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June 2019 Dragonspeak

Joseph Campbell, a great visionary teacher, spoke to us all about the journey of the hero, an ordinary person who responds to the demands presented by his/her life, with courage and trust.

Today, we are all on this same journey. It has both an individual and a collective impact.

We are in a GREAT INITIATION. This is what we have talked about in the paradigm shift, when we go from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The energy of the Age of Pisces was about a strong leader leading his flock. (Like a school of fish) The energy of the Age of Aquarius is about individual freedom and choice and emphasizing the more feminine traits of compassion and co-operation. So, we are talking about a strong leader vs. the equality of everyone. What a major change of energy! We see this in what the countries of the world are going through right now. We see the rise of dictatorships and fascism vs. the cries for freedom from people that have been living and suffering under “the strong man rule.”This change has been in process for some time and is part of a greater cycle of less freedom to more freedom.

Initiations have varied characteristics, like: touching an ordinary person or country; necessitating moving away from the status quo (from home); presenting challenges and dangers; having no certainty; experiencing pain; having illusions fade or disappear; often feeling like your life is coming apart and you are dying; needing to trust the process and something bigger than the self. In order to successfully move through an initiation, one must experience pain, dislocation, disorientation, hopelessness and chaos, and then we can see new possibilities as they begin to occur. We are then free enough to magnetize new energies and situations into our lives and the life of the planet.

So the KEY is to not to give up hope and continue to act even when you have no idea what is coming or what is happening. You are trusting the process of great change and trusting the Divine.

Imagine diving into the cold, cloudy waters of Northern California. When you get to a certain depth, you are unable to see the surface and you are unable to see the bottom. You are suspended! That is where we are now.