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April 2019 Dragonspeak

In this chaotic world, which seems to have lost ALL its moral bearings, how do we keep our own center, our own morality and our sanity? What we are seeing on a daily basis is a medieval morality play. The most public characters in this play are our political and business figures. They are telling us that profit can cover lots of horrendous things. If people are making money, we are willing to accept pollution, climate change, backing out of treaties, making alliances with dictators, sacrificing people’s general welfare and health care. As long as the elite can prosper and others might become “the elite” in any way possible, it’s all worth it. To hell with long established values, morality and just plain common sense. How have we allowed these empty moral vessels to dictate our very lives?

We have allowed both fear and eagerness for money to become the basis of our choices and our moral compass. The world is in a place of great change in all areas of life. Many of us don’t understand the changes, nor do we understand how to work with those changes and make them a part of our lives. We feel like we are on the outside looking in and are victimized by these changes. Fear can turn into a longing for a less complicated past, and we then are unwilling to educate ourselves about the new possibilities. Many of us find ourselves in this untenable situation. Instead of getting educated about how we can fit into these changes and adopt new behaviors, we instead look to a savior, a savior who promises that we can go back to the past and do not have to make peace with the new.

We also are under the illusion that, if we have money, we can minimize the fears of life and find security from what we fear. Money can certainly buy lots of things and give us the illusion of security, but it is an illusion. Money does not buy a death-free existence. Money does not guarantee that you can perform in a job setting. Money does not really bring genuine love and friendship into our lives. Money does support self-esteem, because if the money vanishes, so does our self-esteem. Money also can evaporate and that becomes a permanent fear because your entire life is built on wealth.

We have talked before about how do we keep a moral center when the entire world seems to have gone crazy. There are no easy answers to this problem. We each must look for our own answers. One way to help ourselves is to look under the illusion and see that illusion for what it is. The illusion is not stable. It only stands because so many of us go directly to the default position of fear when faced with sudden change and crisis. Instead of seeing the change through a lens of fear cannot we see the change through the lens of opportunity? This gives us more time to look clearly and seek solutions. Fear stops the thinking process and looks for easy answers.