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March 2019 Dragonspeak

March is the month of the equinox where there is equal light and dark. At this point, the dark seems to be enveloping the entire world. During the 1930’s when fascism was taking over, the choices between right and wrong were very clear, yet the wrong/evil was chosen. Are we doing that again?

Fear often leads to anger which then leads to scapegoats. Fear often comes when there are major cultural and economic changes and inequality. We are in just that kind of situation. Not only are we looking at a major paradigm shift, moving from a hierarchical patriarchy to a more democratic and equitable way of treating each other, (living the law of one) but we are also experiencing a radical shift in how people earn their living. Old work skills are no longer providing the middle class incomes that many have relied on. The new economy needs people who have technological skills and some level of education. In this current world, going back to the way things were is no longer feasible or practicable.

This massive change paves the way for much anxiety for those of us who no longer can no longer “make it” with yesterday’s skills. What happens then? People get angry and look for a “messiah” who can solve all their problems. Does this sound familiar? The messiah doesn’t have to have ethics, compassion or real answers to the problems. The messiah only has to embody the anger,describe a scapegoat and suggest that violence toward the scapegoat will solve all their problems. And here we are.

THIS IS THE TIME when all of us MUST decide what side are we on. Do we choose the expedient anger and solutions, or do we look at all people as equals and act with compassion and clear sighted solutions? We must remember that expedient and angry actions often cause more problems than they solve.

Do we choose anger and evil, or do we choose compassion and good? That is really what we are looking at. Evil often looks attractive and sensible and simple. However, we are not facing problems that are simple. They have evolved over decades of indifference by the ruling elite.

So how do we move forward? First, we need clarity about what the problems really are. Then, we need compassion and action that solve the problems that have accumulated for those of us that have not been listened to or looked at in the past. The only way positive action and action plans can occur is if we all acknowledge that we are truly “our brother’s keepers.”

If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. It is time to realize that people who disagree with us are NOT evil. We must all remember to compromise. None of us holds all the answers.