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January 2018 Dragonspeak

We all know that this has been a difficult year. We seem to be sunk in a morass of confusion, fear, anger and disillusionment. Values that we had held for ages are being criticized and laughed at. Things that we never thought possible are happening across the world. It feels like the world has been turned on its head, and there seems to be no solution in sight.

The cultural milieu is pandering to the lowest human emotions. We are told that we should fear anything that is different, that others are out to take advantage of us, that it is OK to voice and act out your anger, your prejudices. It is even better if you stop thinking all together and stop reading and just act on pure emotion and instinct. The basest part of humanity reigns supreme. And, look at the hole that we are in now due to this philosophy.

We seem to be living in the 30’s were the Big Lie of Hitler inhabits part of humanity. Hitler stated that if you tell a big lie long enough that people will believe it. Is this what you want? We all know where the Third Reich ended up. Are we headed in this direction?

At this time, democratic principles and safeguards seem to be holding. But, will they continue to protect us? Where does Spirit find a place in this?

This is a point in time where the question needs to be asked, what does it take to stand up for your principles in the face of being bribed or threatened? When are your values so important to you that you will not “sell out”? When is enough, enough? Where is the line when you finally say “no” to the rape of your hopes and dreams. What does it take to fully accept that humans are more than their basest emotions? At Christmastime when Jesus was born to bring unconditional love to all of us, when do we make this happen? When do we stop hating each other and realize that we are interconnected and what helps the one helps the all?