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November 2018 Dragonspeak

We have talked before about the world being in a paradigm shift. Another way of talking about this is that we are either evolving or devolving. We no longer can dither and wonder how we will choose. We are at the choice point. We are sitting in an energetic war zone where souls are dying .We must act now.

Devolving means trying to keep the status quo when there is no chance that this is a realistic choice. This is true on all levels of life on Earth. The status quo has produced our climate problems. The status quo has produced an unjust world for the majority of the people on Earth. The status quo has produced incredible income inequality for most of the planet. The status quo has produced the Me Too movement in reaction to blatant sexism and on and on. The status quo has produced the insults and humiliation that feed verbal and physical violence.

Evolving, on the other hand, involves a sense of community, a feeling and knowing of oneness, an ability to work with others for a common goal. Evolving also involves compassion, sharing, and the golden rule of doing unto others what you would have done to you. Evolving demands a wisdom that sits in the heart and not just the head or the pocketbook.

These are the choices in front of the world. What kind of world and values do you want to live with and give to the next generation? We must make these decisions ourselves, each and every one of us. It is not the time to push off this decision onto governments, or any other structure or person. This decision is right in our laps.

At this time, it is the government and other power structures that not only hold the power and status quo, but make sure to tell the individual that WE have no power. THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE. We do have the power and can no longer hide from making a personal decision.

Your decision will influence every action and aspect of your life. The luxury of hiding or not making a decision is no longer tenable. By not making a decision you are casting your vote for the status quo which is devolving.