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August 2019 Dragonspeak

July was the 50th anniversary of the moon walk and all the optimism and wonder that was generated by this feat of humanity. It was an occasion when humanity’s vision was manifested clearly for all to see. The walk showed that we have the ability and perseverance to overcome all obstacles and achieve total success. The landing points out that with teamwork, vision and desire, we can achieve things that we thought were impossible.

Looking back at the innumerable obstacles involved and the new inventions that were necessary to make this journey, we can see the miracle that humans produced. A new rocket needed to be designed, an entire capsule of over 1,000 parts needed to be completely reworked, a test pilot had only 17 seconds of fuel to make the landing on the moon and astronauts had no certainty of returning back to Earth. Despite all this, we made our dream come true!

Surly we still have the “Right Stuff” to make humanity’s vision for this planet to come true: to create a peaceful, cooperative, just and loving place for all. When the astronauts saw the Earth from the moon, the blue-green jewel that is home, they realized that we are all One and that we needed to protect each other and our home.

There have always been issues and challenges in creating the life that we want on this planet, but we have always managed to move ahead with teamwork, vision and persistence no matter how bad the situation looks. And here we are again.

It is no accident that the 50th anniversary of the moon landing has occurred at this time. It is a reminder from space that the human race can achieve anything we want when we want something badly enough. No matter how grim reality seems, we know we can do it because we have done it before.

Take heart and look to your visions and know that they are doable. Go look as the moon gets full and remember.