So encouraging hope in your life not only feeds you, but gets the change process moving so it will go faster.


March 2009

We mentioned the Chinese New Year in our last article. We'd like to start there this month. The Chinese people have always honored Dragons and always appreciated the nature and value of earth energies. When they spoke of the twelve animals coming to the Buddha to be named and assigned to the years of the calendar, they did so because each animal would indeed embody a certain set of characteristics of that cycle of time. The animals were chosen appropriately because the people were in tune with underlying principles of the energetic field of Earth.

As you know, this year on the planet has been designated as the year of the Earth Ox. What does this signify? And, how might knowing this help you?

The key words for the Earth Ox are: structure, service, persistence, creativity, hard work, strength, and service to the Earth and environment. These characteristics are important during this year, as old structures weaken and fall and new structures are being creatively birthed. Also, while new structures are built, persistence, hard work and strength are required. For example, when you build a house, the entire house doesn't go up in one day. You must build a foundation, put up the walls and roof and then begin to fill in the rest. Such is the case when you build any structure, internal or external. This is a time when you must act even though you don't see the final product for a long time. This is a time to build for the long term because with persistence, hard work and strength the structures will be built soundly and for the ages.

In particular at this time, the world is attempting to rebuild economic systems. This requires the laying down of many small pieces that will eventually come together in a whole. Along the way, however, this requires faith, persistence and patience as the pieces slowly form a whole. You may not see the end result for a few years.

This process is also true for you and any internal changes that you may want to put into place. You must lay the foundation by having an idea and intention, practice new behaviors with determination, believe in your ability to make change, and wait for the change to appear. The temptation today, in a world of instant gratification, is to make an intention and want it to manifest over night. Real change demands the intention (Spirit) be brought into the physical realm (matter) through action. Since you are both Spirit and matter, change happens when the two arenas are integrated. The process may take some time to appear and so you must be both patient and determined.

March is also the month of the Spring Equinox, a time of new beginnings. So both this month, and the year of the OX, are supporting and encouraging new beginnings for you and for the Earth. It is time to consider what personal structures are no longer working for you and need to be released, what structures can be kept but need some adjustments, and what new structures need to be built.

Spring cleaning is the order of the day for yourself and the planet.


February 2009

If you are in the northern hemisphere, you are sitting in the middle of deep winter. Long nights of darkness and cold forced humans to “pull-in” to conserve heat and energy. So, winter also became associated with introspection and hibernation.

This year, your time of introspection takes place in the midst of great change. During this time when you are aware that both you and the world are in transition, you need to enter the quiet inner realm where plans can be made and ideas seeded in preparation for springing into action and blossoming.

During this time of major transition, it is important to take the time to re-evaluate long held views upon which you have based your actions and your life. These views were established at an earlier time in your life and in the life of the world. Have the changes that have already occurred made these old views counterproductive or obsolete? You can no longer act unconsciously, following in “old ruts” of thought or emotion. Awareness is necessary now!

Winter rooting and contemplation can be frustrating if you expect instant results. This time is most important. You must build a foundation within that will support and nourish the changes that are to come. Manifested change takes work and change that will last and be positive needs to be planned and supported.

Why was the holiday (holy day) of Valentine’s Day place in the heart of winter? “What does love have to do with it?” How does love help you during this time of introspection and re-evaluation?

The love we speak about here is unconditional love. The unconditional love that is continually offered by the Divine to each of you.

It is this unconditional love that is necessary when you begin to re-evaluate your beliefs, actions, thoughts and emotions and to weigh what has worked and what needs to be released. Unconditional love is so important because it allows you to forgive and release all that has not worked, or doesn’t work in this present time. Instead of condemning yourself as “stupid”, “inadequate”, “bad”, etc. you are able to forgive these “mistakes”, learn from them, and decide what you can do differently in the future. Without unconditional love, the process of re-evaluation can often lead to harsh judgments and paralysis when you believe that things will never change or get better because you made mistakes, suffered a failure, or the old way no longer works.

Life is full of mistakes and failures and in order to not be a victim of your mistakes, you must love yourself enough to forgive your mistakes, learn from them and formulate new plans.

Life is a giant classroom. You would not punish a child, who while learning a new skill, is not immediately proficient in that skill. And so it is with life on Earth, where you learn new skills, change outlooks, re-evaluate and refine plans as you and your situation changes.

The great changes, that have already happened and will continue to happen, require that you allow the unconditional love of the Divine to fill you so that you can “roll with the punches” during the coming months and years.

Remember, these changes are all pointed toward a more loving, compassionate and forgiving world for all. Let the change begin with you!

P.S. The month of February also brings the Chinese New Year, celebrated by many peoples around the world. This year is the year of the Earth Ox. At this time when you have much to heal on this planet related to the treatment of the Earth and of one another, the Ox is here to help you.


January 2009

Happy New Year To All!

This is the turning of a new year in your western calendar. Some other traditions have already begun the new year and still other traditions will begin a new year shortly.

This year is a transitional year from the ways of the past into a new paradigm of wholeness and global consciousness. As with all transitions, there is excitement and fear. As we have said before, the old ways are falling apart before the new ways are formed, and this is scary. Many people are suffering financial loses as the old financial structures implode and the old ways of thinking that supported those structures are no longer viable. You are moving away from the third dimensional values that were anchored solely in the material realm. You are shifting toward the values that come from a higher dimensional appreciation of justice, oneness and compassion for all beings.

Despite the current sufferings and difficulties, hope can arise and turn your attention toward creating a better future for yourselves and for the entire world.

There is something about hope that casts light into even the darkest corners. The spark of hope is never entirely extinguished. And, it takes only a small act to have it bust into flame. Even in the most difficult of human experiences, hope has been triggered. Remember those who survived the Holocaust and went on to live lives helping others in dire circumstances. Remember Nelson Mandela who, despite years in prison under apartheid, survived to be a leader of his nation and the world. Remember all those victims and perpetrators who went through the time of “Reparations” with Bishop Tutu.

You are just beginning to perceive the budding and shaky pictures of what may be coming. So, this is the right time to allow the gift of hope to guide you and assist you. We send you these blessings of hope, as do so many Masters, Teachers and Angels! But, it is also necessary for you to do your piece by nurturing this gift of hope so that it is deeply planted in you and your world.

What does the gift of hope give you? Hope is a state of expectancy that doesn’t allow fear to have the last word. You are able to see possibilities when you are hopeful that you are blind to when fear fills your vision. Hope gives you the strength to manifest your vision and opens your perspective to draw in those things that will help you create your new world. Hope is the magnet that attracts new possibilities.

Some people believe that hope is just wishful thinking and, it can be, if it has no basis in reality. If you believe that you can become the Queen of England, that is wishful thinking because it has no basis in reality. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find hope that is grounded in reality. Hope is saving money on a regular basis that will allow you to purchase a home in future. In between wishful thinking and realistic hope lies the realm of miracles. This is the realm where tumors miraculously disappear and there is no scientific explanation. Between wishful thinking, realistic hope and miracles lies a huge landscape of possibilities.

What can you do right now to bring hope into your life and into the life of the planet? You can begin be being more aware of the words that you speak that transmit a positive or a negative vision. Because words are energy, they tend to create what they embody. When you catch yourself thinking only about the negative, change your thinking! When you speak a negative, change the words into something more positive or stop speaking. Gratitude, about who and what you do have in your life, is a way to bring the positive into your thoughts and speech.

Negative thoughts and speech lead to negative behaviors that further emphasize the negative vision. For example, when you are fearful, you tend to close down emotionally and isolate yourselves. When you notice a behavior like this, change the behavior to its opposite. Go out into your community and do a kindness for someone. Begin slowly but BEGIN!

One suggestion that we have is to create a “Beacon Bowl”. This would be a bowl, glass or cup that is transparent. Place this object in a room where you spend time and where it is easily visible. Get a package of glass marbles or a package of glass beads that are used to hold flower arrangements in vases. If you wish, you could place any type of battery- operated light into the vessel. (As light is reflected in the beads or marbles, they are another example of how the light that you put out spreads into the world.) Every time you are able to change a thought, a word, a behavior from negative to positive, or perform a hopeful act, place a marble in the vessel. Also, every time that you feel gratitude for who and what you are, place another marble in the vessel. The Beacon Bowl is a visible manifestation of the hope that you are creating in your life and thus in the life of the planet. The New Year is a good time to start this, and you may want to extend this practice into the first day of Spring or longer, if you choose.

May your hope continue to grow and light-en your life and the life of others!


December 2008

It’s time again for the celebration of the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas, as well as other newer holidays. These times on Earth are times of generosity and hope, marked by gift- giving and reflection. These are times that teach about the value and beauty of Light coming into dark places. These are also times that celebrate the Divine energy integrated throughout matter, Divinity being “born” into form. It is a special celebration for each being on planet Earth because it celebrates you as Light and as an aspect of God!

It’s a time when even the hardest of hearts begins to soften through images, music, family gatherings and good will moving through communities and across the world. It continues to give a preview of what could be throughout the year on this planet. Some wonder if this is an unrealistic fantasy, but we Dragons are here to tell you that it would not be a wish and dream in your hearts if it were not possible to achieve.

The seasonal changes of light and dark, hot and cold, serve to teach you that change is a natural part of human life. Everything changes, and nothing stays stuck in nature and in human nature. A time of spring and summer activity gives way to fall and winter quiet and reflection. It is important for you to remember that a cycle comes to fulfill a purpose. This purpose may be seeding new ideas, harvesting those ideas or providing a time of inner quiet when new ideas are preparing to be born. Humans seem to forget that life is cyclical and that neither the “good” nor the “bad” lasts forever. It is only your belief that things last forever that makes it seem so. If you only trusted the nature of cycles, you would be able to sustain hope during the difficult times because you would know that one phase passes into another. This is especially important now when so many aspects of human life on the planet are experiencing radical change. Radical change often involves endings, endings before the new is visible.

This time of the year with the light returning slowly into the darkness reminds you that light is always with and in you, even when you cannot see it clearly. This time of the human yearly cycle generates hope, warmth, and generosity. Why is it only at this time that it is easier to act on these qualities? Why does your heart open to embrace humanity and the world? Why do charities and food banks get more donations at this time? Why do people reach out to the lonely and hungry at this time? WHY DON’T YOU DO THIS DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR? What blocks the process?

Maybe, during this time of reflection, you could ponder what changes need to be made so that this spirit can take root during all the months of the year to come. There will still be periods of challenge, of course, but how can you change your beliefs and actions so that the challenges don’t destroy your hope, but give birth to new ways of coping and bouncing back?


November 2008

"The Sky Is Falling"

It sure feels like the sky is falling with the continuing financial crises on this planet. When basic institutions that you have trusted and effect your everyday lives are disintegrating, terror and confusion are set free in your minds and bodies. When institutions collapse, it is especially fear-filled because it is beyond the ability of an individual to remedy the situation. You feel helpless because the problems effect you directly and yet you can do nothing significant to solve the difficulty.

When institutions like banks, stock-brokerage houses and mortgage lenders allow greed to be the only factor in making decisions, poor decisions are made, and the average person becomes a pawn, losing all sense of trust in the system. When trust goes, the foundation of the life you have struggled to build becomes shaky and threatened with destruction. (Let's not forget that it isn't only big institutions that exhibit greed. Wanting something for nothing gets many people in trouble!)

Even though these events are able to shake your inner and outer worlds with tremors of anxiety, confusion and distrust, remember that there is another process being revealed. In a prior Dragon-Speak we spoke of the death-life cycle and the need for the old to die before the new can be born. Well, you are right in the middle of this death process!

This process, while it seems never-ending, has an end. Knowing that there is an end to this part of the cycle can help you to keep going even when you think you can't. Cycles on this planet have three parts-birthing the new, establishing the new and the destroying of the status quo so that another new phase can begin. Living through a "destruction" phase is very difficult and demands a vision of the whole process, plans for survival and perseverance.

Even though you are captivated and entranced by the destruction phase, to break the trance you need to pay attention to the teachings of the Masters. As you may know, ancient prophecies have predicted a major planetary change in consciousness around the year 2012. The entire planet is sloughing off its old skin which leads to major transformation which you will see as a birth of new institutions and systems. In fact, the great teacher, Sanat Kumara, who assisted this planet in its original birthing phase and then returned to the etheric level of the planet Venus, has returned to the Earth to midwife the coming shift on this planet. He returned here in August of 2008 in the midst of what seems to be a devastating time of change.

He came because the falling apart of many systems was the sign of the Earth's readiness for beginning the birth cycle. The Dragons know that this is a disorienting time when people are facing very difficult situations, but we want to remind you that these difficulties lead directly to better times when greed and self-interest is not the predominant mode of operation.

There are many choices when you are facing such a time. You can choose to contract in fear or to expand in hope, or you can experience a combination of both. The Dragons hope that your choice will not be to stay in the contraction of fear. It is understandable to bounce from fear to hope because fear is part of change. But, try to remember that there is help and hope on the planet at the very same time that fear is so rampant.

The illusion that we have about hard times is that things can only get worse and that the hard times will never end. Most of you have had experience of times that were difficult and that you thought would never end. But, they did, and you survived. Remember this when despair tries to capture you!

The Presidential election in the United States is about to happen at this critical time. This election will be significant for the entire globe. It may end up being a vote for fear or for freedom, for the old status quo or for a new paradigm. We ask you to carefully consider your goals and dreams for yourself, your family and your world. Then, determine which person can best fulfill these hopes. The unfolding events in the US will influence human history, not just in an economic way, but in the unfolding of all life in all nations on this planet. Fears are being stirred up by political analysts and "spin-doctors" to achieve the effect they want. It is past time to wake up and take charge because everything is at stake. Choose a world where many of the old ways of "doing business" won’t work any longer and where new considerations of compassion and justice can direct the power for the good of all. No longer can you afford to wait for centuries to do this. The time is now.


October 2008

Postscript to the Summer Olympics 2008

There were many millions of viewers for the opening of the Olympics and many who were watching favorite venues during the course of the Games. Because of these shared images and events, it may be important to us all to reflect on several themes.

1. A sense of world unity is already in existence. The athletes “parade of nations” pointed out that we are all citizens of planet Earth, meeting here together at this point in history. In addition, we have seen that many coaches from different nations chose to work with teams from other countries, as well as athletes playing for nations other than their own. Some athletes have gone to live in other countries to be trained before returning to their native lands. This is the “stuff” of unity, proceeding from a deep knowledge of another land and culture. It is occurring naturally. The motto for these games, “One World, One Dream” said very clearly that mankind holds similar desires!

2. The usual contradictions were evident. Despite coming together to share a vision, participating nations continued to be engaged in wars. An athlete who wanted to call for the traditional Olympic truce during the games had his visa suspended! What do we need to do to stop living with contradictions?

3. Some of the opening rituals were so well choreographed that the human beings involved almost seemed to be automatons. No one seemed to be “out of step.” This brings up questions about harmony and order. To achieve great things with masses of people, do we need forced control? We know that tight control can produce results. But, can mankind achieve major productions, no matter on what level, and still maintain freedom and individual choice? Can free and creative people come together on a project and manage to have success?

A related area of thought involves the portrayal of diversity. The colorful costumes of so many nations, even new nations “born” since the last games, gave us a sense of the beauty of difference! So many times, we have tried to erase variety in fear of possible conflicts. How can diversity be a source of respect and a fuller understanding of life on earth?

4. If you watched the beach volleyball events, you no doubt heard references to certain players who were able to get up from the sand quicker than others and to the sand quality being able to capture the feet and legs of the players. In a metaphoric way, these sand references teach us that sometimes life situations, trainings, cultures, prejudices, assumptions, beliefs can trip us up and make it difficult for us to rise. But, if we develop the ability to work with this tendency of the “sands of life”, we can learn to rise up quickly to “play” again. The problem or issue is not in the falling but in the ability to rise up quickly and keep going. Those who rose up could still work toward a final success!

5. There were many situations during the games that illustrated the highest and lowest possible actions that humans can demonstrate. Kicking a referee or throwing a medal away exhibited the ego control that can take over and backfire. But, trying consistently against seemingly impossible odds, often resulted in victory. And, there were those times when, despite years of efforts, no medals were won and obscurity- not fame- was the result. Yet, people went on, did what they could do and supported others.

There are many other insights that flow from these games. You might want to look back over the course of this competition to discover what strikes you or moves you.

The presence of the faces of so many innocent and hopeful children, the images of planet Earth facing ecological crises and possible solutions, the reverence for nature especially in wind and water, and the lighting of the Great Fire bring up concerns and feelings that all residents of Earth share. The Closing Ceremonies with an emphasis on circles, a sign of oneness without hierarchy, and the living flame that projected an image of taking the flame into our inner worlds, were fitting closing symbols to these “games” that really brought China into the modern world, exposing the west to its beauty, imagination, technical prowess and humanity and exposing China to the similar human spirit lived in the west.

Mankind can work together to achieve what may have seemed impossible in the past, and mankind can put an end to the contradictions that have been played out for so long to achieve something new and magical for all beings! This is the real message of the Olympics, but individuals need to make the choices so that energy for the new is released to do its work. You need to make a choice!

Addendum: US Election

Elections for the US President are coming on November 4th. This decision will affect the entire world, not just the US. We ask that you be aware of the difference between truth and illusion. Much of the TV political advertisements will play on your emotions and use illusions to do so.

When you feel your emotions deeply engaged, fear and anger especially, take care and examine the facts more carefully. Is the ad playing with these emotions or truly dealing with facts?

While considering emotions is an important element in decision-making, these critical times require that you examine carefully all the facts that you can gather and use your intellect to discern who will best suit the needs of the country and the world at this time.


September 2008

Body Matters

Illusions are all around you and have blinded you to the truth. One of the biggest illusions in your belief system concerns the nature of the body and the material world.

Your body and the material world have been seen as "less than" the spiritual world. You have been taught that the body is evil and a source of temptation. Therefore you have been taught that the body must be disciplined and controlled. This view of the body leads to an exaggeration of the body's natural needs turning love into lust, hunger into gluttony, and self-esteem into pride.

We are here now to proclaim that the body and the material realm are of the divine. In fact, all creation is of the divine. The body and the material realm are denser and of a lower vibratory rate therefore are governed by different rules than the spiritual realm. This difference does not make one less than the other. You have been told for centuries that what is infinite and everlasting (spirit) is superior to that which is finite and time- bound (matter). But in fact these different realms are two sides of the same coin.

Because you have been told that the material is inferior to spirit, you tend to mistreat all of matter. Your body is either ignored or disciplined harshly. You are constantly trying to mold and change it. This mindset is also applied to the planet and all the natural world. You take what you want, you dump what you don't want and you ignore its natural needs. To get back in balance you need to see clearly the natural rules of the material world.

What is the nature of the material world? The material world changes and deteriorates and is dictated to by time and space. If you are embodied you take up space and you age, and you have a past, present and future. Being in matter involves being in the front lines of life, you bleed, you get hungry, you lose loved ones, you get sick. And you also know the joys of good food and drink, the joys of loving each other, the joys of satisfying achievements, and the joys brought by the beauty of the natural world.

Being human gives you the whole package, the joys and delights and the sufferings and fears. As humans you unite worlds within yourselves and you strive to balance the material and spiritual to become whole. Yes, as humans you can go to extremes and experience lust and gluttony and pride, but this is part of your learning to balance the material and the spiritual. When you acknowledge and honor the specific nature of both realms, balance and wholeness become possible.

Look at your own training and education and notice what messages you have been given about your body and the material world. Take a personal inventory on where you have achieved some sort of balance and where you need to work harder to become whole.

How do you view your own body and the material world? Do you take care of your body? (Do you smoke? Do you push until you are exhausted? Do you eat right?) Do you judge your body when it gets sick or doesn't perform to your expectations? Do you listen to the wisdom of the body? Do you even acknowledge that your body has something to tell you?

How do you view the natural world? Do you treat the Earth as a garbage dump with your litter. Do you think about the impact that your decisions have on the world? (Do you buy more than you really need?) Do you see the plant world, the animal world and the mineral world, in fact, the planet herself, to be as important as yourself?

To create a new and balanced world, it is vital to honor the material as an aspect of the divine. Love yourself, all of you, as part of the divine.


August 2008

Prelude to Dragon-Speak August 2008
The Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics is scheduled to open this year on 8/8/08 from Beijing China. The date is significant because, in Feng Shui, eight is the most lucky number. Programming is also due to begin in many places at 8pm!

It is not common knowledge, but the Olympics were originally inspired by the Masters as a way to unite humanity. We ask that you pay special attention to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies because it is in the beginning and ending of the games that underlying ideals emerge.The Olympic experience gives us an opportunity to dwell on the positive aspects that unite us all.

As athletes and governments prepare for the Olympic games, we need to be more aware than ever that what is being created is a coming together of the Family of Man in a venue that has always stood for honor and sportsmanship. Although politics has always tried to enter in to use this arena for its own purposes, the Olympics has still managed to hold fast to values and ideals that go far beyond what the world usually pushes toward in terms of greed and self-interest. Yes, the events promote competition but in the context of fair play and mutual support and respect.

At a time when there are so many divisions, it is important to join energetic forces with any venue that stresses the oneness of all peoples marching together into the future. This new awareness of togetherness is what can create a future we all want.

And so, as we all see the rituals of man being presented as the many representatives of the world's nations march in together, let us all- humans and Dragons and all beings- affirm this vision. Affirm it and hold tightly to it, despite the old messages of political systems. You are the new creators of the new world now being gestated!


Dragon Speak: August 2008

How to feel better when you are scared!

Last month's Dragon Speak was about change and the fear that happens when the old is dying and the new has yet to be born. We know that this process is very intense right now for all on the planet Earth. We would like to remind you of strategies to help you put fear in its proper place so you are not overwhelmed and paralyzed by it.

As we said last month, change is a natural process and you have all experienced the challenges that change has produced in your own lives. You have managed to successfully negotiate the changes that have appeared to you in the past. At this particular time, you are not only experiencing your own personal challenges with change, but also experiencing the collective change to a new and higher level of consciousness.

Higher levels of consciousness are created by shifts in the energy field. What does this mean? Life on Earth is composed of matter and that matter is energy moving at a certain rate of vibration. As the level of consciousness rises so to does the vibratory rate. This change of vibration fundamentally effects everything on the planet. Your physical body, your emotions and your thinking process are effected but also everything that was built on that level of vibration is changing. At this level of change all structures that were built on the old vibratory rate can no longer function the way they once did. This applies to all institutions and systems that have marked human life on this planet. And we are also talking about the planet herself. Nothing is immune from this wide spread change process. It is a fundamental evolutionary leap. None of the current changes are a coincidence, such as global warming, weather changes, economic and social unrest and the questioning of long held values.

A change in vibratory rate means the disruption of old and comfortable patterns. But new positive changes can only take place when this process happens even when it involves your fear and discomfort. Because of this massive impact of planetary change, fear can reach dramatic levels and may overwhelm your normal coping strategies.

Since all systems are involved in this massive change, you must look to yourself and your immediate environment to find new coping skills. We would like to suggest some possibilities.

*Find people or groups of people who will not fuel your fear, but who will support you in finding ways to navigate these times with hope so you are better able to see what new options are available to you and your family.

*Take a life inventory and prioritize your physical needs. What things do you really need to spend money on? What are necessities and what things were purchased to maintain a certain image that you can now let go of?

*Begin a gratitude list. When you are fearful that many possessions could be lost, what is left that you really value? For example, do you value the love of friends and family, do you value the beauty of nature, the companionship of a pet, the ability to sing and laugh.)

*Look for local fun activities that build community and don't cost much money. You might check the newspapers, flyers at stores, or go on-line. Look for activities that lighten your mood.

*Create new habits and experiences. Decide to use public transportation instead of driving, try composting and recycling, volunteer your time at a local charity, create a new fun project at home. What can you do that will take your mind off your worries and build new relationships with others?

*Spend time in nature. Nature can be restorative and calming.

*News holiday. If you find yourself overly anxious after watching or reading the news, take a break. Or you might decide to watch or read alternative sources that present a balanced viewpoint.

*Find uplifting literature that revitalizes you rather than depletes you.

*To refresh your spirit you need to dwell on the positive more frequently. Use your gratitude list, or choose a positive theme for yourself each week or each month that is reinforced with positive affirmations.

We the Dragons recognize the difficulties of living on planet Earth at this time. You and your planet are undergoing fundamental changes and as pioneers of a new world you face the unknown without the experience of previous generations to give you a map. You are alive at this time because you have answered the call to participate in this wonderous new birth. You are capable of more than you even know. Together we can create a new world. It is only fear that can prevent this from happening.


July 2008

The times they are a changing

This month let us talk about what is happening on Earth right now. There is lots of confusion, anxiety and insecurity. People are frightened of losing their homes, their jobs, and their way of life. Homes are being lost by floods, tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes, and foreclosures. Food prices are causing starvation in some countries and in Western countries the prices are stretching budgets to the breaking point. Energy prices are changing how and whether you travel.

Your institutions and governments seem incapable or disinterested in solving these basic issues. Your institutions and governments seem equally incapable of dealing with human rights issues, such as genocide and warfare. In fact, in countries such as Burma, the institutions are the problem and lead to death on a massive scale.

Though all this appears very frightening and depressing there is another way to view this. Before you can build new institutions and new ways of governing yourselves, the old must die or change radically. You are currently living in the midst of the "deathing time." Everything is in a state of flux and needs to be. Your current social structures and ways of thinking have supported a belief in separateness, separateness from God and separateness from each other. The belief in separateness leads to dominance/submission, rich/poor, powerful/powerless. You are now living the result of the belief in separateness, the wars, the poverty, the unfairness, the insane competition. All this must die before you can build a new world based on the truth of Oneness.

How do you deal with your fear, when the old is dying and the new has not yet been born?

The first thing to do is to acknowledge that these are fearful times. Change is always difficult especially when you don't know what to expect next. But change can also help you set new priorities and to reevaluate what is important in your life. (Do you really have to drive to work? How many phones, shoes, and coats do you need?)

When the old is dying and loosening its grip on you, new visions of life are able to come forward. If the world as it is now is not what you want, you have the space to make a change. Have faith in yourself and in the process.

What is the process? The process is cyclical in nature. Look at the cosmos, the moon in its phases, the galaxies being born and dying, the precession of the equinoxes, the four seasons on Earth, and the cycles of plant and animal life. Nothing lasts forever.

These cycles can be seen in the changes of civilizations on Earth. The Dark Ages giving way to the flowering of the Renaissance, the Renaissance giving way to the Industrial Age and the Industrial Age giving way to the Information Age. As one age flows and changes into another age, there is always dislocation and fear. In the process of the new coming into being, lives are radically changed. Some lives are irrevocably changed.

Since nothing lasts forever and change will happen, resisting change only brings more pain and doesn't stop the change from happening. How do we maintain hope in the face of scary realities? You must find in your own life what gives you meaning at a deep level. What gives you hope that good things can come from negative experiences? (This has happened at other times of your life, what were they?) In a "deathing time" you must find whatever it is that you can hold onto.

These questions must be answered by each one of you for yourself. What is important? What will get you through the hard times? What will help you to remember that fear and change are part of your birth process and the birth process for the whole planet?

The Earth and all on the Earth are having labor pains and the Dragons are here as midwives to help this process move into the delivery of a new world. The Dragons are here to remind you that this is a natural process, no matter how scary, and if you just keep breathing it will be OK.


June 2008


"Alchemy" in Greek and Latin means 'to separate' and 'to join together". Alchemy is believed to have started in Egypt as early as 5000BC., and to have been practiced in all parts of the world. Alchemy is an investigation of nature and a spiritual discipline. Alchemy is the basis of chemistry, physics, metallurgy, and medicine. It has greatly influenced inner sciences such as astrology, mysticism, and spiritualism. Alchemists helped in the invention of gunpowder, metalworking, making inks, paints, cosmetics, glass and other everyday products that we still use today.

The most well known goal of alchemy was to change lead into gold. Other goals included finding a universal solvent, finding a cure for diseases and discovering a way to live forever. Less well known is the use of alchemy to produce spiritual transformation in an individual.

In the Middle Ages, alchemists began to think of alchemy in terms of spiritual transformations rather than physical transformations. They began using the language of alchemy to mask their true researches into the secrets of transforming humans into enlightened beings. This secrecy was necessary because the medieval church looked upon such teachings as heresy, and torture and death could result if the alchemists were found out.

The alchemist believed in the Hermetic principle. That principle states that whatever is below is like that which is above and that whatever is above is like that which is below. So, if one could learn to purify gold from a baser element, one could use those techniques to purify the human soul. Or, another way to look at the principle is that the human body (the microcosm) is effected by the universe (the macrocosm) so, if one gains mastery over the inner world, one is able to control the outer world.

Because alchemy included the study of nature as well as the study of spirituality, alchemy can be considered a mystery school. (See archives for last month's Dragon-Speak.) The definition of "alchemy" is "to separate" and "to join together". In a spiritual sense, this applies to creation's experience of separation from the Divine and the journey back to unity with the Divine.

The Dragon Mystery School is based on these Truths. The Dragons, who are true alchemists, are teaching you about your journey back to unity with the Divine. Alchemists used a retort (a vessel), added elements and a catalyst to create a chemical reaction hoping to change lead into gold. In the Dragon lab of the Mystery School, the retort is you, the elements are your life experiences and our mystery school teaching, and the catalyst is your readiness to change fueled by your discontent, pain, and your search for a fuller and more meaningful life. This transformation results in the lead of the ego changing into the gold of the I AM presence (the God in you).


May 2008

What Is a Mystery School?

This definition is from Wikkopedia. "Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of men/women and of surrounding nature. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his inner god."

Mystery schools have existed throughout time. One of the famous mystery schools originated in ancient Greece and dealt with the "Eleusian mysteries". Ancient Egypt also had its own mystery school. In the Middle Ages, mystery schools began going "underground" due to their suppression by the church. Then, during the Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution people's awareness was directed outward, valuing achievement, material success, and the new sciences of chemistry, physics, etc. The mystery schools went out of fashion.

Though mystery schools went out of fashion, they never disappeared and today, there is a renewed interest in them. As people have become more attuned to the world of spiritual experience, they are looking for avenues that open them to new levels of consciousness and to new experiences that open their heart, mind and body to the possibility of union with all of creation.

Whether in the past or in the present, the basic framework of the mystery school remains the same. Mystery school teachings were transmitted from teacher to student orally. The mystery schools knew that the transmission of teachings not only engaged the mind, but had to be experienced through the body and through the emotions. The teaching had to engage the entire person, physical, emotional, and mental for the teaching to be successful. This was not just a "head trip", but the complete immersion of the person into the teaching.

One of the mystery schools' goals - both past and present - is the alignment of the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the soul. This alignment helps students to use their everyday experiences (both challenging and hurtful and easy and joyful) as stepping stones to unity with the God in them.

The call to a mystery school begins when the student is ready and their readiness is indicated in dissatisfaction with their life and with the answers and values that society has provided. The student begins to see through society's illusions and is no longer satisfied with just intellectual understanding. The student realizes that an entire world exists outside of traditional teachings and the student hungers for the inner knowing that comes from the experience of unity.

We, the Dragons have brought back our Mystery School. Our teachings assist you to understand your journey and your part in the Divine Plan. Our teachings help your intuitive skills to flower. You will remember who you really are and then you can begin to live a more conscious, productive and joyful life.

And so we invite you - if you feel called to do so - to begin to participate in the Dragon Mystery School that has returned now to invite you into a very conscious journey toward your True Self, what has been called the I AM Presence, and beyond.


April 2008

We want to talk about a common experience when coming to this website and reading about dragon energy. Most people will smile, but won't believe that dragons really exist. Let us tell you that this is because of very ancient programming to not believe anything out of the approved "box" that has been given to you. You have been told that dragons never existed and, if they did exist in ancient times, they were evil.

Even when all cultures throughout the world have brought us into their legends, myths, and poetry, you still don't believe that we are real. Only in the East have people been able to hold their belief steady and to honor our place in creation with respect and openness.

Now, we are returning very visibly to Earth and into your consciousness. We invite you who are reading this to begin to let us into your awareness and into your belief systems. We serve the Divine Plan.

Many Beings of Light are returning to the Earth now and making their presence known. They come to help with the process of "waking up". The Earth is approaching a time of "Ascension" when new belief systems are taking root and influencing your future understanding and behavior. You are at the brink of becoming fully conscious of the Divine Plan for your world and all worlds. This readiness has taken eons to achieve.

Like angels, dragons are Beings of Light. Angels have also been considered mythic beings though they were supported by established religions. But in the last few years, angels have become more real to you all. They have begun to appear and intervene in human affairs to such an extent that people have directly experienced them. Now belief in angels is much more accepted. Like angels, we dragons have begun to make ourselves known. Our mission is to help you identify the illusions that you live with. These illusions have kept you in a tight box that has prevented you from being fully conscious.

The dragon mission has been made more difficult because we have never been supported by religious systems, we don't have a human form, and we have been seen as fantasy figures suitable for children's stories and for cartoons. By making contact with individuals though the internet, through teleseminars, through books and meditations, we are showing you are true selves so you may experience us as real.

It is time for you to become fully conscious and take your place in the Divine Plan. Our common destiny is to return home to the Divine. Open your minds and hearts to experience truth even if the old programming still exists. You can move beyond to a new understanding.

We dragons, as Beings of Light, promise you our assistance.


February/March 2008

DRAGON - SPEAK: Introduction

We believe that it is important for you to recognize the illusions you live under because these illusions grow to form a barrier between you and the real world just like the thorn-filled forest that surrounded Sleeping Beauty and her castle. These illusions you live under cause you to "fall asleep" so that your ability to know your place in the universe, to know what your service to humanity may be, falls asleep as well. The illusions grow thicker and thornier until you are totally cut off from the real world.

If you are ready, it is time to take up your sword and begin to cut through these thorny illusions and let the dragon fire breathe new life into you.

If you are ready to wake up and to change your point of view and take your rightful place in the Divine Plan, follow the dragons out of this land of illusion into the light. It is time to allow the dragons' kiss of fire to awaken you to new possibilities and a new world.

Sometimes we become so accustomed to living under illusions that we think this is the real world. To break out isn't easy. Others may criticize you and make fun of you. You may be confused and depressed as you give up what you have lived with for so long. The thorns and bushes that insulated Sleeping Beauty did allow her to sleep! Once the bushes are cut away, sights that aren't always peaceful and comforting can appear in all their color and drama.

It is always easier to retreat from the uncomfortable to maintain an undisturbed world. But, an undisturbed world is an unlived world!

It can serve the purpose of authoritarian systems to keep you behind those hedgerows. That way, certain elements can control power and what happens on this planet. It also serves their purpose to keep you comfortable, too content to want to change anything.

This has been the case on planet Earth for many centuries. But, the Earth has been called to grow up, to become a more mature citizen of the universe. To do this, things need to shift radically. And, to even see that there are hedgerows and thorns, requires outside help from those who are not enchanted.

So, we have returned! This is the time of growth and newness. The opportunity is here NOW. The time to hesitate is past. This is the age of opportunity and leaps beyond what you even thought possible. Are you ready to release that which has held you back in an enchanted sleep? If so, are you ready to let go of opinions, old beliefs, old certainties - for this is what is required?