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July 2018 Dragonspeak

In the United States, we celebrate the 4th of July, commemorating the values that established a nation based on equality, freedom of thought, press and religion, and the dignity of each individual. We are now standing in the midst of events and choices that test our resolve to still honor these values. What was birthed in 1776, we now must reaffirm in thought and action. Unless we do, this country will no longer be a beacon to the rest of the world.

If we wish to continue honoring our commitments to humanity and ourselves then we, as individuals, MUST speak up and act. This is not a time for passivity, silence or being “nice”. Not only are humans beings threatened but so is our planet and animal life. Laws have been passed to kill bear and wolf cubs, to kill elephants for trophies, to dump toxins not only in our water but in our air, and to allow banks to exploit their customers. People in Puerto Rico still don’t have electricity or roofs over homes, and people in Flint, Michigan can no longer depend on the government to supply drink able water. And the list goes on. Globally, the U.S. has pulled out of treaties, out of the U.N.’s Commission on Human Rights, and celebrates dictators and alienates its allies.

Exactly what is being celebrated on the 4th of July?

A country that was once rooted in supporting human dignity and the health of the planet we all inhabit is now being stripped of these values. So what needs to be done to stop this?

It appears that it takes little time to destroy what it has taken centuries to build up. Historians have spoken about how thin the veneer of civilization truly is. And, we are witnessing that right now.

What we have outlined is true on the 3rd dimensional, material level. But these changes come about because our inner commitments to the oneness and sacredness of all life, are not influencing our behavior. We hear platitudes and lies, but we must look at actions. Since we live in the material, our actions reflect what is really “inside” our hearts. Despite nice sounding words, the truth is in our actions. If we really loved ourselves and others as parts of God, we would not put babies in internment camps; we would not poison the Earth, kill other species, and act from greed and power hungry motives.

It is not only imperative to look at and cultivate an authentic inner life, but also, to act in the outer world with integrity. We can no longer be silent. “Evil flourishes when good people do nothing”

There are things that you can do as an individual that speak truth to power. It is small acts of courage and kindness, done everyday, that develop the kind of society that we once had and want to have again.

It is past time to ACT ON YOUR VALUES!!