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March 2018 Dragonspeak

As the holy days of Christianity and Judaism begin in February and extend into April, it is time to look deeper into the sacred work that we as humans need to do on ourselves and our world.

We have been taught that working on ourselves is NOT sacred work. Spiritual traditions in the past have emphasized that our attention needs to be on “higher things”. We are taught that the concerns of humanity are not important. We see starvation, cruelty, war, greed, as mundane concerns. We talk about solving these problems, but we really don’t do anything to solve them. We give lip service to cultivating kindness, connection, and compassion, but what our culture values is greed, power and avoidance of the poor, crazy, and those of us that are unable “to make it” in our culture. All the service occupations of teacher, social worker, nurse, and therapist are dominated by women and thought of as pandering to “the bleeding hearts” of the population. These jobs are not considered “fast track” jobs to success and power. Instead, we lionize the stockbroker, the CEO, the real estate mogul who often take from the poor and give to themselves. It appears that the values that they hold dear are success, money and power, no matter who is trampled in their wake.

Our culture shouts out these values every minute of every day. Why have we been deaf to the cries of humanity and to our own hearts? Why is it not sacred work to help others and ourselves get back in touch with what it real? Why is it held sacred to be rich and powerful? Why is “women’s work” of nurturing, protecting and guiding, seen as unimportant? Our values as a country, a world, have become so distorted that they have produced leaders that represent the worst of humanity.

If we really believed the values that we give lip service to, this would be an entirely different world. There is nothing inherently wrong with having money and success. What is wrong is when that money and success screw over other people and screw over Mother Earth.

Do we really need to destroy our planet’s health and our own health to make a buck?

What do we really value? What is really important to us as a people? No matter what we say, look at what we do. Where do taxes go?

P.S. Look at the difference in values and actions of the children of the school shooting in Florida and their legislators who have decided not to ban assault weapons.