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Who Are The Dragons?

Dragons are real! Dragons are Spiritual Masters!

They have walked the Earth and are once again among us.

The Mission of the Dragons is to empower, transform and initiate.

They are the real "Life Coaches" who bring back an understanding of the Ancient Mysteries in the form of their treasure, their Wisdom-Keys.

These Keys ignite an alchemical fire in us. The fire burns away the veils of illusion that blind us and trap us in a "Sleeping Beauty" spell, where nothing changes and nothing is learned.

Living these Keys empowers us on many levels. Our physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies begin to awaken, to realign, and to resonate with our I AM PRESENCE.

The Dragons have updated their technology as we have.

In the past the only way to communicate their wisdom was to speak one on one to those people who were ready to hear their message. Today the Dragons are choosing to speak via the internet and this website to bring their message to many.

The Dragon's message, DRAGON - SPEAK, helps us to identify the illusions that we live with in modern life. These illusions take away our power because when we live under these illusions we cannot effect change in ourselves or in the real world.