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October 2018 Dragonspeak

A spiritual teacher has said that during this time all “miscreations” of humanity are rising to the surface for awareness and healing. Much of this toxic material has been unconscious and denied so we were unable to even look at it, much less heal it. We are being helped to heal this toxic soup of emotions, beliefs and behaviors by the cycle of nature. We are entering the dark time of the year when reflection and remembering and re-evaluating come naturally. In the U.S., we can see and are living through the emergence of arrogant egoic energies that are rising to the surface for all to see and experience.

The law of karma which states simply “what goes around comes around” is showing itself very quickly. So people’s misdeeds, often from the past, are being finally thrust into the light, and payment for those misdeeds is coming due. This seems to pervade the entire atmosphere of the world and, even though we are not personally involved, we are all touched by it.

This law of karma is asking all of us to look at our lives and our judgments and our behaviors. We are not only looking at misdeeds that we have directed towards others, but most importantly, at how we have hurt ourselves by the lies that we have believed and propagated about ourselves. That old saying that “we are our own worst enemy” is so very true. How often have we viewed ourselves and our behaviors inaccurately? We have been either too lenient or too harsh.

The “war on truth” is an apt metaphor but not in the way that it is presently being used. Truth is in the process of emerging from the burial vault that we have hidden it in. Until the truth is clearly seen and accepted by all, nothing will change.

Looking at our own miscreations is difficult enough, but it is being hampered by the power structure that doesn’t want any of this revealed. If your power and wealth have been built on this mountain of lies for so long, allowing the truth to come out can feel like murdering your identity.

Currently, we are in the middle of having the truth come out. It is not easy or pretty but needs to be done. So if you are in the midst of our own truth telling, please be gentle with yourself. It is a process that is scary and not supported by the culture.