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May 2018 Dragonspeak

May, the “Merry Month of May”, a time of blooming flowers, happy thoughts, play, and lambs romping in the fields. Is this how you see your life, right now?

Nostalgia for the past seems to be in favor at this time, especially for the older generation who can look back and remember and idealize what they thought was true. This was a time when “men were men and women were women”, and there was no child abuse. Under the surface of this fiction, was the belief system that held that women knew their place; people of color stayed in their neighborhoods; and gay people stayed in the closet. It was important to have an outer image and look, no matter what the truth was. Neighborhoods looked safe, but no one knew what actually happened behind closed doors and what lurked in the shadows. We consciously chose ignorance to maintain this façade.

How does this unrealistic nostalgia for the past hurt us in the present? It certainly makes the present look much worse than it actually is because the present is being compared with a dream image. It also keeps us from creating present day solutions because we are so busy looking to the past. Consider the coal discussion which states that the coal industry will be coming back to life, no matter that it kills the coal workers and our environment. With this belief, we don’t put money and research into environmentally sustainable energy programs or retraining programs.

We cannot go back to the world of the 1940’s and 1950’s because the world has changed too much. World War II made these changes unalterable. After the war, we began to see the world as a whole, and that vision has continued to expand with the development of computers, airplane travel and global trade. If we think in terms of the past, we cannot move forward.

The paradigm shift, that is also happening at this time, is about the balancing of masculine and feminine energy. Our cultural institutions which were centered in masculine values of hierarchy, competition, greed and power are no longer serving our needs. The feminine values of co-operation, compassion, sharing and the empowerment of all beings are coming into form. The cultural institutions based on masculine values are fighting to survive because they are slowly losing their relevance. We live in the middle of the shift and see and feel everyday the stress and pressure of this conflict. The masculine oriented world is still in power, and the new beginnings are starting to challenge the masculine viewpoint. It feels like sitting on top of a volcano. Which of the older values will prove to be helpful and what new values need to be empowered? We don’t know yet. And, the human ego does not like uncertainty.

Living in this current maelstrom of change is crazy-making. How do we retain our sanity and realize that the changes that are coming will be magnificent?

Stay tuned.