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April 2018 Dragonspeak

We have just come though celebrations that remind us of an archetypal truth: that death leads, not to emptiness, but to a rebirth event. We particularly focus at this time on the Christian Resurrection story and on the Judaic Passover event, as well as on the flowering of Spring. But, most cultures have some related holiday or myth that honors this theme. This emphasis on the cyclical nature of life reminds us that death is not the end.

Knowing that death is not an end empowers humanity and nature to live with hope and vision. So, when the “bad times” come, and they always do, we know based on the cycles of life that things will change. Knowing that life’s circumstances evolve into something different, gives us courage and a sense of potency that we can survive and even create something better.

Even on a cosmological/astrological level, the same theme is showing itself currently in the form of Chiron, the wounded healer, that is an asteroid. The myth of Chiron includes the story that this figure journeyed to the underworld and then returned to life on this planet.

Chiron is beginning a new 51 year cycle in April and will be journeying thru the sign of Aires. Why is this important? Because Chiron is known as the wounded healer. He represents someone who has lived through pain and scaring but survived, healed and continues with life. When Chiron last entered the sign of Aires, it was 1967. This was another time of powerlessness, pain that left many wounded and questioning their power to change circumstances. Now as Chiron returns to the same sign, we again sit in times of wounding and questioning our ability to make a difference. So the cosmos, itself, echoes this truth about our potency.

So remember, it is important to work toward the vision that you want to birth even when life seems to say “no- nothing will change”. We do deserve respect, compassion, understanding, peace and harmony. Just because it is not visible in this moment doesn’t say that we can’t make it happen.

We are potent creators of life, and we can make heaven on earth, but first we must believe that.