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February 2018 Dragonspeak

The dragons feel the need to pursue and share information that will aid us all in experiencing the power that we are as Spirit embodied. For so long embodiment has been thought of as being irrelevant to the spiritual path and in fact, a distraction. The dragons have spoken of the value of integrating all aspects of the self including life in the physical world. But this is an even deeper concept.

Why did God make matter from Itself? To show Itself in form and to comprehend in a new way all that It is. Matter gave Pure Spirit a new way to know itself. It was and is all God. Matter is finite, has an ending. Matter experiences pain and illness and change. Matter has rules that govern it and Pure Spirit doesn’t have any of those rules. Matter can make choices and often makes the wrong choice. Given these differences, pain vs. no pain, clarity vs. confusion, death vs. eternity, which would you say is better than the other? That is the problem and the hole we continue to dig deeper.

The dragons want to change this outlook. Dragons want to return to matter its inherent divinity, despite all of its issues and challenges. Dragons want to empower those of us in bodies to KNOW that we are not less than when we find ourselves in a body and in a crisis and imperfect.

In looking at how to change your outlook, belief systems and ways of understanding life, a completely new and transformative approach/philosophy needs to be embraced. Some people call this new and transformative philosophy MAGICAL.