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You might find some of these books helpful!


Anderson, Ruth; Hopkins, Patricia - The Feminine Face of God

Arrien, Angeles - The Tarot Handbook, The Second Half of Life, The Four-Fold Way

Aurobindo - The Life Divine

Bailey, Alice - Esoteric Astrology, Esoteric Psychology

Blackstone, Judith - The Enlightenment Process

Bolen, Jean - Goddesses in Every Woman, Urgent Message from Mother etc

Braden, Gregg - The Isaiah Effect, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time etc.

Campbell, Joseph - The Hero's Journey, Hero With A Thousand Faces etc.

Carey, Ken - The Starseed Transmissions etc.

Cherry, Joanna - Living Mastery

Chondron, Pema - When Things Fall Apart, The Places That Scare You, Getting Unstuck etc.

Chopra, Deepak - The Path To Enlightenment, Relationship As A Path To Divine Love etc.

Cohen, Andrew - Living Enlightenment, Embracing Heaven and Earth etc.

Dass, Ram - Be Here Now, Still Here, Fierce Grace, Aging etc.

Davies, Brenda - The Seven Healing Chakras

DeChardin, Pere Teilhard - The Phenomenon of Man, Building the Earth etc.

Dyer, Wayne - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, The Power of Intention etc.

Eilerman and Kostoff - The Dragon Way: Opening The Door To Spiritual Mastery

Everett, Julianne - Heart Initiation

Goldstein, Joseph - Insight Meditation, A Heart Full of Peace

Hafiz - The Gift, I Heard God Laughing, The Subject Tonight Is Love etc.

Hahn, Ticht Nhat - The Miracle of Mindfulness

Harvey, Andrew - The Hope: A Guide To Sacred Activism

Hicks, Esther and Jerry - Money And The Law of Attraction, Manifest Your Desires, The Teachings Of Abraham

Houston, Jean - A Mythic Life, The Search For The Beloved, Jump-Time, The Possible Human etc.

Howell, Alice - The Web In The Sea, The Dove In The Stone etc.

Jampolsky, Gerald - Good-bye To Guilt,Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, Forgiveness etc.

Kabat-Zin, Jon - Mindfulness Meditation, Arriving At Your Own Door, Catastrophe Living etc.

Keneipp, Brian - Operation Earth Light

Khema, Ayya - Who Is My Self? Being Nobody, Going Nowhere

Klein,Eric - The Inner Door: Channelled Discourses From The Ascended Masters etc.

Kornfield, Jack - The Wise Heart, The Path With Heart etc.

Lao Tsu - Tao Te Ching (various translations)

Leadbeater, Charles - The Chakras etc.

Leadgren, CE - Aura Awareness

Levine, Stephen - Who Dies, A Gradual Awakening, A Year To Live etc.

Levine, Stephen - Healing into Life and Death

Levi - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Lipton, Bruce - The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution

Luk, ADK - Law of Life etc.

Macy, Joanna - World As Love.World As Self , Widening Circles A Memoir

Maya, Mother - Women's Power To Heal, The Path Of Practice

McTaggart, Lynne - The Intention Experiment

Melchisedek, Drunvalo - Serpents of Light, Living In The Heart, Ancient Secrets Of The Flower Of Life etc.

Myss, Carolyne - Anatomy Of The Spirit etc.

Pepperberg, Irene - Alex and Me

Pinkham, Mark Amaru - The return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom, Guardians Of The Holy Grail, Conversations With The Goddess etc.

Pinkham, Mark Amaru - The Coming Gnostic Civilization

Remen, Rachel Naomi - Kitchen Table Wisdom, The Will To Live And Other Mysteries etc.

Rumi - Selected Poems, A Year With Rumi, The Illuminated Rumi

Salzberg, Sharon - Unplug For An Hour, Lovingkindness, The Kindness Handbook

Schuman, Helen - A Course In Miracles

Shubin, Neil - Your Inner Fish

Starhawk - The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing

Stone, Justin - Ascended Masters Light The Way, Beginners Guide To The Path Of Ascension etc.

Tolle, Ekhart - The Power Of Now, A New Earth, Stillness Speaks

Trungpa, Chogyam - Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, Shambhala"The Sacred Path Of The Warrior

Vaughan, Frances - Shadows Of The sacred, Awakening Intuition, The Inward Arc

Virtue, Doreen - Archangels and Ascended Masters

Wilbur, Ken - The Integral Vision, A Brief History Of Everything