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November 2017 Dragonspeak

Does it feel like we are in the middle of a volcano that has erupted once and continues to seethe and roil? The destruction, unease, hysteria and chaos are at every level of life. It is often said that change only comes thru pain and chaos. It is this pain and chaos that show us that the old ways of living and thinking and doing REALLY don’t work, and they can create their own pain and dislocation, so much so that action is mandatory. We HAVE to make a decision and then act, or we die.

Where is this dislocation and pain showing itself? One place is in the political arena where the norms of behavior and tradition have been radically discarded. Another place where this can be seen is where repressed pain comes out in the open as many abuse victims are feeling strong enough to speak about their pain and sense of powerlessness. A third place is where basic governmental responsibilities such as health care and disaster relief are failing to help people who so desperately need assistance. There seems to be so much less compassion and acceptance of the fact that we are all in the same boat. This makes it easier to divide people, to objectify the other and then to treat them badly and even to go to war.

Despite the pain and sense of powerlessness in the face of all this chaos and the repudiation of basic morality, people are speaking up. The repudiation of basic norms of morality makes it clearer what our values are. Who we want to be is also made more clear.

Even though it feels to many that we are in the basement of human behavior, and that “basement behavior” is being supported and rewarded by the highest levels of government, it can also be a time when the ordinary person can be heroic by standing by their values and their basic humanity.

Where do you find yourself in this picture? Is it hard to keep your center? Is it hard to resist falling into the depths? What would you risk by speaking out? What kind of world and life are you willing to work for?

Are you ready to say “enough is enough”?