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December 2018 Dragonspeak

December is a month of holidays and the time when the deepening dark will begin to shift into the return of the light. This happens on a cosmic level, but it is also true for humanity when we are living with so much negativity, violence, corruption and fear, and it is in our faces everyday.

This time of year is traditionally about the coming back of the light which is also about the return of hope. It is about the opening of our hearts to let in that light. This is an act of faith and hope when we see that the darkness only seems to get darker. This year in particular is very dark, and it is easy to fall into a sense of hopelessness.

How do we as individuals safeguard the light that is already within and then increase the light and hope and faith even when outer circumstances donít support it? How do we keep hope alive? Is it family, faith, doing good works, laughter which helps us to get some distance from pain and problems, going into nature, meditation, contemplation, forgiveness?

It is a necessity to keep our spirits intact, alive and moving, otherwise we fall prey to the apathy and the acceptance of the dark and the fearful imaginings that come with the dark. This is not a time for the faint of heart but it is the time for us to act on our positive visions for ourselves and for humanity. Not only are future generations dependent on what we do now, but the whole planet needs us to tend the fires of hope.

We all came to the planet at this time to be the light-bearers and hope- holders for all. As individuals, we each hold a spark of light and, when we put those sparks together, we create an inferno of light and love. So hold on to your spark and fan it. We still have a ways to go, but we need to remember, it only serves the darkness to be in self-doubt and to walk away from our light. This takes courage and faith.

Remember the winter solstice that celebrates the coming of the light will be here soon.