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September 2021 Dragonspeak

When we started this website years ago, the dragons came in strongly and wanted us to know that they had a important part in the planning and execution of material forms on Earth. They also brought with them the “mother energy” of compassion, cooperation, and reverence for matter. They saw matter, not as something “lowly”, but as an expression of the essence of Divine Mother. They have watched for ages and tried to support this truth. Finally, they left this planet because there was not support for their truths, and they saw incredible misuse and disrespect for matter and Mother Earth.

Inspiration for the website marked the return of the Dragons to begin the process of understanding that matter and Spirit are one, one not more important than the other, but being the same essence. That mission continues to this day.

Since the Dragon’s mission has been to show that matter is sacred and a reflection of Divine Mother, they have focused on how humanity has regarded and treated their own bodies and the body of Mother Earth,

The environmental movement, which has gained prominence after many ecological disasters, reflects the Dragon’s message. Humanity’s belief in the separation of matter and Spirit, the belief that we are separate from one another and all Creation, has resulted in suffering, war, anxiety, depression and deadly competition. We can no longer sustain this way of thinking and acting. It is time to return to the Dragon’s message.

The Dragons are now looking at specific arenas that have been effected by these deadly beliefs and how our habits contribute to keeping behaviors alive that are killing humanity, the animal world and this planet.

In the next few months, that will end another difficult year on this planet, the Dragons will introduce a new way of examining how our inability to accept and practice the truth infects all aspects of life on Earth. The Dragon’s hope is that this change in direction can help humanity see how certain beliefs are still insidious and mostly hidden from our consciousness. These beliefs are lurking and controlling humanity’s behavior still.